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Top Juicer Recommendation?

We just chose at random the winner of the last RawReform Giveaway Contest, to win a signed copy of my book ‘Raw Emotions’. CONGRATULATIONS to Dianna Banzhaf, who sent in the following answer to the question ‘What is your TOP suggestion for handling food cravings?’:

“I like to do deep breathing. I count to 10 SLOWLY. And breath deeply. I then try to regain focus by doing a kundalini yoga trick by closing my eyes and focus at the brow point or ''third eye'' and if that doesn’t do the trick then I add the words Sat Nam. While inhaling I think ''Sat'' and while exhaling I think ''Nam''. It means true identity. Usually this helps me to be in the moment and remember my self and not be ''attached'' to what I think I am or ''need''.
And then o
f course if I still feel that I actually need a similar food, there is usually something amazing available in one of my raw cook books or ready for picking in nature that will cure it.
P.S. Thanks for the opportunity and I love all the great information you give. It is such raw love and support exuding from you both. Have a wonderful wedding and life together."

Dianna Banzhaf

THANKS Dianna – your book is winging its way to you – enjoy :) …and thanks to everyone who entered this contest – this was the biggest contest we’ve ever held in terms of entries :) I will pull out a collection soon of some of the other top suggestions sent in and post them here for everyone to enjoy :)

on June the 2nd I had:

1 quart water
big greeeeeeeeen salad: mixed leafy greens, baby tomatoes, dulse, avocado, salad dressing (almond butter, pumpkin seed butter, ACV, lemon juice, cumin powder, water), with a few flax ‘chips’ on the side, followed by a handful of Rawnola cereal
1 quart water
2 green apples with a few big handfuls of freeze–dried durian
2 cups water
30 chlorella nuts
2 cups water

OoOoOOooo, while we’re on the subject of Raw Emotions, me feeling pleased: Rory Freedman, author of the best–selling ‘Skinny Bitch’ book just read ‘Raw Emotions’ and sent over this glowing endorsement:

"Angela Stokes' journey is a beautiful miracle and she shares it so generously and articulately in Raw Emotions. Intuitive, insightful, and enlightening, this book gets to the heart of the matter in a way few 'diet' books do. It will definitely change your view on food." Rory Freedman – xoxoxo

Thanks Rory :)

on June the 3rd I had:

1 quart water
30 chlorella ‘nuts’
big greeeeeeeeen salad: mixed leafy greens/herbs, tomatoes, dulse, avocado, salad dressing (pistachio butter, black sesame tahini, ACV, lemon juice, cumin powder, water), with a few flax ‘chips’ on the side, followed by a handful of Rawnola cereal
1 quart water
big luscious bowl of fruit salad with carob/lucuma sauce: fresh raspberries, blackberries, cherries with freeze–dried durian pieces and a rich carob sauce made with: carob powder, lucuma, vanilla, cinnamon, water
1 quart water

There were suddenly a lot of messages from people recently asking for juicer recommendations – I guess there’s a flow to get juicier for summertime – nice ;)
I thought I’d give some general guidance about juicers here from my perspective, in case others out there have similar Qs at the moment...

In terms of great all-round really depends what you're looking for; top of the range in most cases is going to be the Green Star or a similar twin–gear juicer. Green Stars cost abt $400 new and make very high quality juice that will keep well for abt 24 hours or more, if kept refrigerated in sealed mason jars. Twin gear juicers leave dry pulp, are great with leafy greens and are ok in terms of cleaning.
Otherwise, if you want smthg easier to clean/quicker to use, then probably the Breville Juice Fountain would be for you. The Juice Fountains are centrifugal ejection juicers and cost about $150. The feed chute for the produce is BIG, meaning you can fit whole apples in, for example, without cutting them up (saves time on food prep). The pulp comes out quite wet though and you often get unjuiced leafy greens with these kinds of juicers – they work better with things like celery, cucumbers, carrots etc than leafy greens. The juice oxidizes quicker with centrifugal ejection juicers, so it’s best to always drink it immediately. We recommend passing both the juice and the pulp through a nut milk bag, to get all the fiber out and squeeeeze more juice out of that wet leftover pulp ;)
For many people, the Norwalk Juicer is the ultimate choice. These hydraulic press machines produce juice of the most outstanding quality and the juice stores well for up to 72 HOURS in sealed jars in a fridge. Norwalks are very heavy, a little ‘clunky’ to use and cost around $2400 – no juicer compares though in terms of juice quality.
In the end, the best juicer for you tends to be the one you're actually going to USE ;) A juicer sitting in a dusty kitchen cupboard isn’t much help to anyone’s health ;)
I hope that helps...

All love,
Miss Stokes. xxx

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