Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Three Russian Heroines... :)

Today I'd like to give some little updates on Three Russian Heroines in my life: Victoria Boutenko, Elena Tonetti and Anastasia :) I'm not quite sure yet why my karma seems to be so tied up with strong Russian female energies...yet these three women, between them, have had and continue to have a HUGE impact and influence on my life in the last years...(interestingly, apparently part of Mr. Monarch's pre–USA family history also traces back to Russia…hmmmmmmm...)

So, let's start with Victoria, as she was the first to come to my awareness, when my dear friend in Iceland lent me the Boutenko's 'Raw Family' book back in May 2002, which led to my 160lb weight release and dramatic life shift... next month, Victoria is going to be our special guest on The Raw Food World Radio Show :) YAY :) Mr. M is going to be interviewing her on the evening of November the 27th, from 6pm Pacific time, 9pm Eastern time. The call is LIVE and FREE and you can sign up for it HERE. Be aware that there is only room on the call for 1000 people, so get in there quick if you want to be on the call live ;)


on October the 24th it was mi madre's b-day and I loved:

1 quart water
2 cups goji juice with Marine Phytoplankton, Merlin's Elixir and Etherium products
cupful of pomegrante/chia pudding with a few bites of apple
2 cups goji juice with Marine Phytoplankton, Merlin's Elixir and Etherium products
bowl of energy soup with spicy sunflower seeds and a little pine nut butter on the side, followed by more pomegranate/chia pudding – YUMMMM :)
2 cups water
2 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, spinach, zucchini, parsley, fresh garden greens, ginger, lemon
2 cups water

Next up is the lovely Elena from Birth Into Being, who we first met at the Raw Food Film Festival, back in 2007, where we were BLOWN AWAY by her amazing film 'Birth As We Know It' – the most perspective–altering documentary I have ever seen, all about conscious parenting.

Elena has a full schedule of workshops, film showings and more on her site HERE and I was very excited to see recently that someone called Jeanice from the Ringing Cedars/Anastasia Ning Community announced they will be doing a free radio call with Elena on November the 11th. Jeanice is starting up a new BlogTalkRadio channel dedicated to discussing natural pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and so on and Elena will be the first guest. The primary intention for the show is to share this valuable information with teenagers, yet all are welcome to join in – you can connect to the call HERE.

on October the 25th my dog would have 25 years old if he was still alive and I was adoring:

1 quart water
3 cups goji juice blended with camu powder
bowl of energy soup with spicy sunflower seeds & sauerkraut on the side, followed by a little hand–mixed shared yumpot bowl of: lucuma, mesquite, cinnamon, vanilla powders with pine nut butter and water
3 cups water
2 Tbsp spirulina crunchies, 2 Tbsp bee pollen
2 cups water

on October the 26th I was blissed with:

1 quart water
2 cups goji juice blended with Marine Phytoplankton, Merlin's Elixir and Etherium products
bowl of energy soup with olives and flax crackers on the side, followed by a little yumpot of chia–pomegranate pudding :)
1 quart water
2 cups goji juice shaken up with Marine Phytoplankton, Merlin's Elixir and Etherium products
3 Tbsp bee pollen, a couple of chunks of Rawnola and a little handful of dried yacon slices
3 cups water

...and on the subject of the Ringing Cedars, our final Russian role model of the day, yet certainly not the least impactful in my life, is dear si*star* Anastasia, out in the forest in Siberia. If you've hear me speak recently, most likely you'll have heard me sharing how much these books have influenced me – I started reading the series of nine books a couple of years ago and they have deeeeeply impacted my whole life perspective – in fact, if there was only ONE book I could recommend for anyone to read, it would be 'Anastasia' – these books are literally changing the face of the planet, without any advertising, it's all spread by word of mouth and deep, heart–felt passion to reconnect to the Earth – LOVE it :)

Recently, someone sent us the links to a little 50 minute documentary online, all about people who are taking ACTION on implementing the 'Anastasia' lifestyle, getting to the land, setting up their kins' domains, growing food, connecting to nature. It is available to watch on YouTube as a series of 5 videos, which you can see in the playlist HERE – enjoy ;)

I hope these lovely maidens help inspire YOU in some way along your journey too – they have definitely been powerful role models in my life :)

All love,
Ms. Stokes–Monarch. xxx

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