Monday, 9 June 2008

Retreats and Relief...

OOOoooo, here’s another exciting raw food job opportunity alert:
I was contacted this week by Florence in Canada, who is looking for three yummy beings to help run her spa and wellness resort at a 4* wilderness lodge in the Selkirk Mountains, BC. The roles are:

1) Cleanse Director
2) Raw Food Chef and Lifestyle Coach
3) Holistic Health Practitioner and Spa Services Coordinator

The centre will be offering raw food, body cleansing and health rejuvenation retreats.
The pay for these positions looks great, the scenery will definitely be stunning, the work rewarding and staff from outside the immediate area might also be able to live in the lodge during the retreat season (July-October).
Full job descriptions and details on how to apply for these positions are available on the retreat website - - click the ‘Employment Opportunities’ button, on the left-hand side. You can also read details about the retreats on the site.

on June the 6th I had:

1 quart water
1 mug of pau d’arco tea
3 cups cucumber/celery/pineapple/ginger juice
2 cups water
1lb cherries
yummy savoury meal of nori rolls stuffed with dill hummus, mung bean sprouts, baby spinach, lambs’ quarters and spicy cracker pieces. Followed by a DELECTABLE little bowl of goji berry powder, yacon powder and pine nut butter mixed together :O
cup of peppermint tea
2 cups celery/cucumber/cilantro/spinach/endive/fennel/ginger/carrot juice
2 apples and 2 tbsp of divine goji powder
2 cups water

on June the 7th I had:

1 quart water
1 mug pau d’arco tea
2 cups celery/cucumber/cilantro/spinach/endive/fennel/ginger/carrot juice
a delicious papaya
3 cups water
jalapeno/cilantro hummus with baby leaf salad, nori, Mexican flax crackers and mung bean sprouts. 2 raw chocolate bliss balls
3 cups water
3 cups celery/cucumber/apple/ginger juice
1lb gorgeous cherries and 2 tbsp goji berry powder
2 cups water

After the blog I wrote about travel last week, Makaela replied to say:

“Just like to mention, have travelled in India, & took the homeopathic remedies for malaria...and out of a few of us, the only ones that got sick were the ones taking the prescribed medication for malaria...the homeopathic work a treat .....& Helios etc. advise always for free...

WOW, that’s SO great to hear, Makaela, thanks for sharing that. I can remember taking rounds of the prescribed malaria tablets at least twice on travels in my younger days and they felt horrendous in my body, just as I’d heard they would be – nausea, headaches etc (and that from someone who was VERY accustomed to taking allopathic medicines at that point ;) Yes...very unpleasant pills, so it’s WONDERFUL to hear a raw foodie success story with taking the homoeopathic remedy instead...thanks :)
Incidentally, while we’re on the topic of nasty old medicines, I awoke one day this week to the taste of thyroxine in my mouth – which I stopped taking 6 years ago when I went raw (after being on it for abt 12 years). WOW...where had THAT been hiding...??? ;)

on June the 8th I had:

1 quart water
1 mug womens’ tea
big slice of watermelon
3 cups cucumber/celery/pineapple/carrot/ginger juice
flax crackers and nori rolls with pistachio nut butter, mung bean sprouts & lambs’ lettuce. Followed by a little ball of goji berry powder, yacon powder and pine nut butter together = total YUM ;)
mug of peppermint tea
3 cups water
2 cups celery/cucumber/endive/sprouts/lettuce/carrot juice
½ a yummy papaya
little ramekin (love that word ;) bowl of carob powder mixed with yacon powder and pine nut butter
3 cups water

on June the 9th I had:

1 quart water
1 mug pau d’arco tea
2 cups celery/cucumber/endive/sprouts/lettuce/carrot juice
½ a yummy papaya
2 cups water
2 apples with ½ an avocado, dulse, mung beans, pistachio nut butter and a few flax crackers
ramekin of carob powder/yacon powder/pine nut butter
1.5 quarts water
2 cups celery/cucumber/endive/cilantro/ginger/carrot/apple juice
sublime little bowl of blended green yum: macadamia butter, yacon powder, maca powder, carob powder, green powder, water
2 cups water

I’ve been reading a couple of the Postsecret books this last week. Have you been over to I’ve mentioned it before once or twice...I think it’s a fascinating project. If you’re not familiar, it is a ‘community art project’ wherein people anonymously send in their secrets that they’ve never told anyone before, written on postcards. These postcards are then displayed on the website, at travelling exhibitions and some of them make it into the Postsecret books (4 books have been published so far I think).

Frank Warren is the guy who started this project and had NO idea that it would reach the scale it has – I believe over 250,000 postcards have been sent in since he started in 2005. People write in about all kinds of things – unrequited love, deepest wishes, traumas, memories, suspicions, doubts etc. The books are amazing little collections of expressed vulnerability, truth and sincerity. You can almost sense the collective relief of letting these things OUT into the world, out of each individual’s head ;)

I remember when I first started to get into ‘recovery’ work, as outlined in ‘Raw Emotions’, one of the things that struck me the most was connecting to the vulnerability, fallibility and ‘humanity’ of others – realising that, wow, other people do things or have done things they don’t feel so great about and it’s ok to talk about those things, share them, release them and hey, maybe even laugh about it all afterwards ;) This is the same kind of transformative energy I perceive in the Postsecret project and books too. Indeed, I’ve heard of people reading one of these books and it helping catalyse them into whole new life paths...beautiful...
My favourite piece that I’ve seen in the 2 books I’ve been looking at over the last week seems to have been written by a young woman in Canada. She wrote that there were 6 things she felt unable to tell anyone – even her boyfriend, who she shares everything with. She wrote them down on 6 postcards and was going to mail them in to Postsecret. The next morning, she decided instead to leave them next to her boyfriend’s pillow as he slept and she left for work. A while later, he arrived at her place of work.
He asked her to marry him.
She said yes.
That actually moves to tears – I find the shift in energy so beautiful – that these things that have probably been holding her back from being fully present, open and loving for years are suddenly instantly transformed and released, in the light of acceptance and love. We’re all human. We all have aspects of clutter and shadow behind us – they don’t have to strangle-hold our experiences though, if we choose to let them out into the light...
Ahhhhhhhhh, breathing deep with gratitude here,

All love,
Angela. xxx


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