Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Women Go Raw... ;)

OoOoOooooo, happy September everyone :)

Here's an exciting tid–bit for all the lovely laaaaaaayyyyyyddeeeeeees out there (and the guys who love the goddesses too, of course ;) ...today marks the launch of the 'Women Go Raw' RV Tour – yeeeeeeeee–HAH ;)

A team of gorgeous raw goddesses, headed up by the dynamic Dr. Ariel Policano ND is setting off on a one–month spin around the US in a biodiesel solar RV, interviewing raw food women along the way, posting inspiring videos, educating about women's health, offering food demos and even selling eco–friendly clothes, straight out of the RV – love it ;)

You can check out their divine flow over on their site WomenGoRaw.com. I will have the pleasure of being interviewed by the goddess crew next week, so you can stay tuned to their site for that one... ;)

...and if YOU are a woman who would love to share your raw story with the WomenGoRaw team, you can email them on ariel (at) womengoraw.com and connect up the dots from there...

Enjoy the ride... ;)

on August the 30th I enjoyed:

1 quart water

3 cups 'chocolate milk' juice – romaine, spinach, carrot, fennel

3 cups coconut water/Greener Grasses/Merlin's Elixir powder

2 cups water

little bowl of raw elixir ice cream with durian/macaforce and Merlin's Elixir

3 cups water

3 cups greeeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, endive, kale, romaine, ginger, lime

water of one young coconut with Greener Grasses and Merlin's Elixir

2 cups water

Here below is a very sweet little 8 minute update from the White House on their 'Victory Garden'. Michelle Obama speaks about eating more fruits and veggies, cutting out processed and refined foods and getting children involved in growing foods to help them make healthier choices from a young age – WOW ;O Love it...check it out at the link below – there is a very cool little time lapse sequence in there too showing how the garden bloomed from March to July this year...


on August the 31st I loved:

1 quart water

3 cups 'chocolate milk' juice – romaine, spinach, carrot, fennel

bowl of energy soup with sauerkraut and curried sunflower seeds on the side

3 cups water

3 cups greeeeeeen juice: celery, zucchini, endive, kale, romaine, ginger, lime

3 cups coconut water/Greener Grasses/Merlin's Elixir powder/mucuna powder

2 cups water

I watched a playback yesterday of Howard Lyman (The Mad Cowboy), speaking at the Living Light Expo last weekend...I love Howard, he has such a wonderful speaking style and so many impressive facts to share... If you're not familiar with his work, he is a fourth generation cattle–farmer turned hardcore vegan who has shared his story and message on Oprah and beyond...

Now, as we've been travelling around the US the last few months, I have often found myself wondering what this place looked like 200 years or so ago...there seem to be soooooo many roads and so much 'development' and yet the history of this current culture is so young, relatively speaking...what did things look like just 200 years ago? Howard gave me some answers in his talk 'Digging A Grave With Our Forks':

*100 years ago there were only 120 miles of paved roads in the USA

*there were fewer than 8000 cars

*Las Vegas had 30 inhabitants

WOAH ;O That's a pretty intense shift in just 100 YEARS...now I wonder what it will all look like in another 100 years...??? (Or another 3.25 years for that matter... ;)

I'm excited to watch more of the playbacks from the Living Light Expo over the next 2 months...I'll post inspiring snippets that I glean here...ALL the talks, demos and films from the whole event are available for viewing from today until October 31st with the 'Encore' programme, which you can access HERE if you'd love to check it out for yourself...


All love and blissful unfoldings,

Ms. Sto–Mo. xxx

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