Friday, 19 November 2010

Celebrating Four Years of Blogging :)

Four years ago today, I first started writing this blog... ;O I didn't realise it was so long ago already that I was my first ever blog post, in case you weren't around here at that time ;)

I had freshly arrived to Costa Rica and was about to embark the very next day on my epic 92-Day Juice Feast experience...if you want to check out more of my old blog posts from that era, just click the link HERE for that first post and on the right side of the page, if you scroll way down the page, you'll find the Archives for this blog, divided into years and months - you can click through the various posts there if you like... ;)
I want to send love and gratitude to all of you who have been readers and supporters of this blogging journey over these last four years...blogging has always felt to me rather like writing an email to lots of people at once and I appreciate this medium as a way to connect in an up-to-date and more personal manner with whoever chooses to tune in...thanks for being part of this journey ;)

On November the 17th I appreciated:

1 quart water
2 cups cucumber/pineapple juice
bowl of papaya, coconut yoghurt, maca, ashwaghanda, carob, stevia
6 granadillas
2 cups water
little bowl of leftover cucumber salad stuffed into nori sheets with Sea Clear, followed by a carob "Brownie Batter" yumpot ;)
mug of horchata tea
2 cups water

WOW, huge online eco-site just published a very cool article this week on our dear fellow raw foodie/forager/gardener extraordinaire, Anthony the Raw Model. It is so lovely to see this site sharing the message of Anthony's wild seed packs, foraging and permaculture techniques...especially as Mr. Raw Model says he was dreaming of an article with them for a long time - manifesting joy :) Check out the article HERE and remember that you can win three packs of the wildcrafted superfood seeds in this month's RawReform giveaway contest - here's a reminder of the deets:

I am *delighted* to be able to offer THREE gift packs of the new Wildharvested Superfood Seeds from Anthony The Raw Model and friends as this month's RawReform Giveaway Contest :)
Anthony and the Blackbird crew have generously offered us three packs of their seeds to give away:

*one Immunity Boost 3-Pack (contains Maca, Astragalus, Calendula)
*one Wild Salad Mix 3-Pack (contains Dandelion, Lamb's Quarters, Wild Mountain Spinach)
*one Superfood Seed Presentation Pack (contains all 13 seed packs)

We will choose three winners and send one of these packs to each winner - if *you* would love to get your greeeeen fingers wrapped around one of these beautiful presentation packs full of potential and abundance, just send us in your answer to the following question, to rawreformcontests@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it :

"What is your favourite way to express your love and connection with Mother Earth?"

The three winners of the seeds will be chosen at random and with love on December the 4th, so get your entries in to rawreformcontests@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it before then - thanks :)

on November the 18th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
bowl of papaya/fresh berries/coconut yoghurt/maca/ashwaghanda/carob/stevia
2 cups water
shared yummmmy raw potluck meal with friends, including cucumber salad, beetroot salad, greeeeen salads, almond pate and dried Incan Berries :)
mug of horchata tea
1 cup water

If you're into seeing mysterious ancient artifacts and possibly re-considering the history of human-kind, you might enjoy this link to a video with an Austrian artifacts researcher names Klaus Dona...this video link, which one reader sent to me recently, shares images of various fascinating ancient objects that have been discovered, many of them from one particular cave here in Ecuador - some amazing old maps, pyramids, masks, tools and more...check it out at and see what you feel... ;)

All love,
Angelalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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