Sunday, 18 October 2009

Gabriel Cousens on Spirituality and Raw Food...

Gabriel Cousens Interview:
If you didn't yet hear the very unique radio interview Mr. M did last Thursday with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, on the link between spirituality and raw food, healing deep rooted candida, raw chocolate, lucid dreaming and a whole lot more, you're still in luck... Due to major techie issues with the audio file, the playback for this talk has been extended to Monday night (Oct 19th) at midnight Pacific time, including all the special offers mentioned on the call :)
We have now provided THREE ways to listen to the call for free, as so many people were having issues accessing the link, so, hop on over HERE, pick your listening strategy and…ENJOY ;) We've been getting absolutely glowing feedback about this interview – it was a lot of fun ;)

on October the 15th I adored:

1 quart water
3 cups goji juice with camu powder & Etherium products
bowl of energy soup with spiced pumpkin/sunflower seeds on the side, followed by a little handmixed 'yumpot' of lucuma/maca/mesquite powders with vanilla, almond butter and water – YUMMMMM ;)
mug of pau d'arco tea
1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeeeeeeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, zucchini, fennel, parsley, spinach, ginger, lemon
mug of goji/ginger 'detox' tea
2 cups water

Final Reminder:
Last chance to get the PHENOMENAL 'Birth As We Know It' DVD for just $35 ($10 off). This offer ends this Tuesday, October the 20th. Click HERE to get your mits on probably the most profound, life-altering, perspective–shifting DVD I have ever had the joy to see, at a bargain rate... :)

on October the 16th I loved:

1quart water
½ cup barberry juice – oOOOooooo, SOUR ;)
bowl of energy soup with spiced seeds and some of my HANDMADE pickled veggies on the side :) followed by a little hand–mixed yumpot (as above) and apple–chia pudding
3 cups water
glass of greeeeeen juice
little bowl of grawnola with almond milk
3 cups water

on October the 17th I was blissed with:

1 quart water
delicious little plated raw meal from The Present Moment Café on retreat in FL :) dolmas, cashew 'cheeze', flax crackers, pot of blueberry cobbler – yummmmmmm ;)
1 quart water
cup of veggie juice
an apple with spirulina crunchies & bee pollen, followed by a little bowl of grawnola with lucuma/mesquite/cinnamon 'milk'
3 cups water

Hmmmmmm, seems that Ms. Kate Magic is up to some kind of tricks at the moment, working on a new site called 'Kate's Magic Bubble'...she won't even tell me what it's all about, yet knowing Ms. Magic, it's sure to involve lots of giggles, sparkles, rainbows, raw chocolate, quirky camera angles, phenomenal raw recipes and unicorns ;) She says she's not telling what it's all about until her birthday on November the 10th, hmmmmmm...until then, you can already freely sign up for exclusive magic bubble–entry rights HERE and you even get a luscious–sounding free kale chip recipe as a gift for doing so ;)
If you're not familiar with Ms. Magic's special kind of raw flow, she is a super–yummy long–time raw mumma in the UK (over 15 years raw), has at least five books to her name, the latest being the outrageous, newly released 'Ecstatic Beings' which she co–created with the divine Shazzie. She's a mover–shaker, cookie–cakes–and–cracker–maker with ext–RAW–dinary recipes, colourful tattoos and mixing decks to play her toooooons...I lived with Kate for a year or so, on and off, in Brighton and she fed me the best salads and raw cakes I've ever eaten ;) You can check out her books HERE and her newly forming myseterious 'bubble' HERE ;)

All love,
Ms. Stokes–Monarch. xxx

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