Saturday, 21 June 2008

'Better Than Roasted' Butter Bliss...

I hope those of you in the Northern hemisphere are loving the light, wherever you are :) ...and presumably happy WINTER solstice wishes are in order for our brothers and sisters down south...? Seems odd to contemplate now... ;)
I’m amazed daily at the LIGHT here in Iceland...I seriously don’t think it has been dark since I got here – nothing...just constant daylight ;) I love solstice and full moon all in one week, eh? How blessed we are... :)
…and for those of you who have been asking, yes, I will give a talk here in Iceland at some point in the coming weeks – details to be confirmed – I’ll post smthg here when more becomes clear...hopefully Mr. Monarch will be here too at some point and we can all play together...some of you have indeed been writing in, wondering if the Monarch and myself are still together ;) lol...mmmmm, still very much together, thank you...just apart in the physical at the moment, while we continue to wait out the visa process... :( He’s in the US at the moment, working on many exciting new projects, like stuffing all your orders with masses of free samples ;) ...hence the fact that he hasn’t blogged much recently either...he’s been working magic in other areas instead... ;)
All being well, we will BOTH be back enjoying life together Stateside before autumn equinox is upon us... ;) Until then, I’ll keep on soaking up the light here...

on June the 20th I had:

1 quart water
2.5 cups green juice: cucumber, cilantro, watercress, fennel, lettuce, ginger
2 cups smoothie: lucuma powder, almonds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, green powder, water
1 quart water
shot of wheatgrass
bowl of sea spaghetti with sauce made from blended sunflower seed butter, fresh dill, cumin powder, green powder, garlic, Himalayan salt and water, with baby spinach leaves and spicy flax crackers
mug of ‘choco’ tea
3 cups water

OOoOOOOooooo, exciting buttery announcement:
So, that lovely Mr Monarch sent me a whole CASE of the divine ‘Better Than Roasted’ nut/seed butters a few weeks ago. As you may have noticed, they’ve been popping up in my food logs pretty much daily since then. WOW...this company seriously knows how to pack love into a product :))) Amazing...they soak all their seeds and nuts before they grind them down at low temperatures into these delicious spread-able pastes. These butters are proving so popular that the company actually bought extra, dedicated machines to keep up with the demand we’re sending their way ;O …aaaaaaaand, at the moment, they’re on sale on Mr Monarch’s site, at cost price – wow :) You can currently try any of the range from as little as $6.55 a jar – this is definitely a good time to try them out if you never have before...or stock up if you already love them :)
My favourite is the pine nut butter – WOW – liquidy, smooth, creamy, delectable ambrosia ;) Pistachio is probably my next favourite... they also have macadamia, brazil nut, apricot kernal, hazelnut, black sesame seed, sunflower and pumpkin seed butters. You can see the whole cut-price range at THIS LINK. Note that ground white chia seeds are also on sale there - $7.45 for a 1lb bag... :) These offers are valid only until the end of this month, so...enjoy now while the going’s groovy ;) YumMmMMmmmmmMMmMmmMmmmmmmm :)

on June the 21st I had:

1 quart water
2.5 cups green juice: cucumber, lettuce, spinach, parsley, fennel, ginger
2 cups smoothie: lucuma, almonds, pumpkin seeds, green powder, water with goji berries and pine nuts thrown in for chewability ;)
2 cups water
mug of peppermint tea
2 cups water
shot of wheatgrass
bowl of chia soaked in water, mixed with lucuma powder, goji berries, pine nuts, green powder, maca, cinnamon powder
mug of ‘choco’ tea
3 cups water

WOW, thanks so much everyone for the beautiful feedback that continues to flow in for ‘Raw Emotions’. I’m working on getting it ready for printing RIGHT NOW and hope that we’ll see it in a printed format within 2-3 months ;) I’ll keep y’all updated on progress with the meantime, here’s a lovely review sent in by Jane:

“Firstly, I appreciated the fact that you don't assume everyone with an eating disorder is obese, or even overweight. Many Western women have horrible self-destructive relationships with food, which manifest in many ways and can be as devastating as obesity in Western cultures.

Secondly, I love the way you never preach, but offer stories, suggestions and tips based on your own experience of recovering from a difficult relationship with food! It's very easy to be intimidated and put off by dogmatic, extreme approaches to eating, which I've certainly encountered in the world of raw food diets. I appreciate your "middle path" approach. "One God, many paths," Gandhi.

Thirdly, I really, really love your holistic approach - it's all too easy to assume that recovering from eating issues/disorders is exclusively about food. It certainly isn't! You've included so many simple, practical, creative, interesting - and sometimes - fun suggestions for approaching a healthier relationship with food! I personally like the idea of a morning prayer and affirmations.

Finally, I'm very grateful for your list of recommended reading and have been working my way through one of the books: "Home Coming" by John Bradshaw, which is possibly one of the toughest but simultaneously healing books I've ever encountered.

My only criticism is that "Raw Emotions" isn't currently available in book format, as this is the sort of information, I'd like to carry around with me, or keep by my bed, so that I can dip in-and-out for inspiration.

Thanks again for your work Angela; I feel you devote a lot of time and energy to reaching out and supporting other people...and it's much appreciated.

Best Wishes,

Awwwwww, thanks love :))))) Yep...hopefully that printed book version will be in your hands in just a couple of months' time... ;)
All blessings for now,
Miss Stokes. xxx


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