Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The BEST organic food prices I've ever found... ;)

SOOooOOoOoooo, I’m on the GORGEOUS west coast of Canada now and in terms of upcoming events, I have some potentially happy or sad news, depending on your perspective, location and interests ;)
It seems highly unlikely now that I am going to be able to attend any of the upcoming raw festies in the US in the next few weeks, as we’re still waiting for my US Fiancee Visa and I cannot enter the US until that process is over... I am SOOOO sad to not be there again in person this year at the Raw Spirit Festival :( I would so very much love to be able to share with everyone there...well, I’m sure Mr. Monarch will at least hook me up there by Skype again, like last year ;)
...aaaaaaaand...I will instead be doing a couple of talks here on the west coast of Canada in the coming days.
Firstly, I speak next Wednesday, the 17th of September in the yummy raw Café Bliss in Victoria BC, from 7.30pm – see HERE for more details.
Then on Sunday the 21st of September, BOTH the Monarch and I speak in Vancouver, from 2.30pm – more details HERE.
We hope to meet you at one of these marvellous events in the coming weeks, if you’re around these parts...ENJOY :)

on September the 8th I had:

1 quart water
masses of E3 Live
1 cup energy soup with coconut chips stirred in, followed by a little raw chocolate
3 cups water
masses more E3 Live
1 cup energy soup with coconut chips stirred in, followed by a tsp of goji powder – yummmm ;)
3 cups water

WOW. I am feeling SO blessed right now. I’m staying with my lovely raw foodie photographer/traveler friend Ellen near Vancouver and yesterday we went to visit an amazing local organic farm called ‘Two EEs’. We went first to the farm itself, where Ellen was shooting some pictures (here’s one of me in the bountiful, beautiful kale fields ;). I was in absolute BLISS out in the sun, picking fresh wild blackberries from the bushes, on this peaceful, abundant plot, surrounded in all directions by flourishing organic crops – WOW :)
We then went to visit their nearby store, where they have all their produce out for sale. WOW. I have never seen ANYWHERE like this, in all my travels. I was totally blown away by the abundance, variety and incredibly reasonable prices. The stands are PACKED with huge, healthy vibrant, certified organic greens, at usually unheard-of prices, like 89 cents for a HUGE bunch of certified organic kale, 79 cents for lettuces, field cucumbers at 69cents each and so on :O :O :O What is HAPPENING here...????
I was totally totally totally in awe of this place. As I said, I’ve literally never seen anywhere like it...and what was SO beautiful to see was that so many of the clientele appeared to be fairly ‘mainstream’ people, who perhaps didn’t even REALISE they were getting CERTIFIED organic produce at jaw-dropping prices – how beautiful is that? People dropping by and stocking up on masses of healthy fresh produce simply because it seems ‘cheap’ – and actually receiving amazing nutrient value at the same time. I LOVE it :)
I got 2 HUGE, packed boxes of food – leafy greens, cucumbers, celery, beetroots, carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, peaches and so on, for $32 ;O :O :O (Yes, for those of you in the UK, that is around £16 – can you IMAGINE getting all your fruit/veggies for a WEEK for that amount???)
I’m thinking that it would be worthwhile someone living in this area just to get their produce from this amazing farm, if you’re not into growing your own stuff ;) LOL...or to do a Juice Feast – WOW – where else could you get SUCH an amazing variety of organic foods for so little cash? Amazing…of course, I have no idea how much they have available in the winter here – for now at least though, I am LOVING Two EEs Farm ;) You can see their website HERE – ENJOY :)

on September the 9th I had:
1 quart water
3 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, parsley, kale
a yellow bell pepper with a little sauerkraut
an ear of fresh corn
a huge handful of fresh blackberries straight from the bushes
3 cups water
3 cups ‘energy soup’ with coconut chips stirred in and sauerkraut and flax crackers on the side, followed by a few goji berries
2 cups water

A little reminder:
The latest RawReform Giveaway Contest closes on September the 21st.
If you haven’t sent your entry in yet, we’d LOVE to hear from you ;) Here are the details again:

The prize this month is a shiny new copy of 'SunFood Living' by John McCabe, an amazing raw food resource book with info on numerous other related topics too...NICE :)
To be in with a chance of winning this encyclopedia-style, worldwide raw resource book, just send in your answer to the following question:

'If you could live anywhere in the world as a healthy, happy raw foodist, where would it be and why...?'

Send your answers in to before September the 21st...and the winner shall be chosen at random and with blissful breathing sometime thereafter... ;)

ALL love and squishy berry yumminess ;)
Angelalalalalallalalaaaaaa. xxx

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