Monday, 8 June 2009

Mr Monarch vs. David Wolfe - Durian Eating Contest ;)

PHeeeewwwww ;) We're just back from a wild weekend at the Raw Spirit Fest in Santa Barbara - fun ;) ...and it's less than TWO WEEKS now until our Raw Union festival and wedding - eeeeeeek ;)
I am THRILLED to say that among the new additions to the event line-up for the festie is smthg EVERYONE can contribute to, no matter where you are, or whether or not you're able to join us in the physical for the event...
We are going to be burying a TIME CAPSULE during the wedding celebrations, packed with momentos, pictures, goodies, predictions, hair locks, love letters, trinkets, bim-bobs and whatever other little paraphernalia y'all might love to contribute ;)
The intention is to bury the time capsule to mark the celebration, plant a fruit tree nearby, then re-convene in 50 years time on the Summer Solstice, with whoever remembers ;) On June 21st, 2059, let's see who is still around in the physical to re-open the capsule and revel in the messages from half a century before...
I love time capsules; I've buried two before - one in the UK and one in The Netherlands... I'm excited to co-create this third, beautiful, memorable collection for our future enjoyment...and I hope you'll join us by bringing along or sending in whatever you'd love to contribute to the capsule. Examples might be a picture, a 'trinket' of some kind, your vision for the future of the raw foods movement, a tape/disc, your gratitude list, a tooth, a lock of hair and so on...whatever you feel you'd love for someone to unwrap in 50 years time and remember you by ;) We'd prefer to receive smaller sized capsule contributions rather than bulky items, to make sure there is room for everyone to contribute to the box ;)
If you're coming to the Raw Union festie, just bring your contribution along with you. If you're not able to be there in the physical, you can send your contribution by post to:

Raw Union Festival - Time Capsule Contribution
c/o Angel’s Organic Farm
9394 Blackwell Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502

THANKS :) We look forward to co-creating this fun event with you :))))
See you soon at - remember, festie ticket prices increase on June 10th, so let us know sooooon if you're going to be joining us ;)

on June the 4th I had:

1 quart water
water of two young coconuts
30 chlorella ‘nuts’
meal of durian pods and cherries – YUMMMM :)
1 quart water
water and meat of one young coconut, 40 chlorella nuts, a curry powerwrap
2 cups water

on June the 5th I had:

1 quart water
½lb cherries
2 cups green juice
water of 2 young coconuts
samples of Healthforce Powders in water – YUMMM :)
shared meal of mixed salads, followed by an orange creamsicle from Melissa Mango
1 quart water
yummmmy bee pollen sample from Vivapura
bowl of celery soup, couple of spoonfuls of hemp/mulberry ice cream
water and meat of a young coconut
3 cups water

The incorrigible Mr. Monarch and Wolfie went at it with an intense durian eating contest this weekend at the Raw Spirit Fest...eeeeeeeeeeek - watch out ;) What happens when two durian-crazed raw men compete to eat the most durian they can in 3 minutes? Find out below:

on June the 6th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeen juice and water/jelly of a young green coconut
20 chlorella ‘nuts’
1 tbsp bee pollen
sprout salad with tahini dressing, followed by shared raw coconut cream pie
2 cups water
cup of celery soup, followed by a little tub of raw ice cream
cup of celery soup, followed by a little handful of freeze–dried durian
3 cups water

on June the 7th I had:
1 quart water
3 cups green juice
1 Tbsp bee pollen
mixed sprout salad with tahini/orange dressing, followed by a cashew cookie
3 cups water
cup of celery soup, followed by 3 coconut cookies and a thick coconut/cinnamon blended cream
3 cups water

We love chia seeds. Do you?
This month's RawReform Giveaway Contest gives you the opportunity to win a sack of chia goodies: 1lb of our lovely new Certified Organic Chia Seeds, a bag of Coconut/Mulberry Chia Delight Cereal and a copy of the Chia Cheat Sheet Chart - nice ;)
To be in with a chance of crunching your gnashers into those juicy little dinosaur-egg-like seeds, just send us in your answer to the following question:

"Who do you think would make the best raw food chia pet?"

LOL ;) For those of you outside N. America who may not be familiar with chia pets, here is a picture to the right to illustrate this creative phenomenon ;) Send your answer in to by July 5th to be in with a chance of winning the chia goodies. The winner will be picked at random and with much felicitation around the start of July...and we will let you know who was the most requested raw food chia pet ;) (BTW, if you're a talented potter and would love to make a raw food chia pet to share, please let us know ;)

All love and excited kicks,
Miss Stokes. xxx

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