Monday, 22 June 2009

Our Raw Food Wedding - Raw Union :)

What an absolutely PHENOMENAL weekend we just shared with the raw family here in Oregon :) I am delighted to say that I am now officially Ms. Stokes–Monarch :)
We enjoyed the most divinely flowing, serendipitous, loving marriage ceremony and party yesterday with hundreds of gathered loved ones, in glorious sunshine with truly ext–raw–dinary food, outstanding music and abundant love flowing in all directions :) We are feeling so extremely blessed, loved up and grateful now, as we settle into the terms 'husband' and 'wife', hand out leftovers, tidy through the site and anticipate the joy of seeing photos and footage of the event, as they appear ;)
For now, I don't have so many pictures to share with you, as I wasn't really taking photos much myself this weekend ;) I have a couple to show you here though for now – hopefully many more to come as things settle more...

A picture from the festival opening ceremony, by Jeff the Rawtographer

Mr. Monarch covered in chocolate at the men's 'bachelor' party.

on June the 19th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups coconut water with Greener Grasses
1.5 cups almond milk with lucuma, maca, Himalayan salt, cardamom, cayenne
big greeeeeen salad with tomatoes, olives, sprouts, tahini–lime dressing, a dollop of raw chutney on the side, followed by half a raw oatmeal cookie – yummmmmm :)
1 quart water
1.5 cups almond milk with lucuma, maca, Himalayan salt, cardamom, cayenne
2 cups greeeeeeeen juice
little plate of salad with yummy green dressing and sprouts, followed by samples of different flavoured coconut macaroons: chai, lemon–ginger and vanilla – yummmmmm :)
3 cups water

There are SO many people I would love to thank for their roles in helping co–create this amazing celebration here this weekend. Thanks to all of you who came to join us here in the physical and big love too, to all of you who were with us in spirit and sending love – we FELT your loving flow :))) So many thanks to all of the festival volunteers especially for flowing with the unfoldment of this event and supporting the possibility of this joyous experience for all of us :)
There are also a few people I would love to send personal shouts out to for their sharing here (aside from my dearest Mr. Monarch of course, who was the original instigator of this whole event ;)
I would love to send huge love, gratitude and blessings to:

Laura Fox – the festival would simply not have existed without Laura – she is truly the ultimate raw festival goddess and we LOVE her :)

Solla – the Icelandic Kitchen Goddess delivered the most diviiiine raw wedding feast imaginable and with unparalleled love, joy and dedication – the kitchen crew were totally inspired by her glowing spirit and the crowd LOVED her creations – we LOVE Solla :)

Chaya – this gorgeous cake queen stepped in at the last minute to create the finest wedding cake we have ever seen, when we heard the Boutenkos were no longer able to deliver us cake. I hope to have cake photos to show you soon...Chaya's spirit and creations are like nothing else out there – absolutely stunningly BEAUTIFUL – we LOVE Chaya :)

Annie Jubb and Michelle Sabathne – these two wonderful goddesses held the space for the women's pre–wedding goddess gathering – what a tremendous send–off into wedded blissful union with my beloved – thank you beautiful spirits – we LOVE you both :)

David Wolfe – we were so delighted to have the multi–talented, glowing chocolate bishop officiate our nuptials with his passion, clarity and joy – it was, of course, the best wedding ever, by far... ;) We LOVE Dr. Wolfe.

Rainbeau Mars – ahhhh, sweet sister Rainbeau was in attendance to share yoga, meditation and her beautiful spirit...what a blessing – we LOVE Rainbeau :)

Moon and Nature – LOL – I am so in AWE of these incredible conduits for universal energy and flow...these freestyling MCs open their mouths and love just flows out at an awe–inspiring rate of words per minute...SO much love for these guys :)

La Soprana
– WOW – we were SO awesomely blessed to have opera singer Michelle singing during our ceremony... :O I literally felt like I was being electrocuted with energy flow after we were pronounced 'husband and wife' and Michelle broke out into 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain' – THANK YOU Michelle, we LOVE you :)

Ken and Peggy – the gracious owners of the gorgeous Angel's Farm where the event was held. Thanks be to this loving pair for their generosity, open–ness, loving spirits and dedication – we LOVE Ken and Peggy :)

The Musicians – the musical talent present here this weekend was truly off the hook...praise be to all the gathered lovelies who were sharing their musical flow – especially the wonderful Max Waker who accompanied me on guitar on Sunday morning for a half hour set of some of my favourite songs (hopefully we'll have a video of that up soon too at TheRawFoodWorld.TV ;) – we LOVE the musicians :)

Our Families – massive appreciation and love to all our blood family members who made the journey to share our wedding day – thanks for the support, excitement and love. Thanks especially to Matt's brother Brian for the very cool photo montage – another thing we'll hopefully have up for you soon on ;) We LOVE you all ;)

There are sooooo many more people to thank - so, for now, thank you alllll... :)

on June the 20th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups coconut water with Greener Grasses
2 cups greeeeen juice
handful of blueberries, 3 apricots, a chunk of fresh durian ;)
2 cups water
1.5 cups celery soup, 2 cups energy soup with onion bread and freeze–dried salted raw nuts - wow :)
3 cups water

on June the 21st I had:

1 quart water
1 cup coconut water with Greener Grasses and ginger
cup of celery soup, a powerwrap, 1 cup coconut water with Greener Grasses
2 shots of sprout juice – WOW :)
cup of celery soup, followed by 1 Tbsp goji bliss butter and 3 apple–snap crackers
3 cups water
the wedding feast – an enormous shared plate of all the AMAAAAZING wedding buffet foods (THAAAANK YOOOOUUUUU Solla and all the phenomenal kitchen crew :), followed by pieces of the four cakes: coconut crème pie, lemon–coconut wedding cake, chocolate wedding cake, chocolate chill cake – WOW :)
cup of peppermint tea
1 quart water

ahhhhh, yes, more wedding blissing meanderings to come in the following days I'm sure...for now I shall leave you with a blissed grin and a little reminder that the simply divine Raw Mom Summit is starting tonight – a week long event of FREE raw food talks on the subject of natural birthing/parenting, sacred relationships and more...I'm SO excited about this series of talks and I hope you'll enjoy them too – over 5000 people have apparently signed up for this event already – YUMMY ;)
All love,
Ms. Angela Stokes–Monarch (ooooo lala ;) xxx

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