Monday, 5 October 2009

Access the Insider List... ;)

Mr. M just put up some VERY special offers for the 'Insider List', on The Raw Food World TV Show tonight - these are items from our warehouse that got damaged/ripped/returned etc and are sold off from time to time at very low costs - check it out at the link below and get your orders in Clickety-Split-Lickity-QUICK if you're wanting any of these items - once they're gone, they're gone...

on October the 3rd I loved:

1 quart water
double shotglass of orange juice
20 chlorella tablets, 2 Tbsp bee pollen
2 cups strong green juice: celery, kale, spinach, parsley
bowl of energy soup with flax crackers, followed by an apple and 2 Tbsp Wilderness Poet pistachio halva spread – yummmmmm ;)
1 quart water
3 cups coconut water blended with Merlin's Elixir, mucuna, spinach powder and mesquite powder
3 cups goji juice blended with Merlin's Elixir & Marine Phytoplanton
2 cups water

Mmmmmm, I don't think I've ever been so MOVED by the contest entries for a RawReform Giveaway as with the last batch that came in, to win a free copy of Elena Tonetti's awe-inspiring 'Birth As We Know It' DVD.
My heart felt like it was breaking with each and every contest submission that I read: I wanted to send a copy to EVERYONE... ;(
This is truly SUCH an amazing, life-shifting documentary that I thoroughly recommend viewing at any opportunity you get...alas, there could only be one winner of last month's giveaway however...and that winner was picked today as the lovely, open-hearted, flowing goddess, Sparrow Jones :)

In answer to the question: "If you were the winner of the Birth As We Know It DVD, who would you share this inspiring documentary with and why?", Sparrow replied:

"I am on the Women's History Month planning committee at my university
and we had already decided to make this coming year's theme "Birth Stories" --
a theme that can be applied both to actual childbirth as
well as to birthing of ideas, rebirth of self, and more.

Part of our WHM festivities includes hosting a gender studies
conference to which people from all over the country come to listen to
and present ideas about gender, genderedness, and all related topics.
The conference draws quite a crowd, especially since we have hosted
luminary keynote speakers such as Barbara Ehrenriech, author of
"Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America."

If I were the winner of the Birth As We Know It DVD, I would use my
position as a member of the WHM planning committee to arrange a
special viewing and discussion of the ideas presented in the DVD. With
our conference already drawing a crowd of people interested in such
ideas and our theme of "Birth Stories" already having been chosen, it
would be the perfect opportunity to open a lot of people's eyes,
minds, and hearts to new ways of thinking and relating."

Sparrow R. Jones

Oooooo, WONDERFUL - thank you so much Sparrow, for entering this contest and for your desire to share this DVD with the people at your conference :)...and THANK YOU indeed to ALL of you who entered this contest...

$10 OFF for EVERYONE :)))
If you'd still love to get a copy of this outstanding DVD, as a special offer to you all, I've arranged to have the DVD on sale in our store for $10 off the usual price (from now until October 20th :) You can now get 'Birth As We Know It' for just $35 using this link HERE. I want as many people as possible to feel able to access and share this important information - ENJOY :)))

on October the 4th I adored:

1 quart water
double shotglass of orange juice with goji juice
3 cups greeeeeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, zucchini, spinach, parsley, romaine, endive, fennel
YUMMMMMMY meal at Au Lac: Chimmichurri followed by shared De La Mamma and Donut Holes – WE LOVE ITO :)))
mug of 'digestive ease' tea
1 quart water

My dear friend Lara has a very special invite to extend to any of you who would LOVE to go and help out at her mum Zanna's charming retreat centre, on the volcanic Canary Island of Lanzarote, near Spain... :)
Here's the download from Lara:

"Zanna, at Villa Amatista retreat centre in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, is looking for WWOOFers (work exchange) AND a paid admin person; soul family, conscious, lovely people, who can use their initiative and are diligent at working.

***WWOOFing Positions***
*working on the land+gardens - there is a hectare of land, growing lots of veggies and fruit trees.
*Painting walls
*Sweeping paths
*Planting trees
*Building stone walls
*Preparing food (for everyone, or for groups when there are courses/workshops).
*...and always lots of different things to be done.

In return for your help, you will receive your food and accommodation. Food is Vegetarian/Vegan, mainly raw - lots of salad from the garden. All Yummy!
Work 5 days a week, normally 9am-2pm. But if you want to work later instead you can, and if you want to have an extra day off you can work a little more for a couple of days - there are many possibilities.

***Long-Term Admin Job***
For this position, you receive your food and accommodation, plus some extra spending money.
There isn't actually a lot of admin to handle, but the centre does need someone to check the e-mails and deal with the bookings daily. Hours of admin vary each day and as there is not a huge amount to do in the office, you get to work/play in the garden too ;)
This position requires someone who is competent with computers, speaks Spanish fluently/very competently and is able to get on independently with whatever tasks are at hand.

With either position, you can also get involved in the regular workshops, including topics such as rebirthing, pilates/yoga, pranic healing, Tai Chi, shamanic healing and so on. You can see all about the centre HERE - the site is available in four languages.
If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact Zanna by e-mail on: zanna.amatista (at)

All love,
Angelalaalalaaaaaaaa. xxx

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