Sunday, 18 May 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air...

So, we’re back in Australia now and really appreciating the clean air ;) It’s lovely to breathe so freely and we’re once again detoxing like crazy, releasing lots of accumulated nonsense from the last few weeks, waking up daily with mucus streaming (sorry if that's TMI for anyone ;). I actually completely lost my voice in Thailand, as the pollution was so intense that I had a hacking cough a lot of the time – it was very odd to experience – can’t remember the last time I lost my voice and it seems that I associate things like that with having tonsillitis etc when younger and feeling horrendous...well, nothing like that now – I felt mostly fine – the hacking cough just wrenched my voice away. Usually I sing often in the space of any day and it’s been odd to not be able to do that recently, or to have some odd squeaky noises pop out if I do try to sing ;). My voice still isn’t 100% back yet – it’s getting there though... Here in Australia all is sunny autumnal days of blue skies and rustling leaves in amazing shades of red, orange, brown, pink and yellow...very chilly compared to Thailand – I’d rather have fresh air right now though than heat... ;)

on May the 17th I had:

1 quart water
2 cherimoyas
3 cups spinach/Jerusalem artichokes/celery/parsley/carrot juice
2 cups water
romaine wraps – avocado, tomato, cilantro, karengo seaweed, with yummy macadamia/flax crackers on the side
3 cups water
2 cups spinach/Jerusalem artichokes/celery/parsley/carrot juice
3 ladyfinger bananas and 1lb cherries
1 quart water

For those of you in the UK or thereabouts, be sure to shimmy along to New Horizons at Inspiral in London this Tuesday (the 20th) to hear Philip McCluskey of share about his colossal weight loss experiences with raw foods and his recent 100 day Juice Feast. WOW :) Sounds amazing – his presentation is titled ‘Half the Man’, as Philip has lost nearly 200lbs since going raw 2 years ago, from his top weight of 400lbs :O – a phenomenal journey. If you can’t make it along to his event, you might enjoy to watch some of his yummy videos HERE or check out his blog HERE...

on May the 18th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups celery/spinach/parsley/carrot juice
2lbs cherries
2 cups water
pumpkin seeds, wakame seaweed fronds, romaine lettuce leaves, cilantro, followed be a few dried apple ring pieces
2 cups water
2 cups celery/spinach/parsley/carrot juice
bowl of blended yum: dried figs, almonds, spirulina
1 quart water

Here's some info on new products from my latest newsletter, in case you missed it ;)
We’ve been adding ALL kinds of wonderful new products to the RawReform Store lately, from Spirooli Slicers, Greek flax crackers and Colosan colon cleanser to the 9th book in the Anastasia Series, Barberries, new E3 Live flavours and all kinds of books and yum in-between. You can see ALL our new products HERE.

Here are MY top five favourite new items:

Onion Bread - Finally, the raw foodist's ultimate solution to bread cravings. This is definitely the best raw onion bread we've tried - soft, chewy, with a deliciously more-ish flavour, similar to fried onions. Great with any kind of topping/spread or served as a sandwich, with a tasty raw burger. Beat those bread/pasta cravings once and for all ;) Enjoy :)

Goji Powder – WOW :) This goji powder is SO vibrant, easy to add into smoothies, sprinkle over grawnolas for an extra hit of nutrients or mix up with other powders to make bliss balls and raw cakes. Gojis are fabulous for supporting the thyroid, kidneys and the immune system. They are a GREAT source of vitamins A & C, B vits, protein and iron.

Bliss Conscious Communication by Happy Oasis - Fabulous guidance for free-flowing, fun conversations. I recommend this book in ‘Raw Emotions’. It helps people to become more conscious about how they communicate and cease using a limited vocabulary. It can help you to understand exactly how your thoughts and the words you say have a real impact on the world. Yummy :)

Ulimana Chocolate Brownies and Spreads – Ok, WATCH OUT for these products. They are off-the-scale gorgeous raw chocolate creations from those lovely Ulimana people in North Carolina who make the sensational truffles. Now they’re making brownies and spreads too and you can even buy tubs packed solid with the mixture they use to make the truffles (my favourite). These products are truly incredible edibles...enjoy :)

Yacon Powder – This is my current favourite of all the different low-glycemic raw sweeteners out there. I tried this for the first time recently and LOVE it – it’s sweet and tasty without being OVERsweet. Yacon is a root vegetable from S. America that is said to be NO glycemic (as the sugars cannot be absorbed by the body), as well as acting as a probiotic – WOW, pretty impressive for a sweetener ;)

To see ALL our new products, click HERE:

All love,
Angelaalalalaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx


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