Saturday, 1 January 2011

17.5% Off Coupon Code *Extended* :)

*17.5% Off Coupon EXTENDED*
Our emails and phones were flooded with enquiries in the last 24 hours due to Friday's technical mishap with our store.

As a result, we've extended the 17.5% coupon until Sunday Night!

The 17.5% Off Coupon Code now finishes at **midnight Pacific time Sunday night**, January 2nd 2011. Simply use the code "Holiday18" as you're checking out to get 17.5% off *ANY* size order!!! Please note that this offer does not apply to appliances, you can however use coupon code "Holiday12" to receive 12% off any order, including appliances.

THANK YOU for your patience and support and best wishes to you for the New Year :)

All love and spasms of delight,
Ms. Stokes-Monarch. xxx

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