Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Let the detox begin..

I slept loooong last night - 8.5 hours and woke with all kinds of things going on...running nose, sleep in my eyes, coated tongue and lower back pain...some serious moving and shaking going on in my cleansing - WONDERFUL - better out that in :)

I went into downtown San Jose for the first time today. We got fresh juice at a juice bar, which was very cool - they had all kinds of things - we tried tamarind juice and some thick, bizarre liquid which was similar to water that has had linseed soaking in it - our Spanish wasn't up to working out what the name of it was in English, but the vendor said it was good for the digestion...I got a litre of banana/pineapple/papaya juice and proceeded to mess my blood sugars up for the next few hours ;) I am definitely appreciating the value of starting the day out with greens, rather than sweeter stuff - woooooooow...I was very spaced most of the day - ungrounded...until we got back to the house and cracked out the I'm feeling much more present again...

Today I have mainly been drinking:

250ml (1 cup) herbal tea
600ml (2.25 cups) tomato juice with cilantro
500ml ( 2cups) coconut water with green powder and pollen
1 litre (1 quart) banana/pineapple/papaya juice
100ml (1/2 cup) tamarind juice
juice of 1 green coconut
1.25 litres (1quart and 1cup) 'blood' - celery, cucumber, lettuces, spinach, cilantro, radishes, carrots, beetroots, sprouts, ginger, swiss chard
1 litre (1 quart) green juice - celery, parsley, lettuces, ginger and cayenne

which makes about 5.5 litres (1.5 gallons) of liquids, I, I seem to be consuming more each day :)...that's something I'm soooo loving about this FEAST - thatI have such a feeling of abundance on it - I have had soooooooo much juice today - consider all the nutrients in that amount of fruit and veg, all coursing through my body, getting to work now - amazing...I am not hungry AT ALL - far from it - I'm on my last juice of the day right now and it's actually a bit of a challenge to get it down...but, that's part of the deal here - at LEAST a head of celery and 2lbs of leafy greens a day, plus whatever else is desired, maintaining at least 1500 calories a day - no less...

The somewhat disappointing news of today was that papaya is not really recommended for juicing on this feast, as the pulp goes right into the, here's to enjoying more Papaya next february, when the juice feasting is finished :)

The brighter news from David Rain was that raw, unheated, cold processed HONEY is on the preference to agave syrup or maple syrup in a 'master cleanser' formula...(the quick-mix fall-back if there's not time to make juice)...and we just happen to have a HUGE 6lb jar of the most amazing raspberry honey from Honey Pacifica in California, right, I think I'll try that out tomorrow...sugared out enough for today...

My dear friend Jimmy who is also juice feasting at the moment sent me this great link to a juice recipe page yesterday - will definitely be checking that out...he also has some great ideas for Thanksgiving juice recipes for tomorrow ;)... Happy Thanksgiving to you all in the States.

I also learnt today that it's best to be doing at least one enema a day at the beginning of this process, to help the body move all the old waste, I got to it and was indeed amazed at the amount of stuff that came out of me, 3 days into this...David told me people still get stuff out by day 80 though, so I guess I have a loooooong way to go yet, cleaning out this system...I have a feeling of spaciousness within this 3 month time-frame, but also an eagerness to get as much 'done' in terms of cleansing as possible, in that far it feels very easy to be doing this - I am through the initial '3-day-hump' that tends to be the hardest for people when withdrawing/going into detox...and it's been, onwards and upwards from here :) I also started to take the herb Cascara Sagrada today too - 1 capsule a day, to help prompt the peristaltic action of the bowel...

It has been outrageously cold here today - people are saying it is the coldest they have ever known it - cold winds are coming down from the north...I have been cold most of the day. The houses here do not have heating... :) I am warm now as I am drinking juice with ginger and cayenne and wrapped in a gorgeous new cotton blanket I got today, but I am sad that I didn't get out jogging today before it got dark - it meant I didn't spike my metabolism up, so easily remained cold all day...then this evening I was leant a skipping rope to play with - WOW - soooo much fun - I haven't skipped since I was a wee lassie I think - it was wonderful - got my heart going immediately, blood pumping, body warming - magic :)

All blessings,
Angela. xxx


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