Monday, 5 May 2008

Please Fit Your Own Oxygen Mask First...

A few people have written lately to ask our thoughts about air travel and our carbon footprints.
Hmmmm, well...airoplanes and airlines have featured a lot in my life, in fact you could even say that my very existence was the result of the airline industry – my parents met while working at Gatwick Airport in Sussex, back in the 70s. Growing up 6 minutes from the airport, in a family where pretty much everyone worked in airlines, travelling by plane was one of the cheapest/easiest ways to travel for me and I’ve been flying since I was 6 years old. So, my associations with planes run deep.
However, in the last few years, travelling by plane has ceased to feel like fun to me. Quite aside from the absurdities of airport security and luggage restrictions these days, the carbon emissions/environmental impact and also the effect on my own health have become increasingly troublesome to me. Whereas I used to ENJOY plane travel, the plastic meals and all - I just don’t feel that great when flying anymore. I believe this has a huge amount to do with becoming more and more sensitive the longer we are raw – radiation, toxins, recycled air and so on seem to have more of an impact on me now than before, though I can also recover quicker, given conducive conditions after the flight. It also just feels odd to me these days to be so ‘disconnected’ from the land. Flying through the air, especially on long flights feels very ‘ungrounding’ to me, literally ;) It’s an odd sensation and it feels like it takes some time for the other levels of my being to catch up to the physical once I’ve landed.
So, where do we go from here? Ideally, as I’ve mentioned numerous times, the Monarch and I would like to get to a piece of land where we can settle asap, to get on with creating our own ‘Motherland’, along the lines described in the Anastasia book series. It is our desire for that piece of land to be in California somewhere, which is Mr. Monarch’s homeplace. HOWEVER, what is holding us back from going and getting on with that right now is that we are waiting for my visa for the US. Hence, we’re still on the road for now...exploring other possibilities... I’ve been travelling for most of the last 12 years now and, as I’ve also mentioned before, I’m done. I’m ready to STOP and put down some solid, beautiful, loving, nurturing roots somewhere, preferably travelling overland/by water after that, as and when it seems necessary. The Monarch and I have actually spoken often of travelling by boat between places – we’ll see how that works out, as we both get very sea-sick ;) I imagine we’ll probably still take some planes at times...just not so often...
In the meantime, a few of the things we do to help offset/reduce our carbon footprints are supporting the wonderful Woodland Trust in the UK (which preserves native forests and plants new trees), living and promoting the raw vegan lifestyle (e.g. buying local/seasonal, organic, not using a dishwasher, not producing so much ‘absolute waste’), encouraging the way of life described in the Anastasia books, along with recycling, refusing extra packaging, choosing hemp/organic clothes, consciously switching off unused electrical items and lights and so on. (I've also planted a great number of trees in my time - incidentally, that is in fact exactly what I was doing on 9.11.01 when the Twin Towers were hit by planes - I had no idea what was happening until much later in the day when I returned from the fields and heard the news...) Recently, I’ve also been delighted to see that some airlines have started to offer a ‘carbon offset donation’ choice when purchasing tickets. You can make a donation that goes towards planting more trees and protecting native forests. Certainly seems like a step in a positive direction for now, at least while planes are still flying... ;)

on May the 4th I had:

1 quart water
water of 1 young coconut
glass of greeeeeen juice
3 cups water
zucchini pesto pasta, with nibbles of other dishes: vegetable terrine, nori rolls and lasagne, followed by banana ice cream with bee pollen = yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
1.5 quarts water
glass of greeeen juice
1 quart water

Eeeeeek, I’ve just been TAGGED again ;) Seems a new game of tag is in process and the ext-RAW-dinary Ms. Suki Zoe just nabbed me with this explanation of the game:

1. pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. open the book to page 123.
3. find the fifth sentence.
4. post the next three sentences.
5. tag five people.

Hmmmm, ok...well, the nearest book to me right now is one I found in the spa library called ‘Half My Size’ by Suzie Elelman, written by another woman who lost half of her body weight. Page 123 says:

“I often use the term ‘self first’ and get asked if there is a difference between being selfish and putting your self first. My best analogy is when you’re on an aircraft and during the safety drill they emphasise that you should put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others. You also have to learn to find time to put yourself first and that is often the hardest thing to do.”

WOW, that was an appropriate little tie-in with the airoplane discussion above ;) Also very interesting to me, as I have previously used this exact same analogy in my own writing abt the importance of taking care of ourselves first ;) LOL – there’s that remarkable collective consciousness at work again ;)
Ok, so now I get to tag 5 more people, eh? Me choose


on May the 5th I had a juicy day of:

1 quart water
water of 2 young coconuts, glass of green juice
water of 2 young coconuts, glass of green juice, 2 tbsp YUMMY bee pollen
3 cups water
water of 1 young coconut, amazing ‘cayenne cooler’ drink = blend of lime juice, cayenne pepper, honey and ice
water of 1 young coconut, glass of carrot/celery juice
2 cups water
glass of watermelon juice
3 cups water
glass of carrot/celery/pineapple juice
big glass of lime juice mixed with honey and water
1 tbsp green powder
3 cups water

WOW, this was my first day ever of Juice Feasting where SOMEONE ELSE made all the juices :) FUN :) It was SO nice to just go and choose smthg from a menu each time I felt the pang of hunger – and to try out all kinds of different drinks that I wouldn’t normally make for myself. I LOVE the lime juice drinks – especially the one with cayenne – Yeeeeeeeeee-HAH ;) They remind me of a drink I used to have daily when I lived in Sri Lanka – the mother of the family I stayed with would give me a similar drink as ‘medicine’ – her version however was water, lime juice and TABLESPOONS of white sugar – eeeeeeeeeek ;) I’m very happy to be on these versions with raw honey now instead...add a pinch of mineral-rich salt for a GREAT electrolyte drink...yummmmmmmmm...

One love,
Angela. xxx


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