Friday, 30 May 2008

6 Years Raw TODAY :)

OOooOoOOooo, I have a VERY exciting JUICY opportunity for someone out there...I’ve been contacted by a lovely woman named Jennifer here in the UK who is looking for someone to be a live-in chef at her beautiful new rural property in the north part of East Sussex, starting in mid-July (see pic – WOW ;).
The role involves preparing fresh veggie juices and salads daily as part of a weight-loss programme for the land-owner. In return, the fortunate being who takes on this position will have their own self-contained ‘bedsit’ living area to enjoy. This position would suit an individual OR perhaps a couple who are happy to share the space together. The property covers 8 beautiful acres, with organic gardens and a swimming pool due to be created this summer.
The position would suit someone who is creative, open-minded and preferably talented at preparing healthy (mostly raw) foods, though Jennifer is willing to train someone to make juice too, if necessary ;)
It is ESSENTIAL that whoever takes on this role is a car driver with their own vehicle, as Jennifer does not drive and part of the job would involve going to purchase produce from nearby shops/markets, etc. The position will be offered at first on a 3-month trial basis, so that each party can confirm that this is something they feel good about ;)
Jennifer has recently returned to the UK from California, where she lived in a raw community for a few years and she is hoping to create a similar supportive network at this new property here.
Aside from this ‘JUICY’ position, Jennifer is also seeking a live-in gardener/caretaker/groundsperson to manage the organic gardens and property, in return for living in another self-contained cottage on the land. (This cottage could also easily accommodate a small family unit or couple if necessary.) The ideal person for this position will have experience with gardening/landscaping/building etc.
There may also be other opportunities to move into a space on the grounds in the future.
Aside from the main house, bedsit and cottage, the estate also contains a restored barn, which has been converted into a lovely ‘workshop’ space, where gatherings will quite possibly be held in the future.
If you would like to contact Jennifer about the Chef or Gardener roles, please email her on: dragonfly229 (at) (replace ‘at’ with the @ symbol), being sure to write ‘Community Retreat Project’ in the subject title, please.
(I imagine these positions are likely equally open to international candidates as they are to UK residents, provided any international applicants take care of their own visa/travel arrangements, etc.)

on May the 28th I had:

1 quart water
40oz watermelon/orange juice
½ tsp bee pollen
3 cups cucumber/radish/endive/cabbage/lettuces/spinach/carrot juice
3 cups water
1 quart cucumber/celery/apple/ginger juice
½ tsp spirulina powder
cup of rooibus tea
½ tsp coconut oil
2 cups cucumber/radish/endive/cabbage/lettuces/spinach/carrot juice
2 cups water
juice of 2 oranges mixed with spirulina powder
1 cup water

As I post this, it is May the 30th 2008 and it is exactly 6 years today since I went raw, up in Iceland :)))
WHAT a journey it’s been :O I feel so very blessed to be on this path, living my truth, sharing with so many incredible people and watching the shifts in lives/ is an amazing gift...
As I’m in England at the moment, I took the opportunity to seek out my old diary from 2002, to see what my thoughts were during those fateful days 6 years are some choice excerpts:

Firstly, this is how I summed up the evening before the 30th, when I was lent the ‘Raw Family’ book by my friend – a crossroads moment in my life...

May 29th, 2002
‘After dinner (pasta), felt very full and tired and uncommunicative. Decided to go out to tent. Laid out there – cold, but made fires in my stomach and was fine. Then H, being very sweet, brought me sleeping bag and books to read. One of them was the story of the ‘raw family’ – Russians who only eat raw food. Read whole book in about 2 hours – it was fantastic, a revelation. Seemed so simple and so revolutionary – I felt like I should really do it. But so many complications seemed to be in the way. But then also, a lot of positive things for me – like I don’t own any kitchen stuff yet, I’m almost vegan now anyway, I work in greenhouses = free veg and no-one relies on me to cook, etc... Hmmm...decided to sleep on it...’

WOW – how perfect – laying with a belly-full of pasta, reading the book that was about to flip my life inside out ;)
Here’s what I wrote the next day...

May 30th, 2002
‘Didn’t sleep so well, as head was full of revolutionary thoughts about being raw. Sort of decided to do it, by accident – just prepared breakfast of fruit. It had begun. To work and hunger pangs starting to creep in were fended off with cucumber shoots, as I turned them.’
(I was working in organic greenhouses at the time, tending cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers ;)

It’s so interesting to me to look through these old diaries and see how much my life has shifted these last 6 years...perhaps I'll share some more excerpts over the coming days, seeing where I was at on my journey back then ;)
Tonight I went to a 5 Rhythms dance class to 'celebrate' the transformation I have experienced and danced myself into a trance of love and gratitude...LUSH...thank you to everyone who has rippled through my life path in these last years...may there be much more joy to unfold together yet... :)

on May the 29th I had:

1 quart water
juice of 2 oranges mixed with spirulina powder
3 cups watermelon juice
2.5 cups green juice: cucumber, celery, spinach, chard, radish, endive, cabbage, carrot juice
2 cups water
1lb GORGEOUS cherries
1 tsp green powder
2 cups green juice: cucumber, celery, spinach, chard, radish, endive, cabbage, carrot juice
½ a large, gorgeous papaya
2 cups green smoothie: mango/banana/spinach
2 cups water

on May the 30th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
2 cups celery/cucumber/radish/endive/cabbage/watercress/arugula/cilantro/carrot juice
½ an amazing papaya
2 cups water
little bowl of delicious sea spaghetti seaweed with flax oil, ACV and kelp granules
1.5 quarts water
1 tbsp green powder

Lisa in the UK wrote in to say:

"Hi Angela, great that you are back in blighty for a bit and good to hear that all these interesting things are happening over in the states - but is anything like it happening over ere at all do you know? sunshine and peace Lisa"

WELL, my dear...there is in fact a VERY exciting looking festie coming up in the lush Sussex countryside, from August the 15th-18th. It is called the ‘Space of Love’ festie and is a different manifestation of the ‘Funky Raw’ festie that has been running every summer down in Devon for the last few years. The lovely Lara and Matt have taken over the running of the festie this year and transplanted it to Sussex, which will make it easier to access for all the raw foodies in the London/Brighton area... ;) There will be:

raw food talks, demos, music, yoga, drumming, massage, meditation, qi gong,
sweat lodge, raw goddess workshop, kids’ yurt, healings
and amazing raw/living food catered by the divine Shell of

This is a drug-free and alcohol-free festie and tickets are capped at 150 attendees on the land, so register soon if you want to be assured of a place ;) Weekend tickets for adults are a highly reasonable £60 for adults (£50 concessions), £30 for 6-18 year olds and under-5s go free. You can also just get a day pass for the Sunday, for £25.
For more info, see the SpaceOfLove site – hope to see you there :)

All love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Congratulations on 6 years raw - you are truly an inspiration:) I'm curious what ACV is that you had with the sea spaghetti...(I may have missed something)

  2. 6 years! That is quite an achievement, well done you : )

    You must feel pretty good now hehe - have a fruity day !