Monday, 27 November 2006

Facing facts...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm…the start of a new week of fasting…day 8…
I want to start by thanking everyone who has sent in messages of support so far – I feel so much love and good vibes from so many beautiful beings out there – thanks so much for the encouragements – it means a lot :)

Matt Monarch and myself are featured this week on Current TV in a video about the benefits of raw food. It just started airing today - here is the link for it on Current, where you can check the schedule for it too. ENJOY :)

Something I noticed today was how completely normal and natural juicing seems to have become as the source of my nutrition…when David Rain first told me abt this cleanse, it seemed like smthg very challenging to me and distant from my reality. What I’m noticing though is that now I’m a week into this, it just feels like second-nature…it feels like there’s no way I would eat something at the moment – what I am in right now is jucing and that’s it – that’s where I’m at – that’s what my body wants and asks for and that’s what I’m giving it. David told me a story of how a woman he was coaching on this fast was on a business trip somewhere, with no access to juice and she was tied up in a conference all day. She actually hired a cab in the end and got the cab driver to drive across town, pick her up juice and bring it back to her at the conference centre…that seemed a bit extreme to me at the time, but now I can really associate with that feeling of complete commitment to this – I really feel immersed in this…I love it :)

I am feeling as if I’m drinking almost all day – sooooo much liquid passing through this body – juices sit by my side and take me quite some time to get through…Every mouthful is diligently ‘chewed’ before swallowing – I’m discovering that it really doesn’t feel good to me anymore to swallow a liquid straight down after it enters my mouth – my body really wants it to be mixed in with saliva first…even water…

Today I discovered to my surprise that the word ‘mert’ does not exist…it seemed like a definite opportunity in the making, so we decided on a meaning – ‘the feeling one experiences after drinking an abundance of green juice. Primary indications: low blood pressure, feeling spacey, but in quite a calm, grounded way, not in a sugared-out way. Example use ‘ahhhhhhhhh…man…I am so mert right now’ or ‘no, she doesn’t feel like coming with us, she’s totally mert’… ;)

I am seeing interesting changes in the skin on my face. I looked in the mirror this evening after enema-ing, skin brushing, showering, then msm lotion-ing and I don’t believe I have ever seen my face look so clean and clear overall as an adult as it does right now…it was very interesting to observe…and affirmed for me something I read on the Juice Feasting site today:

"It is estimated that for every day we Juice Feast, we go back in time an average of 120 days. "
This is based on Hering’s Law of Cure:

"Hering's Law states that all cure starts from within out, from the head down, and in the reverse order as the symptoms appeared.

Thus, you will typically first see changes in a person's appearance in their face on Juice Feast, as we do indeed heal from the top down. Any rashes or skin issues, stale breath, funky urine, or smelly excretions in general result from healing from the inside out. Lastly, you may find yourself experiencing for a brief period (usually less than a day) an illness or injury that you had years ago. This is known as retracing."

Wow…so what does that mean, actually for me…? 8 days down…means…960 days regressed…which is…about 2 and a half years of chronological time supposedly reversed so far…nice :) so my face is showing the world what it wanted to look like at the age of 25 again, perhaps ;)

Here’s what I’ve consumed today:

1 litre (1 quart) water with lime juice
1.25 litres (1 quart and 1 cup) green juice with carrot and ginger
½ litre (1 pint) pineapple juice
½ litre (1 pint) coconut water
1 litre (1 quart) coconut water
2 litres (2 quarts) mixed veggie juice

which makes…6.25 litres or abt 1.3 gallons of liquids today…good job…there are rumours abounding that we may make some fresh noni juice tonight before retiring to bed…we shall see…
feeling quite wiped out tonight after moving house today…jogging didn’t happen, but lots of packing and box-shifting did…definitely time for some restful slumber now…

G’night y’all :)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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