Saturday, 18 October 2008


As those of you on the RawReform Newsletter list will have already seen, there is another YUMMY sale happening in the RawReform Store at the moment :) It is called the ‘EXCITEMENT Sale', due to all the discombobulating, ext-RAW-dinarily delicious raw-food-based excitement that has been fizzing around's the scoop:

The EXCITEMENT Sale - get 25% OFF

We'd love to share some of the huge raw-related excitement going on here since the CNN wave hit, so we've created a new 'EXCITEMENT' Sale, featuring the 10 products in the RawReform Store that I'm most EXCITED about right now ;) LOL...

Here they are, in no particular order of excitability:

*Cocopura Coconut Oil
*Hazelnut Butter
*Carob Powder (IDEA: mix the hazelnut butter and carob powder together for Raw 'Nutella' - YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM ;)
*Kelp Noodles (WOW ;)
*Chlorella 'Nuts'

*'Fresh' book - by Sergei and Valya Boutenko

*Orbiter POI
*Freddie's Blend Probiotics
*Steel Water Bottle, 1litre
*Soap Nuts

So, now you can deepen your EXCITEMENT too and stock up on any of those goodies that sound yummy to YOU - at 25% OFF... Just CLICK HERE for this offer and...


on October the 17th I had:

1 quart water
shot of wild greens juice
1.5 cups energy soup with a few dried raw ‘breadsticks’, followed by a little yumpot of tahini handmixed with lucuma and goji berry powders
3 cups water
mug of spicy chai tea
25 chlorella ‘nuts’
1 cup energy soup with fresh okra and a GORGEOUS, spicy Indian raw salad, followed by a little yumpot of tahini handmixed with lucuma and goji berry powders
1 quart water

As you may remember if you've been reading here for a while, I have a fun little 'Stats' counter for my blog that shows me what people punched into Google to end up on my are three recent ones that I enjoyed ;) :

why veggies are good for you and what will happen when you don't eat them

lose weight living on nutella

how many almonds a day to lose weight

HmmMmMmmmm, yes...seems to me there are some people out there who are not quite yet resonating fully with the principal of 'it's what you LEAVE OUT, rather than ADD IN, that really helps the healing process' ;) Mmmm, WELCOME...Mr. M actually has some GREAT free articles around this concept, over on his site HERE - the one about 'how to go raw' especially has helped transform COUNTLESS lives - ENJOY :)

on October the 18th I had:

1.5 quarts water
25 chlorella ‘nuts’
1.5 cups energy soup with flax crackers, followed by a little yumpot of tahini handmixed with lucuma and goji berry powders
1 quart water
1 tbsp wheatgrass powder
mug of spicy energy tea
1 cup energy soup with fresh okra, spinach and hummus on the side - YUMMM, followed by a little yumpot of pistachio butter mixed with lucuma and goji berry powders
3 cups water
mug of 'choco' tea

Yeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH...the Rawkathon starts TOMORROW (October the 19th) – are you signed up already for this week-long, free raw food event? I HOPE SO :) The video interviews start playing tomorrow and feature such yumsters as Mr. M, Gabriel C, David W, Cheria S, Victoria B, Mike A, David R and other people with mysteriously short surnames and an interest in raw food ;)
If you didn’t get signed up yet to play with the nice people, you can do that HERE. Afterwards, you can also purchase the interviews as a DVD set if you so desireth...there will also be some extra ‘bonus’ interviews after the video event – myself and the Monarch for example will be conducting a telephone interview with Mr. Gianni in the week after the event: maybe we’ll do some re-enactments of our favourite parts from the video interviews, maybe we’ll do the whole conversation in ‘pig latin’ or perhaps we’ll all take a vow of silence that day – we’ll see... ;)
ENJOY the Rawkathon HERE.

All love,
Angelalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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