Saturday, 23 August 2008

Would You Care to Join Us...???

Special Announcement:

Raw Spirit British Invasion Part 2 ;)
Some of you may recall that last year there was a British ‘invasion’ of the Raw Spirit Airwaves, involving myself, Mr. Monarch (a momentary defector ;), Ms. Magic, Lady Suki of Zoe and Mr. Joel Gazdar, I believe…WELL, teacups at the ready, folks, it’s happening again ;)
The count-down is now truly ON for the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona (Sept 12th-14th) - it seems that most of the human raw yumsters on Earth will either be in attendance, or there in 'spirit'... Well, in preparation for this magnificent event, tomorrow (Sunday, August the 24th) – myself, Monsieur. Gazdar, The Honourable Suki Zoe and Madame Karen Knowler shall all be nobly interfering with the international 'Raw Spirit' radio dials, to discuss the thoroughly important matter of CLEANSING with that ever-gorgeous Goddess of Raw, Laura Fox ;)
We'll be discussing what can help, what doesn’t help, favourite anecdotes, suggestions, mishaps and perhaps even some nose-wrinkling details (Suki’s a colon hydrotherapist after all… ;)
So, put the biscuits on hold perhaps and join us at 6pm British time tomorrow (that’s 10am Pacific Time, 1pm East Coast) for some jaw-dropping, eye-popping, outlook-shifting discussions, all accompanied by the charming clatter of teacups of course ;)

You can listen in live HERE:
or simply call (347) 633-9179

...or if you are unable to attend promptly, you can always listen to the archived version HERE...

SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, 10:00 AM PST :: 1:00 PM EST :: 6:00 PM UK

All love,
Miss Stokes. xxx


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