Sunday, 16 November 2008

How much JOY can you handle...??? ;)

OoOoooOoohhhh, I have so many YUMMY things to share with you at the moment that I’m not sure where to start... ;) Ok, I’m going to dive over to Raw Fu first, to tell you about the AMAZING ‘Holiday Craft Fair’ that Bunny Berry has put together over there :)))) I LOVE Bunny – I think she is just SUCH a blessing in this community :) She has put together a list of all the members on Raw Fu who make crafts, handmade items and so on, into a ‘Holiday Fair’, so that we can all invest in lovingly made, raw-powered, creative, inspiring, unique gifts for our loved ones this season, if we choose to give gifts. :) I think this is just WONDERFUL :) Thank you so much, Bunny, for putting this list together. There are links to various gorgeous items made by raw foodies all over the world – jewellry, bags, clothes, books, knitted goodies, handmade skin care, ceramics, paintings, blankets, CDs and more...
You can see the beautiful craft list on the right-side of the page over at (I think you might need to sign up for the site first to get full access – not sure – in any case, registration is FREE and the community has just started a 40-day ‘Holiday Season’ raw food challenge, so maybe you’d like to join in...? ;)

on November the 14th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 cup celery, carrot, endive, spinach juice
2 persimmons and 1.5 pomegranates
10 spirulina ‘nuts’
1.5 cups greeeeen juice with lemon
2 cups water
2 cups energy soup with flax crackers, followed by a few Monarch goji yumballs
little cup of rooibus tea
3 cups water
tsp of wheatgrass powder

Oooo, more excitement – I just saw a trailer today for the new documentary from the Dervaes family – remember them? The ‘Urban Homesteaders’ in Pasadena, California. I wrote a few months ago about their INCREDIBLE edible food garden on a suburban plot in Cali – you can see that write-up HERE if you like. Well, the exciting news is that they now have a FILM out about their simple way of life – called ‘Homegrown Revolution’ - which is being shown at film festivals all over the place, helping people to realise how easy it really can be to start growing your OWN food and feeling more on top of the safety of your food supply chain. You can see the 2-minute trailer for their film HERE on YouTube. I LOVE this quote in the trailer from the dad of the Dervaes family:

“...if you can grow food, it’s empowering.
In fact, I believe growing food is one of the most dangerous occupations on the face of this Earth, because you’re in danger of becoming free!”

The Dervaes family report that they grow 6000lbs of food a year on 1/10th of an acre of cultivated land...WOW...this is the future of raw foodism, folks – spade in hand – DIG FOR VICTORY ;)
Yeeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH :) THANK YOU, beautiful Dervaes family, for sharing your experiences – I hope to see this documentary soon...

on November the 15th I had:

1 quart water
big double shot of wheatgrass juice
2 cups water
1 persimmon
2 cups energy soup with flax crackers, followed by the last few Monarch yumballs ;(
little cup of rooibus tea
3 cups water
½ cup carrot/beet juice
1 cup greeeen juice: kale, spinach, cabbage, endive, parsley, mixed sprouts, ginger, lime
little bowl of condensed yum: mixed together goji berries, lucuma powder, yacon powder, maca, carob, cinnamon, buckwheaties, water
3 cups water

on November the 16th I had:

1 quart water
1.5 cups greeeen juice: kale, spinach, cabbage, endive, parsley, mixed sprouts, ginger, lime
2 cups water
2 cups energy soup with flax crackers and okra, followed by a little yumbowl of hazelnut butter mixed with lucuma powder, cinnamon, maca, carob powder, buckwheaties
little mug of ‘choco’ tea
2 cups water
2 cups greeeen juice: kale, spinach, endive, parsley, celery, cucumber, ginger, lime
2 cups energy soup with flax crackers and okra, followed by a few of my FIRST batch of self-made yumballs since the departure of the Monarch (they were yummy – I used soaked gojis, almond butter, lucuma, cinnamon, buckwheaties, then rolled them in a mixture of hemp protein 50% and lucuma – yummmmmmm)
little mug of spicy tea
2 cups water

My goodness, can you TAKE much more excitement and yumminess today? Well, I hope so, because I’d love to share the link to a GORGEOUS little recent article from The Guardian newspaper in the UK about the ext-RAW-dinary exploits of 67-year-old Joan Pick of Croydon. It seems Joan has been eating raw for over 35 years...she hasn’t driven a car since 1973, runs everywhere that she wants to go and enjoys hula-hooping in her living room. She does not use heating in her house (I know where I’ll be referring people in the future who ask how to keep warm in the winter as raw foodists ;) and she only uses electricity to heat water for tea or light her room. Check out this picture of Joan from The Guardian article – she is GLOWING with radiant, delightful raw energy – what a WONDERFUL, inspiring life... :) You can read the whole story HERE. (Thanks to Sue too, for the nudge to read and share this article :)

All love, joy and passion,
Miss Angela Stokes. xxx

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