Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Philosopher's Notes...

There is a VERY exciting new project I’d like to introduce you to (if you haven’t discovered it yet already ;) It’s called ‘Philosopher’s Notes’ and basically, it’s like mini ‘Cliff’s Notes’ for self-development books.
Brian Johnson (the man behind the wonderful ThinkArete site, which I keep mentioning) has taken all his favourite inspirational books and distilled the offerings in them down into 6 pages each OR MP3 recordings of around 20 minutes, that you can listen to as you go about your day... I think it’s an INCREDIBLE project and such a wonderful offering to the world...think of ALL those amazing books you’d love to take the time and space to read and it maybe never quite happens for you...sound familiar? Well, now you can quickly and easily get the ‘skinny’ on titles like ‘Loving What Is’, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ and so on from a guy whose true gift in life seems to be assimilating universal truths and presenting them for others in a way that makes them super-easy to understand and integrate. See why I’m excited about this now…??? ;)))
In fact, I’ll let Brian explain the project himself – here’s what he wrote on the Notes:

“The idea is simple: you’re busy. AND you’re committed to reading/learning/growing and all that good stuff. When you put those two together, it can be hard to keep up!!!

Have you noticed that in any given book, there are usually a bunch of REALLY “Big Ideas”—those life-changing gems that really make an impact in your life (those pages are usually all marked up, underlined, starred, highlighted and all that goodness in my books! :))?!?
Well, what I’ve done is opened up my favorite books, gone straight to those pages with the BIG IDEAS and created “PhilosophersNotes” that quickly give you the inspiring gems along with my thoughts on how these ideas have impacted my life and how they can impact yours—all in the context of a 6 page PDF or a ~20 minute MP3 (so you can decide if you’d prefer to read over a cup of tea of listen on your way to work, on a hike, at the gym, doing errands or whatever’s best for you!).”

Brian already has Notes ready for 35 different titles, with many, many more to come. The current introductory price for a year's subscription to the service is an incredibly reasonable $19.95, set to rise to $39.95 on June 1st (this Sunday). That investment gets you instant access to all the 35 titles that are already ready, PLUS you’ll be emailed a set of Notes from the archive every other week (both PDF and MP3 formats).

SPECIAL OFFER for RawReform Blog Readers: On top of the already inexpensive subscription price, Brian is very generously offering readers of this blog an extra 10% off. If you hop over to the PhilosophersNotes.com website now with THIS LINK, you can save an extra 10% on the yearly subscription price, reducing it to just $17.95 – wow, thanks Brian :)
I really hope y’all enjoy this new service...

on May the 25th I had:

1 quart water
2 quarts cucumber/celery/apple/ginger juice
little bowl of strawberries and cherries = yummmmmm
baby spinach leaves, mixed sprouts, pumpkin seeds, a couple of brazil nuts, wakame seaweed
3 cups water
½ an incredible honey-like papaya
1 quart water

On Monday I went to the magical launch party of Miss Magic’s new book ‘Raw Magic’ in Brighton. FUN :) (We're going to have the book available soon in the US - we're working on it - bear with us ;) Kate didn’t know I was back in the UK, so it was fun to surprise her, as well as catch up with other raw yumsters here and meet some new faces on the UK raw scene ;). It was lovely to meet Philip McCluskey in person – here is a snap of us both below, taken by the fabulous Suki...there was masses of raw chocolate on offer at the party – I’m on juices though right now. The last few weeks I kind of lost the plot with juicing once a week for the Global Juice Feast – it seemed challenging while travelling in Thailand etc. Well, right now it feels TOTALLY right to be back on juice again – my body is still pretty spun-out from jet-lag/sleep deprivation etc and juicing feels like the quickest route to recovery ;) I think I’ll juice for at least 3 consecutive days now...we’ll see what happens after that ;)

on May the 26th I had a juicy day of:

1 quart water
8oz AMAZING pineapple juice
1.5 quarts cucumber/celery/apple/ginger juice
1.5 quarts watermelon juice
2 cups water
shot of wheatgrass/ginger juice followed by a shot of straight ginger juice and a few sips of Suki’s intense wild greens/garlic juice
2.5 cups celery/cucumber/lettuce/spinach/sprouts/carrot juice
1 quart water

on May the 27th I had:

1 quart water
8oz pineapple juice
3 cups celery/cucumber/lettuce/spinach/sprouts/carrot juice
3 cups watermelon juice
2 cups beet, carrot, ginger, lime juice
double shot of wheatgrass juice
2 cups water
1 cup ‘relaxing tea’
1 tbsp green powder, 1 tbsp bee pollen
3 cups green juice: celery/cucumber/lettuce/parsley/ginger/apple
2 cups watermelon juice
2 cups water

WOW, it is SO beautiful to me to see how the raw community is coming together to support Melissa Gilbert and her family, who I wrote about on this blog a few days back. Thanks to all of you who have bought her e-books or sent in donations.
Melissa and her family are now officially homeless and out in the Arizona desert in a tent. Her husband has thankfully found a new job – they are now going to live in the tent until they have enough money to start renting a place again. Yesterday Dhrumil re-posted my blog post about the family to GiveItToMeRaw.com and it is just WONDERFUL to see all the responses there from people who have gone to Melissa’s site and bought both her e-books for $20, to help support this beautiful raw family in their time of need. You can see that thread on GITMR HERE. You can see Melissa’s blog HERE, which is now being updated by her great friend Aleesha, until Melissa has an internet connection again. If you didn’t purchase Melissa’s e-books yet and would like to, you can see them HERE. For those of you who HAVE already purchased them and maybe not received them as email attachments – please be patient – they are trying to get them emailed out to people asap as they receive the orders...you can also actually email Aleesha on timelessspirit@shaw.ca once you've paid for the e-books and she will send them to you, as Melissa has no real internet access right now...and again, as I wrote before, if you feel drawn to simply donate funds to the family, rather than purchase their books, you can transfer money with Paypal to: loverawlife@gmail.com.

THANK YOU, beautiful raw community, for sharing the love :)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Thank you SOOOOOOO much for the info about Philosopher's Notes, Angela! I whisked away from your blog yesterday and signed up immediately. What an amazing service--can't wait!!

    Also, I just read your twitter update: Happy 6-Years-Raw Birthday!

    I started reading your "Raw Emotions" a while ago, and when I finish it, I shall be writing a gushing little tome of praise to you. For now, I will say this:

    Out on my morning walk a couple of weeks ago, I was marvelling at your journey, your story, the pure, fresh force of your lovely character. Then I thought, "All this at 29. My God! What becomes of a woman like that when she is older?"

    Then a little voice seemed to say, "She will be a treasure to the world."

    I started to tear up a bit as I slowly shook my head in agreement. Then I thought--yes, but she already is that. And that you have been, in my life as in so many others--a real treasure, a priceless pearl.

    Feel good today, Angel! Savor it all. And thank you.