Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Raw Food Festivals and Becoming Younger...

Raw Union Updates:
Ooooooo lalalalaalaaaaa – ‘tis less than three weeks now until the Raw Union festival and our wedding on June 21st, Summer Solstice ;O We are EXCITED...
The festival is expanding so much that we are happily now accepting more volunteers again into the team. Applications are open again on the Volunteers part of the RawUnion site HERE.
As I mentioned before, we’d really LOVE to know in advance how many to cater for at the ‘all–you–can–eat’ raw food wedding buffet, so if you intend to be there and haven’t already bought your festie tickets, please help us solidify numbers by getting your tickets now. The festie ticket prices are also due to rise on June 10th (from $65 for the weekend for adults to $85), so there’s an extra reason to get your plans set now ;) You can get tickets HERE.
We look forward to seeing all of you there who are able to join us :)

on May 31st (my 7TH anniversary of going raw - yeeeeeeee-HAH ;) I had:

1 quart water
1 quart greeeeeen juice with apple
little bowl of chia pudding: chia, maca powder, vanilla powder, fresh blueberries, freeze–dried durian pieces
1 quart greeeeeeeeen juice
slice of raspberry cheesecake with 3 cups coconut water
3 cups water
3 cups coconut water with 20 chlorella ‘nuts’
2 cups ‘jolly green’ juice from Pure Food and Wine take–out
2 cups water

...and if you’re in the UK/Europe and hankering for a yummy raw festie experience this summer, may I suggest hopping on over to play with the lovely people at this year’s Funky Raw/Space of Love gatherings?
This year the crew will be doubling up the love with TWO summer events: firstly a raw retreat from July 3rd–10th, then a festival from August 14th–17th – FUN :)
The retreat will comprise of a week of tranquility and workshops such as building benders and making didgereedoos – nice ;). There will be lots of healing time in nature, yoga classes, acoustic music, drumming by the fire, massage and possibly a sweat lodge too...
The weekend festie in August will be an action–packed celebration of raw, healing lifestyles, with talks, workshops, classes, food demos, trance dance, live music, wild food walks, yoga and a sauna – lol ;) These people wanna see you SWEAT ;)
Both events are held in the lush Sussex countryside in Southern England. For full details and to purchase tickets see www.spaceoflove.co.uk – enjoy :)

on June the 1st I had:

1 quart water
2 cups veggie juice: celery, spinach, carrots, masses of mixed sprouts
bowl of chia pudding: chia, maca powder, vanilla powder, goji berries, freeze–dried durian, fresh banana and apple, water
1 quart water
20 chlorella ‘nuts’
big greeeeeeeeen salad: mixed leafy greens, baby tomatoes, dulse, avocado, salad dressing (almond butter, pumpkin seed butter, ACV, lemon juice, cumin powder, water), with a few flax ‘chips’ on the side, followed by a handful of Rawnola cereal
3 cups water

I would love to introduce you, if I may, to the wonderful world of Ms. Michelle Sabathne...if you are not yet familiar with this wonderful raw goddess, I strongly recommend jumping over to her ’Becoming Younger’ blog HERE.
If Michelle’s name already sounds familiar to you, that might be because she was the editor for both of Mr. Monarch’s books, or because she hosted a ‘Juice Feasting’ series of conference calls with me after my 92-day Feast, or because she’s been on The Raw Food World TV show a few times already, or because she is one of the phone angels at The Raw Food World...she is a woman of MANY talents ;)
Michelle has been 100% raw for many years and has a raw–markable story of recovery from her ‘death–bed’ with raw foods, guided by Spirit.
Like Mr. M, madame Sabathne is also very inspired by the writings of Dr. Norman Walker and a couple of months ago she started her wonderful ‘Becoming Younger’ blog, in which she documents her daily food intake, relating it to Walker’s recommendations, plus shares her beautiful life insights, journey, feelings and experiences.
Michelle will also be holding a workshop on relationships at the Raw Union Festival, plus helping lead the women’s sacred song circle on the Saturday evening – she is a wonderful singer with a rich background in women’s singing groups – love it :)
Michelle is one of the most heart–centred, loving, clear, generous people I’ve met, with an infectious laugh, a beautiful smile and a passionate love for life...she’s a true goddess and I thoroughly recommend checking out her insightful musings...you can even sign up on her site to receive her blogs by email whenever she posts smthg new – see BecomingYounger.blogspot.com and ENJOY :)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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