Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Join The FREE Raw Mom Summit :)

OOOoooooooooo, I’m VERY excited to announce a fabulous new free raw online event coming up soon: The Raw Mom Summit ;O WOW :) I am soooo excited to hear this collection of interviews with speakers on natural parenting from around the world. This FR*E*E event starts on June 22nd and runs to June 28th – you can sign up HERE to listen to interviews with people such as:

*Byron Katie – world-renowned author/speaker
*Jean Liedloff (author of ‘The Continuum Concept’ – WOW :)
*Susun Weed – master herbalist

*Elena Tonetti (maker of the ‘Birth Into Being’ DVD)

Raw Gals:
* Victoria Boutenko * Shazzie * Anna Maria Clement * Brigitte Mars
* Kate Magic * Katrina Rainoshek * Nadine Artemis * Angela Stokes *
Valya Boutenko * Lorenna * Karen Ranzi * Andrea Nison *

Raw Guys:

* Gabriel Cousens * Brian Clement * David Wolfe * Paul Nison * Shantree *
Daniel Vitalis * Wayne Gendel * may have noticed my name in there – what’s that all about you may wonder, as I’m not yet a momma? Well, the delightful organizers at wanted someone to speak about the emotional connection with food, so I got to play too :) Fun :)
I am suuuuuper excited to hear these interviews – I feel this is going to be an outstanding event on a topic that I personally am very interested in and I’m sure a lot of you are too – YAY :) Thanks to Shannon and Tera at RawMom for this amazing opportunity and remember y’all to click over HERE to register for this free event – enjoy :)

on June the 8th I had:

1 quart water
2 Tbsp bee pollen
2 cups greeeeen juice, ½ Tbsp ‘Elixir of the Lake’ powder – phew ;)
meal of romaine wraps stuffed with a greeeen salad, spicy tahini dip, mixed sprouts, tomatoes, dulse, olives and avo, followed by a piece of ‘banana nut bread’ – yummmmm ;)
3 cups water with rooibos
water of two young coconuts, one with pieces of rawnola and freeze–dried durian stirred in
3 cups water

I’m very excited to say that the schedule is now more or less fixed into place for the Raw Union festie – YAY :)
You can see the line–up HERE.
I seem to be scheduled to be singing on Sunday morning – eeeeeeeek – I haven’t sung on stage for a while...if you’re coming to the festie and might be excited to provide musical accompaniment (e.g. guitar), please email me on and lemme know ;)

on June the 9th I had:

1 quart water
shot of wheatgrass juice
2 cups greeeeen juice
2 cups water
big shared meal at Mary’s Secret Garden, including lime/mint slushie, pistachio/mint smoothie, raw tabhouli, ‘tacos’, Italian wrap, sushi nori and pecan pie/Goji Bliss butter – pheeeew ;)
1 quart water

Other exciting RawUnion Updates:

*Cathy Silvers is now joining us to provide a complimentary chocolate elixir bar for the wedding celebration (watch out ;)
*We have a Raw Opera Singer serenading the event – yeeeee–HAH ;)
*New videos from David Wolfe, Rainbeau Mars and Kevin Gianni discussing the event...

It’s just two weekends away now – we are excited to see you there :) You can book your tickets at now, if you haven’t already registered...

All love,
Angela. xxx

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