Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Last Chance to Volunteer@ Raw Spirit Fest for $150...

Public Service Announcement:
If you’re thinking of registering as a volunteer for the Raw Spirit Fest in Arizona this September 12-14th, I’d highly recommend doing it NOW, as the volunteer price increases from tomorrow, May the 1st, from $150 to $200. I had intended to give a little more warning on this one – sorry ;) I hope you’re still able to register today though if this is smthg that excites you :)
Volunteers get 6 free nights’ camping, access to all the festival fun (during and outside of helping times ;) plus a free raw vegan meal daily, in return for 5 hours of helping out per shift, with a minimum of 15 hours total shared. Some of the things you could be assisting with include:

Volunteer J.O.B.s (Joys Of Being ;)

1) Set up/ Breakdown: before and after festival requiring good physical condition to set up tents, stages, etc..

2) Hygiene: maintaining the pure atmosphere of the festival

3) Food Service: preparing meals for attendees

4) Registration: administrative duties pertaining to registration.

5) Floats and other: anything from security, vendor assistance, stage work, parking, food and water pick up, presenter assistance, etc.

...and many other different joyful adventures – you can read all about it in the ‘volunteers and jobs’ section under the 'Info' category, HERE. ENJOY…and I hope to see you there :)

Angelelelelelelalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx


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