Thursday, 8 October 2009


Hey raw superstars, listen up – we have two positions open at our warehouse in Ojai, California, which we're eager to fill with two yummy new raw–inspired beings of the light :)
Please be aware that these are VERY manual jobs, involving lifting weights throughout the day, up to 50lbs or so.
Here are the deets for the two positions – one is part–time, one full–time:

***Part–time position, 18–23 hours a week***
This role involves stocking the warehouse shelves, checking in deliveries, maneuvering packages and so on. The ideal candidate will be very physically able/fit, diligent, a 'self–starter', adaptable, co–operative, reliable and efficient.
The hours for this job usually work out as 3 days a week for 7 hours a day, with Friday and Monday being key days onboard. The position could be played out over 4 days though if necessary – this is semi–negotiable ;) The time of day for this job is mid–day to afternoon time.

***Full–time position, 40 hours a week***
This role involves packing orders in the warehouse. The ideal candidate for this role will have great attention to detail, the ability to work well in a team AND also independently, work efficiently, co–operatively and accurately, be able to lift heavy weights and follow instructions as given.
The hours for this job are Monday to Fridays, starting at 8am in the mornings.

If you are interested in either of these jobs and would love to add your sparkle to our team there in CA, then please contact our shipping manager Zack on zrawfood (at) with your resume, the reasons why you'd love to join the team and which position you're interested in – THANKS :)

on October the 5th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
3 cups goji juice with coconut water, Marine Phytoplankton and Merlin's Elixir
big bowl of YUMMMMY grawnola with chunks of fresh apple/berries and coconut water
1 quart water
40 chlorella nuts and 2 Tbsp bee pollen
3 cups water

Are we friends yet on Facebook? If not, please come on over and knock on my virtual door HERE and let's be friends even more, in a cyber–tastic way... ;)

on October the 6th I loved:

1 quart water
3 cups goji water and coconut water blended with marine phytoplankton, Merlin's Elixir and Etherium products
bowl of energy soup with spirulina coconut chips on the side, followed by two chia ice cream hearts <3 <3 ;)
mug of spicy tea
1 quart water
1 quart goji juice with Etherium products
cup of natural calm
2 cups water

on October the 7th I adored:

1 quart water
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeen juice: celery, zucchini, cucumber, endive, spinach, romaine, ginger, lemon
bowl of energy soup with garlic sunflower seeds on the side, followed by a little shared yumpot mixture with Mr. M of incan berries/lucuma/almond butter/cinnamon/sunflower lecithin = YUMMMM ;)
3 cups water

We have SUCH a fun RawReform Giveaway Contest for you this month :) You can win an actual FREE literal high speed really truly amazingly wonderful Blendtec Blender, worth $399 :))))
I'm so excited to have this wonderful gift to be able to share with someone out there - what a blessing for someone starting out or augmenting their raw food kitchen - LOVE it :)
We have been LOVING our Blendtec lately - if you haven't seen any of our recent vids enjoying the blender, you could poke into that reality HERE...
SO, how do you get in on this free piece of mechanical magic for your kitchen? Well, get us giggling and you could be on to a winner ;)

To be in with a chance of winning the spangly new machine, we'd love for you to send in to us a video of no more than 3 minutes in length, explaining WHY you'd love to win the Blendtec blender, what you currently use as a blender (if anything) AND...we wanna giggle too - whoever gets us laughing the most (whether from your stage presence, hilarious costuming, witty anecdotes, charming interaction, stand-up comedy routine or whatever it is...) will win the blender...
Oooooooo, how exciting - we very much look forward to enjoying your submissions :)
You have until November the 1st to get your entries in. We suggest the easiest way to send the videos to us is to upload your entry to YouTube (or another online video hub such as Google Vids or whichever you like ;), then send us the link to the video, to You can set your video to 'private' if you don't want 'the general public' to see your video quite yet...;) If you would like to send us a video in any other way, you can contact us on that same email address to arrange that - please DO NOT email us massive video files however ;)
Thanks...and ENJOY :)))

All love,
Angeelelelelelelelelelelelllalaalalalalalalalallaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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