Thursday, 8 May 2008

Raw Home Study Course Out Now...

Today is the day that the Ann Wigmore Home Study Course I mentioned last week goes on sale, at 12pm EST. Apparently there are fewer than 500 copies of the programme for sale and I think I heard that the last time they did a print run like this, they sold out in 48 hours...Oooo la la ;) SO, if you’re interested in getting into details with Wiggie’s ways, you might wanna click over HERE and get your hands on a course while they’re available again...
Or if you missed my blog post last week abt this new course, you can read all about it HERE.

One love,
Angela. xxx

(P.S. We went on an AMAZING elephant trek in the jungle today – more details and hopefully a video aswell to share soon... :)

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  1. Ok -- this is a question for both you and Matty -- I am transitioning to raw food, and have read alot of info from a variety of resources, incl. yours. And there seems to be great benefit to the Wigmore approach, or even the Omega Health Institutes; but here's my question -- what does one do if they are allergic to wheat and cannot stomach even an oz. of wheat grass juice, when Wigmore, etc. seems so pro-wheatgrass in her programs?

    thanks so much! Love you Both. Lindsay