Sunday, 1 June 2008

Brighton ROCKS :)))

I had SUCH a beautiful experience on Brighton beach today, which I would love to share.
It was the first time I’ve been to the beach since I got back to the UK. As perhaps you may be aware, this is not a sandy beach – it’s all pebbles. As I stepped out onto the rocks, a HUGE smile spontaneously spread across my face and is actually still with me as I write this. Something about Brighton beach just really seems to resonate for me... I had a very moving experience here on my ‘spiritual’ path a couple of years back, which I’ll write more about further down the page... My mother’s side of the family is from here and this place holds a lot of energy for me... I love how so many people all sit on the beach, facing out to sea – they rarely face other directions – it’s like a collective meditation out to the ocean... I laid down on the pebbles this afternoon and tuned into the energy of the place through my whole chakra system; yummy, relaxing energy flowed through me. After a while I sat up and looked around at all the stones around me. I thought to myself, ‘mmmm, I’d like to bring one of you with me, to carry this energy on my journey’, then I wondered how I would recognise such a stone in my collection – I have many stones from many places and the stones from Brighton beach are relatively plain – how would I tell it apart from others in years to come? Right then, my hand reached out and picked up the first stone I laid eyes on. I turned it over and right there, etched into the surface, was the word ‘Brighton’ (see pic - hope you can kind of make it out - my usual camera is on holiday at the moment ;).

:O :O :O .WOW.

Have NO doubt that the universe hears and responds to our every thought... What a BEAUTIFUL gift – of all the millions of stones on the beach, that was the one I was shown to pick up... I have no idea how it came to be etched with the name of this city...perhaps there are many more like this ;) LOL...maybe it’s a city policy now in fact, to stamp all the beach stones, so that people like me don’t come along and make off with them all ;) LOL...I really don’t any event, I really appreciated it as a sweet gesture and affirmation from the Universe... Ever-more encouragement to keep my thoughts tuned to love and gratitude ;)

on May the 31st I had:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon juice
1.5 cups green juice: celery/cucumber/endive/radish/spinach/ carrot juice
1lb yummy cherries
2 cups water
little gorgeous nugget of Kate Magic goji cake with a little bowl of super-fuel: green powder, hemp seeds, yacon syrup, maca = YUM
3 cups water
cup of pau d’arco tea
1.5 cups green juice: celery/cucumber/endive/radish/spinach/ carrot juice
½ a sublime papaya
2 cups water

Ok, so here’s smthg I wrote a while back about another very moving experience I had on Brighton beach back in summer 2005, while I was helping out at ‘Raw Living’...

“After another whirlwind day with Raw Living, I felt over-stimulated on super-fast energy and a great need to get out of the house and down to the beach. I went there and reached out to the sea and stones to help me ease the intensity I was feeling in my life. I laid down on the pebble beach and released my chakras to the stones and the sky. Something amazing started to happen. A huge amount of energy began to be sent into my being, through my third eye chakra. It came in waves, pulsating into my being, crashing into and onto and through me like the waves of the sea were crashing onto the shore below me. It was an extremely intense experience, yet liberating too and would be the start of a greatly increased connection for me with my energy body. I stayed there, letting the waves flow into my being, for quite some time, exploring this new sensation. When it became too cold to remain there on the beach, I headed home again in a new altered state. I was blown away by the intensity of this new feeling and unsure what to do with it…it was a little hard to even explain what had happened to Kate when I got home…
In the days that followed, the energy kept on coming into my body, with the same intensity and it was a challenging time for me. I simply didn’t know what to do with it all back then…I felt very ungrounded and this powerful force was crashing continually into and through my body. It felt something like being continually electrocuted for a few days. I was very unbalanced with it and needed guidance. I asked my older 'fairy godmother' friend for guidance and she helped me understand that it was a Kundalini awakening – a new level of energy being opened to me and I needed to integrate it and learn to ground it, to feel more at ease. I needed to allow it to become a whole body experience – allow the energy to flow through my whole being as it came in, rather than it just bounding into me and my system kind of freaking as it didn’t yet know how to handle it. This was what I needed to know and as I worked with those principles, it did indeed become a more integrated and whole-body experience. Rather than it feeling like my energy field was being boomed apart by the waves, it started to feel like an amazing and hugely enriching experience. The energy flowed now in through my third eye chakra and dissipated through my whole system. Other dramatic events of that time also conspired to help me learn to access and ground greater energies...”


on June the 1st I had:

1 quart water
1 cup pau d’arco tea
3 cups celery/cucumber/spinach/watercress/ginger/apple juice
1lb cherries
yummy little meal of hemp seed/flax oil/Himalayan salt/kelp powder mixture stuffed in nori rolls with mixed sprouts & spinach leaves
3 cups water
3 cups celery/cucumber/spinach/lettuce/watercress/ginger/apple juice
½ a delicious large papaya
2 cups water

I also love the raw community that is manifesting around Brighton. There are SO many incredible, vibrant beings here, sharing raw fun and creating beautiful things. I was at a raw potluck last week and as I looked round the room at the attendees, I was just awestruck at all the wonderful things everyone is are just some of the raw-friendly businesses in this area (in alphabetical order ;) :

*Hunab Ku – Twinkle and Lucifer’s ‘Portal to the Immortal’ – they are also helping organise a retreat with David Wolfe later this year...

*Raw Chocolate Company – Linus’ phenomenal big-scale project to bring raw chocolate to the masses :)

*Raw Gaia – Lisa and Hector’s GORGEOUS line of raw skin-care products – NOTHING compares ;)

*Raw Kitchen – the uber-lovely Shell’s site with recipes, raw catering services and more...

*Raw Living – Kate’s magical long-standing website with store, books, recipes etc.

*Space of Love – as mentioned recently – Matt (and Lara’s ;) site for the festie in August (plus the Anastasia books).

*Total Raw Food – newlyweds Jess and Tom’s vibrant online store, with articles, recipes and more.

Are there more that I’ve missed...? Probably – I’m sure someone will remind me if there is ;) ...and these are just the people who are ‘officially’ doing raw things here – there are so many more magical raw beings around here involved in this scene...what a blessing :)
Incidentally, Kate Magic also wrote a very sweet MySpace blog this week about how much she also loves Brighton – CLICK HERE to see more ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Love the story of your Brighton beach stone. I was just writing about this very thing in my blog, about how when you are raw, fasting and/or juice feasting, there is a magic that happens, how when these things happen, it's like the universe is winking at us saying 'you've got it.."
    Anyhoo...lovely post. I have just started (on Day 2) juice feasting. I did 17 days last year, don't even know why I stopped as everything was going very well. This time around will be much I love the magic, and look forward to all of the wonderful changes that will occur. When I am tempted to eat something solid, I just remind myself of this wonderful raw magic, this juice magic that is bubbling up, and I stop. As I want the magic to grow and grow and be there for the rest of my life.
    Love reading your blog...and all of the other juicy blogs out there.
    Ciao bella!


  2. What a beautiful serendipity story about the stone being etched with "Brighton!" I have a similar experience to share, also taking place near water...

    Several winters ago, I was going through a very hard time around issues of loneliness. One day while driving, I became overcome with sadness and crying. Not being able to stop the flood of emotion, I quickly pulled off the road and stumbled on foot into an adjacent conservation area by a large pond.

    Standing on the frozen beach near the water, tears streaming down my cheeks, I looked up at the sky through bare tree branches and asked god for help. I asked for a sign. When I looked down, I saw at my feet these words, etched into the sand with a fine trace of snow: FAITH IN DIVINE INTERVENTION.

    That really helped! Kind of like your "Brighton." Everything is one, always.

    Thank you for your good work and shining spirit, Angela. Love and light, Diana

  3. I was just wondering if you could be more specific about how you handled the electricity moving through your body so that it could be a a "whole body" experience. This has been my experience more than once, but I've experienced a paticularly powerful and overwhelming case of this recently.

    You know, this is one of the reasons why I haven't become 100% raw--I feel much too ungrounded even at 80-90%. I'm seem to be okay at 60-70%, though.

    Any thoughts?

    In light,