Thursday, 23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...

...and HOW much I do indeed have to be thankful for...I have such a feeling of abundance right now on this fast – there are so many juice combinations I want to try and it's like there's more options than time in the day or calories needed to accommodate it all :) I feel like I’m becoming an ‘over-juicer anonymous’ (well…not so anonymous…:)

Today we made AMAZING 'Thanksgiving' juice with squash, cayenne and cinnamon...I’ve been intrigued to try out the ‘Master Cleanser’ recipe too, as I’ve never tried it, but there just was no room in the juice schedule today… :) tomorrow though we’re going on a trip to the beach all day, so we’ve made up a big batch of master cleanser and will have fresh coconut water all day too until the evening when we’ll be home to get the greeeeeeens :)

Master Cleanser Recipe, for 1 quart/1 litre water:

6 Tablespoons of Honey
6 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice
1/10th tsp cayenne, or as much as you want to tolerate.

My energy has actually been pretty low most of today…I woke feeling much more alert than yesterday – clearer and more in-tune. I’d also slept less – abt 7 hours, which felt good…but my energy dipped during the day…

I decided to try to avoid the crazy sugar-spaceyness of yesterday by being an adult and starting my day with green juice. ;) I made sooooo much of it…it kept me going all morning into the early afternoon…what I then discovered was that my energy again felt out of balance, but whereas yesterday it was from over-sugaring, today it was like the opposite – over-greened and not enough sugars to bring me up…blood pressure low, inertia creeping in…PLUS I didn’t get out jogging again – felt like entering a bit of a vicious circle – didn’t want to jog ‘cos energy low, but need to get metabolism fired up too…will do some more skipping soon in the house instead…

Here’s what I had today:

1.6 litres (1quart and 2.5 cups) of green juice
500ml (2 cups) coconut juice
1.25 litres (1 quart and 1 cup) orange juice
250ml (1 cup) coconut juice with green powder
1 litre (1 quart) pumpkin juice with cayenne and cinammon
which makes…4.6 litres (1 gallon and 3 cups) of juice today…magic…

The cascara sagrada herb and enemas are seriously getting to work on cleaning me out…wow…that’s also why my energy is a little low I’m sure – so much clearing out going on right now…

I want to share something that has been aiding my enjoyment of this cleansing process. I’ve been listening to the words of this fantastic cleansing song by amazingly talented and humorous singer-songwriter Scott Kalechstein:

(To the tune of ‘You’ve got a friend’)

When your pee is smelly
and your gas has been extreme
when nothing, nothing is leaving right
go into your kitchen and trash the processed foods.
It’s time to be cellularly baptized.

You just drink fresh raw juice
and you eat lots of live foods
you’ll be running like brand new again.
Winter, fall, summer or spring
your liver has been suffering and it’s time to make amends,
you’ve gotta cleanse
you’ve gotta cleanse

When your friend, candida,
has grown awfully fond of you
and your yeast hasn’t been the nutritional kind,
stay away from sweet things, call Supergreens now,
soon, your immune system’s gonna shine

You just drink wheatgrass juice
and your bowels are gonna let loose,
you’ll be running down the hallway again.
Winter, spring, summer or fall,
you’re staring at the bathroom wall
and the toilet’s your best friend,
you’re in a cleanse
you’re in a cleanse

Hey, ain’t it good to know that you’re in a cleanse,
when parasites can be so cold now,
they’ll meet you and they’ll eat you
they’ll take your health if you let them,
ah, but don’t you let them,

You just drink fresh raw juice and you eat lots of live foods
you’ll be running like brand new again.
Winter, fall, summer or spring,
it’s time to quit those pizza flings,
let your guts be born again,
you’ve gotta cleanse,
you’ve gotta cleanse,
ain’t it good to know,
you’ve gotta cleanse,
please don’t take offence,
you’ve gotta cleanse…

Wonderful…I love it… This song is on Scott’s CD ‘Levitational Pull’ which can be found on his site HERE.

All love, always, in all ways :)
Angela. x

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  1. You are doing sooooo well! Color me impressed! And the song is cute...even if it is sophomoric potty humor!