Saturday, 2 May 2009

Exploring a Raw Vegan Village :)

I’m in Ojai, California at the moment... :) VERY happy to be back in this beautiful area...and today we met with the gorgeous mama Jinjee of, to explore The Raw Vegan Village project her family is involved with – WOW – what an amazing place...117 acres of pristine land in the hills, with a river running through it, masses of space to grow food, old growth trees, mineral–rich soil, backed onto national forest – just wonderful...if we’re very fortunate, by the time you read this, Mr. M will have posted a video tour of the land over at (if not, you’ll find it there soon... ;)

One of the things we were talking about with Jinjee today was the emergence of new kinds of humans now, as we shift into a new stage of humanity’s flow here on Earth...some people might refer to ‘crystal’ children, ‘indigo’ children, different DNA formations, memes, states of consciousness, etc...whichever way it is referred to, it seems some interesting shifts are afoot...then this evening I was reading a passage in one book I’m currently enjoying about a ‘spiritual quest’ in S. America and this passage stood out to me:

“If an acorn contains within itself a plan for something as implausible
as an oak tree, then why couldn’t humanity also have an innate plan,
a preset wiring for a greater and more highly evolved human b
eing, and therefore, society?”

I love that – it really spoke to, here’s to our ecstatic unfoldings into territories new... :)

on May the 1st I had:

1 quart water
1 quart beet/apple juice
3 romaine wraps stuffed with cucumber/avo/hempseed/dill/garlic/lemon juice mush, with dulse & tomatoes on top, followed by half an oatmeal cookiiiieeeeeee :)
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeen juice: celery, parsley, romaine, fennel, Jerusalem artichokes, cucumber, spinach, ginger
½ a GORGEOUS pineapple
half bowl of Monarch magic mix: blended apples/tahini/hazelnut butter with mulberries and goji berries on top
mug of rooibos tea
3 cups water

THANK YOU for all the amazing raw food dessert recipes that have been flowing in, in response to the current RawReform Giveaway Contest to win a copy of Ani Phyo’s new book: “Ani’s Raw Food Desserts” :) If you haven’t yet sent your entry in and would love to be in the mix for a chance to win this gorgeous little book, just send in your answer to the following Q, to

What is YOUR favourite raw food dessert recipe?

Please be sure to send in a recipe rather than simply the name of your favourite dessert, to be in with a chance of winning ;) The winner will be drawn at random and with JOY on Tuesday, May the 5th, by Ms. Phyo herself, so get your answers in soooooooon, m’dears... ;)

on May the 2nd I had:

1 quart water
double shot of barleygrass juice
1lb of FRESSHHHH cherries – love it :)
3 cups greeeeen juice
3 romaine wraps stuffed with cucumber mush, dulse, tomatoes etc, followed by a snackaroon and half a carob/cherry bar
1 quart water
1 quart apple/beet juice
3 cups energy soup, followed by a few chunks of freeze–dried durian ;)
mug of ‘Rainforest’ tea
3 cups water

Somebody wrote in recently about how much they enjoyed the ‘Green Leaves’ song I put up on YouTube over a year ago now – a raw food version of ‘Greensleeves’ – one of my all–time favourite songs ;)
I hadn’t listened to this raw version myself for a while, so thought I’d re–post it here too, for everyone to (re–)enjoy :) I feel getting plenty of fresh leafy greeeeeeens into our bodies daily is a key part of being healthy as a, maybe this song will help inspire you along that path some more, if you’re not already resonating with a vibrant greeeeen glow... ;)

(BTW – I have been drinking the bright red beet/apple juice combo for liver cleansing for the last 6 days now...I’m going to start the liver FLUSH part of the process tomorrow evening (Sunday) – all healing/soothing/releeeeeaaaaaasing vibes gratefully received... ;)

All love,
Miss Stokes. xxx

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