Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Raw 5 Years, Going on 6 Years...

OOOOOOOooooo la la – that cheeky young maiden, Maria von Chia has been up to some more ‘Sound-of-Music-Inspired’ mischief on YouTube...you can check out her latest warblings HERE (watch out for the mystery guest ;)...

Here are the lyrics in full:


Raw 5 Years going on 6
by Angela Stokes

You wait little girl,
With an empty plate,
For raw food inspiration.
You wonder how to be healthy,
When surrounded by temptation... (Temptation...)

You’ve been raw 5 years, going on 6 years,
Baby it’s time to think.
Better be careful how much you detox...
And how much green juice you drink.
You need someone, who’s been raw longer, showing you what to do...
I’ve been raw 7 years, going on 8 years. I can take care of you.

Totally unprepared were you, to face the world of raw.
You thought that it was just about food –
There’s really SO much more...
Physically, emotionally, mentally, socially,
Your life’s flipping inside out.
You want to be healthy, as a raw foodist?
I can show you what it’s all about...

I’ve been raw 5 years, going on 6 years,
I know that I’m naïve.
Fellas may bow and offer cacao and willingly I’ll agree.
I need someone, older and wiser, showing me what to do.
You’ve been raw 7 years, going on 8 years.
I’ll listen to you...

Totally unprepared was I, to face the world of raw.
Yes, I thought that it was just about food...
I see there’s so much more…
Physically, emotionally, mentally, socially,
My life’s flipping inside out.
I want to be healthy, as a raw foodist.
So show me, what it’s all about...


You can check out all of Maria von Chia’s musical meanderings on the following YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/RawReform.

on April the 21st I had a juicy day of:

1.5 quarts water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
1.5 quarts celery/spinach/cucumber/J. artichoke/dandelion/parsley/carrot/apple juice
3 cups watermelon juice
2 reishi mushroom capsules – PHEW ;)
3 cups beetroot/apple/celery/spinach/cucumber/J. artichoke/dandelion/parsley/carrot/apple juice
2 cups water
1 quart zucchini/celery/apple juice
2 cups water

MMmMMmmmMMmmm, thanks for all the yummy feedback that continues to come in for ‘Raw Emotions’ – it’s so lovely to hear abt the shifts y’all are enjoying...here are a couple of recent comments:

“THANK YOU for "Raw Emotions"!! …this couldn't have come at a better time for me as, despite embracing raw food wholeheartedly, I've been struggling with the emotional side of things after so many years of food having been my best friend/worst enemy. It has your characteristic warmth and intelligence on every page, and has so obviously been created with a lot of love. I'm reading it slowly so as to relish what is already proving to be such a great source of comfort and strength as I tread my path away from the darkness and into the light! Congratulations and Thank you! ~Kaye xx”

I love your book! Really! Such a fabulous resource for anyone wanting to do any 'feeling' work. You've managed to put so much in the same manual, and introduced it in such an easy gentle manner! Thank you! Victoria.”

WOW, thanks for the feedback :) If YOU haven’t dipped into the flow of Raw Emotions yet and would love to, you can get more details and read an excerpt HERE – enjoooooooooy :)
...and yes, for all of you who have been asking - we will get Raw Emotions made as a printed version too, as soon as possible (it's an e-book format at the moment). We're currently securing a yummy eco-friendly printer to work with...we hope to have it available within the next couple of months in the printed version... ;)

on April the 22nd I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 incredible persimmons, 2 feijoas and the last few grapes from our orchard haven
3 cups zucchini/carrot/cilantro/celery juice
bowl of grawnola with sesame/dried apricot mylk, plus extra maca and vanilla powders stirred in = yummmm ;)
2 cups water
12oz zucchini/carrot/cilantro/celery juice
bowl of blended avo/basil/garlic/lemon juice/seaweed yum, with mixed sprouts stirred in
1.5 quarts water

Thanks to Gina for passing on this recent lovely request from Victoria Boutenko, who has a stack of old editions of ’12 Steps to Raw Foods’ to give away to libraries, shelters, prisons and so on – read on for more info:

“Dear Friends, Since publishing the new edition of my “12 Steps to Raw Foods” book, I have retrieved lots of copies of an older version from bookstores. I consider the new edition to be so much better, that I encourage everyone to read the new one. The old ones, I have stamped “not for sale” and am currently giving them away to those who absolutely cannot afford to buy a new one. I have sent one copy to every library that you mentioned already in your emails last year, when we were sending out the damaged copies of “Green for Life”. If you know of any more places that could use a free copy of that book, please email me the address. That could include schools, libraries, home schooling groups, shelters, orphanages, ashrams, prisons, nursing homes, hospices, vegetarian groups in third world countries (who can read English), retirement communities, juvenile probation centers, hospitals (hee hee hee) and wherever else you can think of. I have approximately 500 copies left. I would appreciate donations towards postage. Thank you for your help! Raw Family Publishing 280 East Hersey Street Unit 7 Ashland , Oregon 97520 Victoria@rawfamily.com

NICE WORK, Victoria :) Ahhhh, what a love she is :) I hope many of you have suggestions for her of places to send the books and spread the good message far and wide ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. i am going to have to check out that raw emotions text next time i have access to a u.s. bookstore. congrats on your rawniversary and hopes and high spirits for the continuation of your blossoming. xoxo cy