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YOUR Top 25 Tips For Radiant Skin Health :)

Recently we picked the winner of last month's Giveaway Contest Prize of some luscious skin care products from Living Libations. You can see who the blessed winner was HERE...
For now, we wanted to share some of the GREAT skin care tips y'all sent in - we asked you to send in your As to the following Q:

"Your skin is your biggest organ; what is your top suggestion for vibrant skin health?"

...and you sent in so many wonderful responses that we wanted to share 25 of the top tips here (in no particular order) - enjoy :)

1. I drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of Sole water (you make sole by soaking himalayan salt rocks in 8oz of pure water) first thing in the morning. Then wait 30 minutes before I eat or drink anything else.
The Sole mineralizes the water and ads tons of electrolytes, your body absorbs it completely giving room for cell regeneration and well as toxin elimination to occur. Ever since I started to do this my skin glows more more every day :)

2. Drink lots of water!  I always imagine it flushing out my pores from the inside out :)

3. A ten day juice feast! - that is four liters a day of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables! :)

4. You are what you eat and it shows from the inside and out  Eat Raw!!!

5. Coconut Butter! Inside and out, it provides great nourishment and moisturizes beautifully for radient and glowing skin.

6. "Never put anything on your skin that you could not put in your eyes or mouth"

on May the 8th I had a very "bitty" day, preparing food all day for a fundraising event:

1 quart water
chunk of pineapple, a few granadillas
3 cups greeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
samples and later portions of everything we were preparing for the fundraiser: fruit salad, guacamole with cucumber chips, carob yumballs, green smoothie - yummmm :)
2 cups water
two curry powerwraps
water of two young coconuts

7. The most important thing one can do for one's largest organ of detoxification is brush, brush, brush your skin:)  I use a natural bristle brush everyday before showering.  My skin looks and feels better, and I don't get colds and flus as easily.

8. Himalayan salt mixed in coconut oil (cooling) or in the winter sesame oil (warming) with some drops of lavender and frankincense....I use it for face and body..stand in the shower scrub it on and let it just melt EVERYTHING away :) It is my "soap". 

9. Colon hydrotherapy—cleanse from the inside.

10. Eat whole unprocessed foods. The more raw the better.
Garbage in, garbage out. Good food in = glowing radiant skin!

11. Lots of green juicing!!!!

12. Never use skin/beauty products with ingredients you cannot pronounce!

13. FIR sauna!  Every night, when my wee ones are tucked in bed, I take myself into the sauna (a most generous gift post colon cancer) and usually listen to some fabulous audio interv!ew (Maya Angelou tonght) and slather on the coconut oil.
Bliss, inside and out.

14. all its rejuvenating goodness!

on May the 9th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
chunk of fresh pineapple
2 cups greeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
1.5 cups very interesting smooothie from a friend, with some rare kind of nut, coconut, banana, vanilla - wow :)
water of a young coconut
bowl of yummmmmmy garden salad with avocado, stuffed into nori sheets and "Pure Wraps", followed by a few Himalayan Green Raisins with Pumpkin Seeds :)
water of two young coconuts

on May the 10th I loved:

1 quart water
2 cups intense experimental "local" juice mixture - two kinds of passion fruit, tree tomato and orange - wow, vibrant :)
1 quart greeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
1 cup coconut water mixed with Elixir of The Lake
2 cups coconut water
lovely raw meal at Sambuca Cafe in Vilcabamba: raw pizza, raw lasagne, raw tomato soup, yummy raw banana-apple dessert :)
water of a young coconut
handful of BBQ coconut chips
water of a young coconut

15. Exercise through running and other skin always looks its best after a good morning workout. :)

16. Hot/cold showers, or jumping between hot tubs and cold pools.  All of the pores of our skin are actually muscles, and require being "worked out" just like all our other muscles, to keep our skin supple and alive.  The only way I know of to exercise these many little muscles is through opening them with warm water, then quickly closing them with cold water, then doing it a few more times.  Plus, I feel super energized from doing this!

17. Spraying your body down with food grade hydrogen peroxide will remove a lot of dry skin and return your skin to the proper balance. It works great!!!!!

18. Drink half your weight in ounces of water everyday.

19. I believe the number one most powerful daily skin regime that anyone can implement for radiant, vibrant and healthy skin is self-love and skin-nurturance. This means directing your conscious attention to your skin and sending it love. Telling your skin that it is soo beautiful and that you are so grateful for everything that your skin does for you. Letting your skin know how much you appreciate it and that you are going to do whatever you can to help support it and keep it healthy!

20. Sweat and l@ugh everyday.

21. Get a little sunshine every day.

22. 1 TBSP of MSM in your smoothie everyday!

23. I have found that doing a bentonite clay mask a couple times a month does wonders for my skin--you can tell it pulls out impurities and leaves my skin so smooth, bright and balanced.

24. Daub on witch hazel (plain or blended with rose water) every evening before going to sleep.

25. Having a good time is a must - doing what you love surrounding yourself with positive people and most importantly showering yourself with love. The results are immediate you can feel the tingly sensation of love and happiness straight away on your skin :)))). Its not actually as corny as it sounds when you feel the results.


WOW, thanks everyone for all your wonderful suggestions - here's to vibrant skin health for all :)

You can see this month's new contest HERE - enjoy :)

All love,
A. Stokes-Monarch. xxx

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