Sunday, 25 May 2008

Food Matters...

I’m back in England now…aaaahhhhhhhh, nice to walk back into a country where I don’t need to think about whether I need a visa, or an onward ticket somewhere...time to give my passport a bit of a rest... ;) Mr Monarch is back in the US for a wee while = :(
My journey back here was over 24 hours long and I’m still kind of spun out from it...I am charmed by the sunny ‘spring’ greenery of this country though and it’s nice to see stone fruits and berries again, along with the little goodies growing in my parents’ garden, like organic lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes and even a thriving fig tree that I gifted my mum many moons ago...
On the way back here, I read a collection of articles in ‘AsiaNews’ magazine about the current ‘food crisis’ worldwide. The theme was primarily about the decline in availability of rice, as the major staple food of Asia and the issue of what to substitute for rice...I was somewhat saddened and alarmed to see that the main alternative being suggested was potatoes... ??? After having just been in Thailand where we were totally overwhelmed by the amount of fruit we saw – SO much durian hanging from trees and stacked in warehouses for example that it seemed impossible there could even be enough people to eat it all – it seems very odd to me to apparently ignore that and head towards planting up masses of spuds instead, which according to the articles, many people in Asia do not really like anyway... Hmmmm, very curious... I wonder if the Anastasia books have been translated yet into Chinese, Japanese, Thai or any other major Asian language...I hope so...imagine the impact that COULD be seen if people all over just that region of the world (let alone the rest of it), instead of fretting over the apparent lack of food, were willing/able to get to a piece of land and start growing their own fruits, veggies and whatever else jingles their jangles...

on May the 23rd I had:

1 quart water
2 cups celery/spinach/cucumber/lettuces/parsley/carrot juice
2 cups green smoothie: banana/romaine lettuce
3 little persimmons
1 quart water
romaine wraps stuffed with wakame seaweed, avocado, sprouts, pumpkin seeds & arugula leaves
2 quarts water
water of 2 young coconuts

I’m VERY excited to announce a new film that is going to released very soon called ‘Food Matters’ – have you seen the trailer for it yet? It looks AMAZING to me – especially for showing to doubting relatives, sceptics, people who tend to live in their left-hemispheres and so on ;) It is a full-length, professional documentary about how modern, ‘industrial’, processed foods are basically killing people and showing how we can all make healthier, simpler choices. There are interviews with all kinds of ‘experts’ in this field, including David Wolfe :) Wonderful stuff – raw food thankfully has a strong voice in this film, spreading this simple, healing message even further.
This film looks set to be HUGE – think smthg along the lines of ‘What the Bleep’, or ‘The Secret’, yet in food terms :) It seems to be aimed at the ‘mainstream’ too, which is so exciting, to think how many new minds will now be getting exposed to this information with this film – and hopefully in a way that will seem accessible and not too ‘far out’ ;) LOL...I think it’s a very exciting project – it is due for release in just a few days, on May the 30th – in the meantime, you can see the trailer HERE – ENJOY (watch out for Wolfie getting almost the last word... ;)

on May the 24th I had

1 quart water
slice of cantaloupe melon
½ a gorgeous fresh pineapple
3 cups water
plate of jack fruit, mango & papaya
3 cups water
meat of a young coconut
3 cups water
baby spinach leaves, wakame seaweed, sprouts, pumpkin seeds
2.5 quarts cucumber/celery/apple/ginger juice
2 cups water

A few upcoming raw events to tickle your tantalisation tendrils:

June the 14th – Mr Monarch speaketh in Los Angeles – see HERE.

June 6th-8th – Mr. Monarch speaketh again at the Yoga and Raw Food expo in New York. See HERE.

June 5th – the premier (HALLELUJAH ;) of the new ‘Simply Raw’ film at the Newport Film Festie on Rhode Island. (...been waiting to see this film for nearly 2 years ;) See HERE for more info.

May 31st-June 2nd – ‘The Best Weekend Ever’ event in Atlanta, Georgia with Wolfie, Peter Ragnar, Mike Adams and other funsters – see HERE.

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had not heard of this movie. Will "Food Matters" be a huge release in many theatres or will I have to hunt for it at the independent theatres? I'm in Los Angeles.
    Thank you.