Friday, 17 December 2010

Raw Food Christmas Songs ;)

Ding dong merrily on high... :)

OoOoooooo, yes, it's that time of year again when the Christmas/Holiday tunes are blasting from all directions...personally I love a bit of carol-ing...I thought it might be fun here to share five of my favourite Christmas-time toooooons online...the first two are the Christmas songs I personally put up on YouTube the last two years - these are raw food versions of well-known yuletide songs...then there are three videos of people singing beautiful and inspiring renditions of traditional X-mas songs - ENJOY :)

"Do They Know About Raw Food?" -

"The 12 Raw Days Of Christmas" -

Allison Crowe (one of my *favourite* singers - check her out ;) - "The First Noel" -

Celtic Women - "O Come All Ye Faithful" -

"Hallelujah" performed by The Opera Company of Philadelphia, in Macy's ;) LOVE it -


On December the 15th it was a travelling day for me and I enjoyed:

1 quart water
cup of orange juice
1 quart greeeeeeeeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
handful of cherries and a handful of strawberries - YUM :)
bowl of papaya/mango/red banana with coconut yoghurt, ashwagandha, astragalus, maca, stevia, carob
handful of spiurlina coconut chips
mug of horchata tea
1 cup water

As you may notice in these food logs, I often share a 'cucumber salad' meal with Mr. M these days...perhaps 3 or so days a week...recently some of you have been asking what is IN this salad? Mr. M actually did a video a while back showing how to make this meal - some of you may have missed that though, so HERE is the link again on YouTube to check it out - it is *super*-simple: basically grated cucumber, dulse seaweed and avocado...I also like to add some sauerkraut to mine - Mr. M isn't so into the kraut though ;) ...and in case you also missed the video where we showed how to make the meal with papaya/coconut yoghurt/carob etc that I tend to eat daily at the moment, that video is HERE - enjoy ;)

on December the 16th I loved:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
bowl of papaya/mango/granadilla with coconut yoghurt, ashwagandha, astragalus, maca, stevia, carob
cup of jasmine tea
1 quart greeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
shared cucumber salad with Mr. M; salad stuffed into nori sheets with a little Sea Clear and lecithin, followed by a carob "Brownie Batter" yumpot :)
2 mugs horchata tea :)
1 cup water

Oooooo, some juicy news: Mr. David Rainoshek of would love to share that he's about to start hosting another 30 day Juice Feasting intensive group for January, if any of you would love to join in... :)
David provides one-on-one personal support *daily* during these 30-day feasts and for that reason, he only accepts 12 people maximum for each sesssion...if you'd love to start your new year with a juicy flow, hop over HERE to read about this upcoming group feast and see if you'd love to join Mr. Rain for some powerful releasing... ;)

All love and resonant chambers of joy,
A Stokes-Monarch. xxx

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