Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Celebrating My 9-Year "Raw-nniversary" :)

Yesterday marked my nine-year "Raw-nniversary" - nine years to the day when my dear friend Heida in Iceland lent me the book "Raw Family" and my life took on a whole new case you missed my mini-article on my Raw-nniversary in my newsletter this week, here's a recap:

Nine years ago, on Mascreen shot 2011-05-29 at 10.14.28 am.pngy the 31st 2002, a miserable, morbidly obese 23 -year-old English gal was handed the raw food book "Raw Family" by an Icelandic angel friend and in the flutter of a few pages, a whole life path was transformed... :)
That miserable 23-year old was me and now here I sit on our sacred land in Ecuador, nine years later with awe in my heart, marvelling at the remarkable trajectory of healing that has unfolded around me and within me i
n the last nine years...what an absolute blessing...
On this raw-nniversary I am feeling called to honour nine raw-markable women who helped me immensely dsc_0074.jpgto get onto this path in the beginning and stay with it...there have of course been countless other wonderful people who have shared and supported this j0urney along the way - may you all feel blessings showered upon you too... ;)

For now, I share immense gratitude, love and blessings in the directions of:

Victoria Boutenko - for sharing her story
Heida - the friend who introduced me to raw food
Inga Hanna - the friend who helped me shift my relationship with food
Katrin - the friend who supported me at my trickiest times
Magga - the friend who offered me refuge and respite
Thuri - the friend who sheltered and nurtured me
Jeanette - the friend who helped me see the truth within
Kate - the friend who helped me take it all to the next level
Anastasia - the sister who clarified the visi0n :)

THANK YOU all, dear goddesses of the light :)

on May the 29th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
cup of granadilla/sweet lemon/orange juice
2 cups watermelon juice with "Vitamin C" powder
3 cups greeeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
flax crackers topped with avocado and sauerkraut, followed by a slice of yummmmmmmy mango-pecan chai pie leftover from yesterday
2 cups water
water of two young coconuts
glass of chilled herbal tea

I'm very excited to say that The Raw Emotions Study Group starts in less than a week :) Next Tuesday, June the 7th, people from all around the world will join together to read my book "Raw Emotions" together :)

I've been wanting to read over this book again myself and thought it would be fun to do so in a group context, so that we can share our insights, tales and inspirations on topics such as emotional eating, overeating, obesity, addictions, following our bliss in life and much more... Are you willing and ready to invest an hour of your time each week into exploring these areas together....? ;)

The study group will start on June the 7th and meet each consecutive Tuesday for as long as it takes us to read the whole book. Each hour-long session will involve approximately 40 minutes of me reading live from the book, via a private Ustream broadcast, then for the remaining 20 minutes or so, we'll share a streaming discussion via the "ch
at" feature of Ustream.
There are three ways to sign up for this group and get involved - you can choose to simply join the live meetings, OR join the meetings plus receive an ebook version of the book, OR join the meetings plus receive a physical copy of the book. You can check out all the details and get signed up for this fun exploratory event HERE - we look forward to sharing this journey with you... :)

Find out about the Raw Emotions Study Group HERE :)

on May the 30th I appreciated:

1 quart water
3 cups coconut water with passionfruit juice
a baby dragonfruit and baby mango (end of season for both ;(
3 cups greeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
flax crackers with avocado and sauerkraut, with hemp seed/hemp oil/salt/nori mixture on the side :)
mug of mint tea
2 cups horchata tea
chunk of pineapple with 3 granadillas
2 cups water

on May the 31st it was my 9-year Raw-nniversary and I loved:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/mandarin juice
little bowl of fruit salad: mango, banana, granadilla, dragon fruit
3 cups greeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
little bowl of yummmmmers garden salad topped with avocado, chlorella flakes, lecithin, sauerkraut and coconut vinegar, followed by a few dried prunes
2 cups mint tea
big bag of yummmmmers fresh strawberries
water of two young coconuts

Mr. M enjoyed a fabulous live interview on "Spiritual Nutrition" with the lovely Gabriel Cousens last week, over at - the demand for a free playback of this call was overwhelming, so Mr. M just posted the free playback HERE - enjoy :)

Here is our upcoming radio show line-up for the next few weeks, please note, we've had some reshuffling of events for the coming weeks:
Kishori McKenzie - June 3rd, 6pm Eastern - "Connecting to the Truth Within"
RESCHEDULED: Nadine Artemis - June 9th, 6pm Eastern - "Letting Your Body Care Be Your Medicine"

RESCHEDULED: Shazzie - June 16th, 6pm Eastern - "Living in Ecstatic Bliss"

Krishna McKenzie - June 23rd, 6pm Eastern - "Sustainable Farming/Permaculture in India"

To get the call-in details for any of these LIVE freeee talks, just visit - enjoy :)

All love, 
Angelalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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