Thursday, 21 July 2011

Reflections On a 1-Week Internet/"Left-Brain" Fast :)

I am BACK :) 

As you may recall, I was on a week-long "internet/left-brain fast" this last week and it was an absolutely FABULOUS experience for me... Yesterday I shared in my newsletter three of the main insights/observations this "fast" brought up for me and I wanted to post these here too, for those who may have missed the newsletter... I sense that some of these thoughts shared below may be a little challenging to follow or relate to for some people - as ever, please simply take whatever might speak to you from this sharing and leave the rest... ;)

*I was very surprised to find that the main activity my energy was drawn towards during this "fast" was clearing/cleaning in our house ;O Over the course of the last week, I literally went through every single item in every single room of our home, organising, clearing, sorting and getting everything clear for *myself* about where things are, how things work and so on...I had no idea this would come up for me as an activity of interest and in fact it turned out to feel like a hugely cleansing, clearing and settling experience for me... It felt so empowering for me to get such clarity abt what is and isn't here, how it all fits together and so on...I understand that this might sound a bit strange to some people - lol - and it is certainly not smthg I anticipated being engaged in, or enjoying so thoroughly... I had no idea I would even have an interest in doing such a thing until I *actually* disconnected from the internet/left brain/schedule world and asked my being what it wanted to do...well, here I am on the other side of a wonderful week of clearing, with such an extraordinary feeling of *lightness*, clarity and joy in my being...
This is pretty much the first "home" that I've had as an adult - I was on the road for abt 14 years prior to us moving here to Vilcabamba...and our short time here so far has felt pretty PACKED with activity, people, stuff, expansion, projects...any clear sense of what was where in this house had long since escaped me, even though we don't own THAT many things and I didn't even *know* I felt this way until I disconnected and got quiet enough to tune into what I really wanted to focus on... Well, now my strong inner Virgo is definitely very happy, everything is in an order and place that makes sense to me and I have a huge sense of joy, lightness and "settling" that I didn't even know wasn't there before...a wonderful exploratory experience :)

On July 12th-19th I was on a week-long "left-brain/internet fast" and I appreciated the same kind of stuff each day - smthg like this:

1 quart water
1 cup mandarin/granadilla juice
handful of fresh strawberries/other fresh fruit
2 cups coconut water blended with Elixir of The Lake
little bowl of energy soup, nori sheets with Sea Clear, pistachio butter and sauerkraut on the side, followed by a sliced apple spread with almond butter
big mug of herbal tea
water of a young coconut
3 granadilla, chunk of papaya
1 cup water

*Going back online on Tuesday night for the first time in a week felt very odd... ;) I did not miss being on the internet *at all*, in fact it felt HUGELY liberating for me to be outside that reality for a while. Just like when someone does a fast from solid food and can finally get some perspective on their relationship with food, disconnecting from the internet/left-brain/schedule world for a week was amazing for me in terms of getting to clearly observe my relationship with the internet from a distance and to consider how I might love to restructure this relationship on the other side of this "fast". There were very interesting energetic sensations in my body and being from being back online...I noted how when I first reconnected, my whole being was still very calm, very relaxed, in no "rush" to get anything in particular done, taking things slowly, breathing easily...later as I got further into the connection, especially starting to work through the mound of emails accumulated over a week, I could feel my energy body getting tighter and it also felt more concentrated in my MIND, rather than lower in my heart and whole body - the experience was shifting... I worked through about half of the accumulated emails and then chose to leave it all and go to bed, yet discovered that my energy field was now I got into bed, there was a clear sense of agitation, restlessness, unsettled energy in my field...everything felt "higher up", in my mind, rather than a smooth sense of my energy field feeling evened out, serene and peaceful, as it had done the whole previous week...very interesting for me to observe... So, one conclusion I am drawing from this is the desire to outline for myself from now on specific times in any given day when I intend to be online/dealing with emails etc, then free myself from that connection completely the rest of the feels especially in alignment for me right now to not be online towards the end of the day, as this seemed to have a distinct and unsettling effect on my energy field last night...

On July the 20th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
1 cup mandarin/granadilla juice
chunk of fresh papaya
2 cups coconut water blended with Elixir of The Lake
little bowl of energy soup, a little cucumber salad stuffed into nori sheets with Sea Clear and sauerkraut, followed by a sliced apple spread with almond butter
big mug of herbal tea
tastings of *amazing* raw creations at a delicious raw potluck spread: the "alfredo fettucine", pesto and pizza were all outstanding to my tastebuds, followed by some yummy frozen strawberry/mango cake :)
2 cups water

*I have been left with a new, even clearer sense of awareness of my energetic field from this "fasting" experience...this may be a little challenging to convey in words, let's see...there is a rich, full sense of stillness, presence and flow inside my being that was very nourished by this fasting experience - it feels very "filled-out" and more solid than ever before - call it the "still, small voice within", "intuition", "core being" or whatever word/phrase might make sense to you - there is a very full and expanded sense of that energy connection inside me after this fasting experience...and it feels clearly like smthg I want to maintain - it feels like a very strong "feminine" energy to me, which wants to be witnessed and involved...and interestingly I am ever-more able to notice small "disturbances" in this energy f!eld now, as and when smthg more "left-brain" is called to my attention, for example, or when the energy of a situation feels like it is getting "off-centre" in some way... This "feminine" flow energy feels very rooted in my whole torso, rather than up in my head/higher chakras... I feel very grateful for its presence and hold the intention to maintain this rich connection, choosing more time/space/flow in my life for "right-brain"/nourishing activities for me, rather than feeling more "fenced in" by left-brain things... ;) 

Ahhhhhhhh (deep breath)...I hope you enjoyed reading these musings and that perhaps smthg in here resonated for you too - I know for myself that this "fasting" has been a wonderful, very rich and nourishing experience, one filled with joy, gratitude, insights and upliftment and I feel that potentially my life will be permanently shifted into a different way of being after this week-long break - we'll see how things unfold from here... thank you :)

All love,
A. C. Stokes-Monaaaaaaaaaaaaarch :) xxx

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