Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Introducing The Raw Food World Benefits Program... :)

WOW, we are super-excited to announce our shiny new "Benefits Program" that we've working away on in the background for weeks now... :) It is a very special and unique creature and we hope that you'll enjoy it - I'll let Mr. Monarch explain it all here below:

"I mentioned in a previous Newsletter that for our 'At-Cost' specials, we order products in HIGH VOLUME so that we can pass the savings on to you. A customer then asked, why can't we just always order high volume all the time on key beneficial products such as Chlorella Tablets, and more, to pass these savings on. This enquiry helped solidify the idea of 'The Raw Food World Benefits Program'!

Joining this subscription program we have now put together is literally a 'No-Brainer'. Anyone who joins this subscription service gets access to a 13% Off coupon code that you can ALWAYS use, on any size order, on an ONGOING basis! Additionally, we have some of our KEY products available to members at 30 - 60% off, kind of like the 'At-Cost' specials... BUT!... these exclusive deals will be available ALL of the time! This list below of 'At-Cost' specials available to members only will just keep on getting bigger and bigger, as more and more people join the program. If you sign up today, you will have access to the following products at 30 - 60% off on an ONGOING basis, while at the SAME TIME you can also use the membership coupon code for another additional 13% Off any order!

These 30% - 60% off products include:

  • Chlorella Tablets, 250 grams - 1000 tablets

  • Spirulina Tablets, 250 grams - 500 tablets

  • Creamy Almond Butter

  • Pacari Truly Raw Cacao Powder, 16oz

  • Maca Powder, 16oz

  • Red Maca, 16oz

  • Maca Extreme, 16oz

  • Sacha Inchi Oil, 8.45 Fl.oz.

  • Truly Raw Centrifuged Coconut Oil, 16oz

  • Vanilla Powder, 4oz

  • Organic Nori - 50 Sheets

  • Certified Organic Jojoba Oil in Glass Jar, 2oz

    This doesn't affect our usual monthly 'At-Cost' specials. We'll still be offering a selection of new 'At-Cost' specials on a monthly basis, as we always have, for those of you not in the subscription service.
  • (continued below...)

    On January the 9th I loved:

    1 quart water
    3 cups watermelon/orange juice
    2 cups greeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
    2 yummy mangoes
    3 cups mango/greeeeens smoothie
    30 chlorella tablets with 1 tbsp coconut oil
    mug of reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
    2 cups water

    Again, the more people who sign up to this program, the more products we will be able to add to the above list, so that you can take advantage of even more ONGOING 30 - 60% Off 'At-Cost'specials! We don't plan on taking ANY of these products off special offer ever for members of this program, unless there is some unforeseen price increase or supply issue. We are ALSO going to be offering CRAZY 'Below-Cost' deals such as 75% off Andreas Moritz book, 'The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush'. You can learn more about this offer in the MUST READ article and video below about Liver Cleansing.

    SEE!!! Signing up for this subscription service is just a No-Brainer ... AND!!!... This is only the BEGINNING of what is offered in 'The Raw Food World Benefits Program'! Weekly we are going to be adding BRAND NEW interviews and videos - you can find more details about these further below. We've spent ALL WEEK uploading all sorts of older interviews for your listening pleasure, plus lots of other fun free stuff. Check out what is available NOW, before we even really get started by clicking HERE!

    We are STILL going to be offering our free daily online "TV Shows". All the FUN stuff below is in ADDITION to the free TV Shows, if you become a member! Just call us the Raw Food Carnival!!!

    Here are the other benefits ONLY available in 'The Raw Food World Benefits Program':

  • Weekly Q & A Videos
    In the Members Area, you can click on the 'Q & A Videos' box. You can post all of your questions here. Angela and I will be doing a weekly Q&A TV Show, in which we'll aim to answer all of the questions posted.

  • Matt Monarch Interviews Experts Once a Month
    Remember those Radio Interviews I used to do once a month with all the crazy questions? Well, we are bringing them back with this subscription service - yeeeeeee-HAH!

  • New Angela Stokes-Monarch Interviews Monthly
    Every two weeks you can access a new interview with either Angela or I. Angela will be interviewed every two weeks and then I'll give an interview two weeks after that, alternating.

  • New Matt Monarch Interviews Monthly
    Wee intend to invite different people to interview us. I have some ideas in mind for who will be interviewing us, such as our family members, neighbors and other health experts - FUN ;-)

  • Angela Stokes Music Videos
    Angela will be sharing what she LOVES most!!! Every week Angela will offer a new music video of her singing omne of her favorite songs :-)

  • Additional Community Discounts
    We also anticipate that this list is going to build and build. We are inviting other "conscious" businesses to offer HEFTY exclusive discounts to the members of this benefits program. For example, Angela approached her FAVORITE clothing companies and they are offering % discounts on all of their items. ADDITIONALLY!, if any members want to offer discounts for any of your businesses/services/products in this section, we will gladly add you to the list and hopefully help generate you more business :-)

  • Contests & Giveaways
    Last year we gave away 2 Blendtec blenders, books, DVDs, food packages and many other fun items. We'll be offering all sorts of contests on an ongoing basis in this new program, for members only. This month, WIN an OmGym :-))) Your chances of winning can be much higher now ;-)

    (continued below...)

  • on January the 10th I appreciated:

    1 quart water
    3 cups watermelon/orange juice
    water of a young coconut
    2 cups greeeeen juice mixed with pineapple
    a mango with 2 carob yumballs
    2 cups water
    ½ an avocado with a few coconut chips
    2 mugs horchata tea
    1 cup water

    We created this subscription service with the intention that it will be a WIN WIN WIN situation for EVERYONE involved. We are able to take the income generated from this service and apply it to ordering in high volume and passing the savings on to you. You get amazing exclusive deals and discounts, our community discount providers hopefully get more business too and everyone's happy!!!

    If you are excited to sign up for this subscription service for $19.97 a month or $199.97 a year, you can do so by clicking HERE!

    Once you sign up for this subscription service, you will have IMMEDIATE access to the benefits program. However, we have to manually go into your 'The Raw Food World Store' account in order to activate your email address for the special 30 - 60% discounts. Once we activate your store account, all of the prices that are 30 - 60% off will automatically show up for you as discounted from then on at www.TheRawFoodWorld.com if you are logged in. The discounts will automatically show up for you in your account for as long as you remain a subscriber. I LOVE this technology! In most cases, your store account will be activated for discounts QUICKLY after you subscribe, please note though that this is a manual process, so please give us a few hours (12 hours at the most) to upgrade your account :-). We really hope that you take advantage of this unique new subscription program and we look forward to being of even better service to you :-)

    Click HERE to learn more and join the new Subscription Service :)

    All love and exclamations of joy :)
    ACS-M. xxx

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