Sunday, 19 November 2006

The Final Supper...

Tomorrow, November 20th, 2006, I am starting a 92 day juice FEAST.

I am EXCITED :) This is my last day of eating solid foods for the next 3 months...
It is a new moon in Scorpio and a time for great shifts in life, to reveal ever-more the true me.
After 4.5 years raw, I have experienced a great deal of detoxing, including losing around 160lbs of excess fat and reversing morbid obesity (see my site: for more info). I have the feeling however that there is still more detoxing for me to do, stripping through old layers of toxins.

I filled my body with toxins daily for over 20 years and though I am in better health now than I have possibly ever been, I do have the feeling that there is more work to do. It feels as though my raw foods lifestyle has, for the moment, brought me to a kind of plateau. This extended juice feast feels like my 'Next Big Step'...and I am EXCITED :)

The juice feast is advocated on the wonderfully informative website by Gabriel Cousen's research assistant, David Rain. When David first introduced me to this feast, I was not very enamoured with the idea. However, as I got more into the details of it, it resonated with my being more and more until I reached the point where I could no longer resist it...uh-oh... ;)
The main concept of this feast, as far as I'm concerned, is to get all the calories one needs in a day (1500 for an average woman) from JUICE. Many people, when fasting, become lethargic and low in energy, as they are simply not drinking enough juice to feed the body all the calories it needs to function well. This 'feast' is different as it recommends to drink AT LEAST a gallon of fresh juices per day (green veggie juices, fruit juices and coconut water all included). The idea is that people can go on with their 'normal' lives and still be functional as workers, partners, parents and so on, while giving their body a phenomenal chance to rejuvenate and restore itself. Far from being a time of 'deprivation', this becomes an experience of abundance and massive nutritional intake...

The aims of this juice FEAST ;) are to:

cleanse rebuild rehydrate alkalise

Right now I'm feeling extremely blessed to be in Costa Rica for the winter...I have access to an abundance of amazing tropical fruits, lush greens and COCONUTS...litres and litres of fresh coconut water...yeee-HAH :)
So, here I am then, on the evening of my last day of solid foods for the next 92, what, you may be wondering, have I consumed today...? Well, today has not been a very typical day for me, as I was advised by David to make sure I eat whatever it is that really appeals to me before going into the feast, has been a bit full-on... ;)

Today's menu has consisted of:
morning: fresh fruit salad: papaya, blackberries, banana
snack: the most DIVINE fresh chocolate pudding I've ever made: beans from fresh cacao pod blended with coconut water, mesquite powder, cinnamon and dried apricots. (WOW :)
lunch: big green salad - romaine lettuce, spinach, cilantro (coriander), grated carrot, sliced radish, juice of fresh lime, pinch of Himalayan sea salt, flesh of one avocado, diced red bell pepper.
snack: coconut cream mixed with mesquite powder, maca and agave syrup (SERIOUSLY heavy)
evening: greeeeeeeeeeeen juice - romaine lettuce, watercress, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, radishes

So, that's I'm hanging up my chopsticks and getting ready for the next phase...

How do I feel? EXCITED and READY - sooooo ready, my body is yearning for this transformation to begin...

Please feel free to check back in with me as this journey unfolds...
All love and blessings to all,
Angela. xxx


  1. Gela, you are so hardcore! Glad to hear you're doing this in Paradise... this juice fast does sound ideal with the fresh ingredients you have there. Please please enjoy, and also be gentle on yourself if you know it's time for some solid food after all...

  2. Good luck Angela , gangi þér vel !
    Costa Rica sounds amazing.

  3. Go for it. You seam so ready for this. Good Luck Sparkly eyes!

  4. You are about to go from feeling healthy to feeling extraordinarily vibrant and energetic, having more energy by the end of the day than you ever have had! Congrats for embarking on this next nutrition transformation and best of luck!