Sunday, 24 April 2011

The "Inspiring Women Summit" Starts Soon... :)

I was very excited to see that there is a wonderful looking new free online summit coming up soon called the "Inspiring Women Summit", which runs from May 7th to the 13th. This summit features over 40 prominent female mover-shakers of the world, including:

Our dear friend Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, Lynne McTaggart, Marci Shimoff, 
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Janet Attwood, Geneen Roth and many more...

This looks set to be a wonderfully inspiring, educational and entertaining set of interviews and discussions - check out the details and get signed up for this free event HERE - ENJOY :)

on April the 21st I liked:

1 quart water
chunk of fresh watermelon
chunk of pineapple with a few blackberries
little bowl of mango "mousse" while preparing food for a potluck
YUMMERRRRSSSSSS plate of salads and spreads at potluck, followed by some frozen mango pie/banana ice cream
Water of two young coconuts

The Vilcabamba Raw Food Gathering 2011 starts in a *week*, on May 1st - exciting :)
We are curious to see who actually makes it all the way here to the high Andes for this celebration... :)
The "hub" for the event this year is the beautiful Madre Tierra hotel and breaking news from them is that they have a few free rooms left to rent, due to some last minute cancellations - if you're headed this way and looking for a place to stay, just contact Peter Fox on or 509-928-2141 for details...
All of the info and current schedule outline for the gathering can be found at - enjoy :)

On April the 22nd I enjoyed:

1 quart water
chunk of fresh watermelon
3 cups vibrant watermelon/passion fruit juice
40 chlorella tablets
water of a young coconut
yummmmmmmmmmmers, *amazing* fresh salad from our garden with 40+ greens, flowers, veggies and more - soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL :))) Topped with some delicious nut pate from David Rainoshek...
bowl of mango "mousse" - mango, coconut oil, vanilla powder
water of three young coconuts

on April the 23rd I appreciated:

1 quart water
3 cups coconut water with passion fruit juice
chunk of fresh pineapple
40 chlorella tablets
little bowl of mango "mousse" - mango and vanilla powder
lovely raw platter at a friend's house - various salads, guacamole, nut burgers with onion bread, followed by a delicious raw fruit cobbler
water of two young coconuts

*Apologies* to all of you on our live call with the lovely Nadine Artemis on Friday evening when our Ecuadorian internet suddenly tanked and has yet still to resurface as I write this on Sunday afternoon, almost two full days later... (Easter weekend in Catholic country = no-one at work in internet company, apparently ;)
Right now we are gratefully connected online for a short time via a friend's generous line-sharing...and we *hope* to be back online again as usual by tomorrow...whereupon we can hopefully reschedule the call with the gracious Nadine ;)
The first 15 minutes of call time that we were able to enjoy together were GREAT, so here's looking forward to the next can sign up for access at if you're not already signed up for call info for this interview...

Also, remember that the RawReform Giveaway Contest prize this month is a gift pack of gorgeous skin care goodies from Nadine too - see HERE for more info...

Wishing all of you whom enjoy this holiday a very Happy Easter :)

All love,
Angelalalaalaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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