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Meditation and Cleansing...

Here’s a reader Q that came in recently from Sarah:

“I was just wondering if you could be more specific about how you handled the electricity moving through your body so that it could be a "whole body" experience. This has been my experience more than once, but I've experienced a particularly powerful and overwhelming case of this recently. You know, this is one of the reasons why I haven't become 100% raw--I feel much too ungrounded even at 80-90%. I'm seem to be okay at 60-70%, though. Any thoughts? In light, Sarah”

Thanks Sarah :) HMmmmmm, yes, meditation and deep breathing were my main avenues for transferring the impact of the energy into my third eye chakra into a more whole body experience. Here is something I wrote recently about the way that I meditate, which perhaps might resonate for you:

I go into meditation seated cross-legged, with my hands rested on my knees, palms upwards, ready to receive and thumb and first finger connected in the endless loop of being. I try to be seated either outside in nature or somewhere facing out of a window towards trees. I like to connect in with tree energy as I ground myself into the reality of each day. I feel deep reverence for the simple majesty of trees – how the larger ones in particular have been there for decades upon decades and seen so much come and go, yet remain still and quietly observing, peaceful, in the midst of it all. They help me to get perspective, especially if small details in my life seem to be dominating my thoughts and actions.
I close my eyes, breathe deeply and begin to connect in to the universal energy.
I start with my base chakra and work up through my whole energy system, connecting in to the bigger energy field through each of my portals, energising my whole being. As I focus on the root chakra, I see it connecting as long red roots, emerging from my body where I’m seated and going deep down into the earth, grounding me into the earth energy and re-affirming my presence here on Earth at this time, in physical form. Then I move up to the second chakra Chakras 2 to 6 I visualize all as flowing through me from front to back, in the lower abdomen, which is involved with creativity, sexuality and finances. I acknowledge the flow of energy there too – this time visualizing it as a constant swirling stream passing in through the front of my body and out through the back – open and orange in in this way. Moving up, the third chakra, in the solar plexus – personal power, the image we have of ourselves and portray to the world – I visualize as a swirling yellow flow passing through me from front to back. This chakra is my biggest holding point and it often requires a little extra attention for me to feel real release and flow here. Then I move to the 4th chakra, in the area of the heart – the place of love, emotions, feelings, which I see as a beautiful green flowing light. The fifth chakra, in the throat, is associated with communication, embodiment and truth and this I see as a blue flow through my neck area. In the centre of my forehead is my 6th chakra, the ‘Third Eye’ – my connection to my intuition and guidance. This is my strongest point of contact with meditation. I see it as a flowing purple or white light through my forehead and generally receive the biggest single energy hits through this point. Lastly, the crown chakra – number seven – I see as a white or violet or golden light, reaching up and out through my crown, way up into the universe, like a many-petaled lotus opening and reaching out to the skies. This is my connection with the whole Universe and all oneness. I call the energy to flow into me from both the base and top of my system simultaneously – from the Earth and the Heavens in unison and as it merges in the middle of my body in the heart chakra, I visualize it bursting forth from my being in floods of green light and love, from both the front and back of my body, encircling my body and spreading out love to all. I call for the energy to fill my whole being with love, light and healing. I feel my ‘aura’ or ‘eighth chakra’ or whatever you like to call it – my whole energy field fill with light and love – it is white and strong and like a huge egg-shaped bubble of ‘protection’ around my being. Once I am tuned in like this, mostly during meditation I try to stay with my 6th chakra. I breathe deeply and feel so relaxed to connect in to the whole of oneness through this point. I feel the field of all the other inter-connected beings in this Universe – my brothers and sisters in this big game of life and beyond that, in the whole Universe. I connect in and give love and gratitude to all. I try to just be in that space as much as possible, though my mind inevitably wanders at times. I draw myself back in by taking a quick tour up through my charkas again, or focusing my attention back to my 6th chakra. The energy flows through my body in huge waves as I call it in and it feels wonderful. Sometimes it is so strong that parts of me shake from it – like my hands. It is not dissimilar to the sensation of being electrocuted, though much more pleasant. Sometimes if I am not feeling very strong physically, like during a fast, it can actually feel quite challenging for me to bring the energy in like this, as it is so huge and my structure feels too weak to support it at that moment. Then it’s best for me to ask for a toned-down version at that point. I’m never given more than I can truly handle. Sometimes I help myself regain focus in meditation by reminding myself how I am just a tiny piece of the Universe, a little spark of the life force, here to experience life in human form and that it’s all just a game. Ultimately everything is always alright and I can go ‘home’ to Spirit at any point, but right now, being this being and playing the game of being human is my current focus of attention. This helps to widen out my perspective and connect me in to the bigger picture a lot more, realising the details of my current existence are a tiny slither of the enormous greater picture that surrounds us. Another way I draw focus is to ask myself to be totally present in that moment – not in the past, thinking of things that happened yesterday and not in the future, wondering abt the day ahead, just right here and right now, sitting on this cushion, listening to those birds chattering outside, connecting to this whole Universe. That really helps me get into place. I see this part of my daily practice as the part where I am ‘listening’ to the universe and spirit, rather than talking and asking – I get myself as ‘blank’ as possible, as a conduit for the energy of the Universe to flow through me. Sometimes I am given key insights for the unfolding of the day or future ventures in those moments. Sometimes it is more just a clean flow of loving energy, filling my being with healing. I just try to be still and present, listening to any promptings of the Universe as I would listen to the talking of any friend sat with me – with an open perspective. I usually sit in meditation for around 15 minutes. Towards the end, I take another tour through my chakras, firing them up once more for the day ahead, filling my being with light, then I raise my hands in prayer position to touch my third eye chakra and acknowlege that all is love. My hands then lower to my lap, where I hold them palm-up in a receiving position and calling in my truth from the energy of the Universe, directly into my hands, I state in my head ‘I am filling up with my soul’s truth’. As I feel that energy move into my hands, I turn them over, releasing that power into the structure of my body. I repeat that three times. So ends my morning meditation.
Throughout the day, I take the space to reconnect to my chakra system in this way whenever I feel the need or whenever I remember. This is a really key process for me. Whenever I feel confused, ungrounded, jostled or out-of-place, I breathe deeply and connect in to my chakras, from the base up, filling my being with light and drawing energy and support from the Universe. If I am in a particularly challenging situation, or have been ‘out of contact’ for a number of hours, the energy rush I am given can feel enormous. I am always so appreciative of re-connecting like this and it renews my sense of wonder and stability in this world...

That was a pretty lengthy explanation - hope it helps ;)

on June the 10th I had:

1 quart water
mug pau d’arco tea
2 cups juice: spinach/celery/cucumber/sprouts/ginger/endive/carrot
2 cups delicious smoothie: macadamia butter, yacon powder, carob powder, maca, green powder, water
2 cups water
3 cups juice: parsley/cucumber/celery/endive
veggie/chia crackers with tahini, avo, sprouts. Salad of spinach, sprouts, dulse, mung bean sprouts, dressing of pumpkin seed butter/ACV/kelp powder/water
2 quarts water

on June the 11th I had:

1 quart water
mug of rooibus tea
3 cups juice: spinach/celery/cucumber/endive/cilantro
1.5 smoothie: macadamia butter, yacon powder, carob powder, maca, green powder, water
2 cups water
Salad of spinach, sprouts, dulse, mung bean sprouts, dressing of pumpkin seed butter/ACV/kelp powder/water, with raw crackers on side
1.5 cups juice: celery/cucumber/endive/cilantro/spinach
2 cups smoothie: soaked almonds, yacon powder, carob powder, maca, green powder, water
2 cups water

As you may have noticed, my food intake is a bit different suddenly than it has been of late ;) I’m doing a parasite cleanse and am currently off all overt sugars - fruit and dried fruits. It’s advisable to come off sugary things while taking in the strong ‘anti-parasite’ herbs, so that your internal environment doesn’t seem like such a cushy place to live anymore ;)
Being off sugars actually feels really easy-going so far – maybe because I’ve been eating so many yummy fruits lately that I’ve had my fill for a while ;) I’ve been wanting to do a parasite cleanse for many months and it kept not feeling right – now it feels like the right time and I started 4 days ago, on Tuesday. I am basically drinking green veggie juice 2x a day, eating one larger ‘salad’ meal in the middle of the day and one or two blended drinks each day too, with a nut/seed base and powders. It means I'm consuming lots of greens, sprouts, nuts/seeds etc. I am using a few low/no glycemic sweeteners like yacon powder, lucuma powder, carob powder, goji powder, which don’t seem sugary enough to mess up my balance ;) The herbs definitely seem powerful – I’ll be doing this for 3 weeks, so I’ll keep you updated with how it unfolds ;)
(BTW, someone wrote in recently asking what ‘ACV’ means in my food logs – it’s apple cider vinegar ;)

on June the 12th I had:

1 quart water
mug rooibus tea
2 cups juice: celery/cucumber/spinach/endive/parsley
2 cups smoothie: macadamia butter, yacon powder, carob powder, maca, green powder, water
Salad of spinach, sprouts, dulse, mung bean sprouts, dressing of pumpkin seed butter/ACV/kelp powder/water, with raw crackers on side. 3 tsp goji berry powder = yummmmmmm :)
1 quart water
mug of ‘clarity’ tea
3 cups juice: celery/cucumber/spinach/endive/parsley
3 cups water

On June the 13th I had:

1 quart water
mug ‘clarity’ tea
3 cups juice: celery/cucumber/spinach/endive/parsley
3 cups smoothie: macadamia butter, almonds, carob powder, yacon powder, green powder, kelp powder
mug of peppermint tea
3 cups water
2 cups juice: celery/cucumber/spinach/endive/parsley
bowl of salad: spinach/alfalfa sprouts/mung bean sprouts with dressing of pistachio butter, ACV, kelp powder, water and chia crackers. Followed by 3tsp goji powder
mug of rooibus tea
2 cups water

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All love,
Angelalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx


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