Thursday, 18 June 2009

Raw Union - Our Wedding Countdown ;)

OoooOoooo, we are SOooooOOooo blessed :) Things are flowing just beautifully here in S. Oregon in the run–up to the Raw Union festie and our wedding – thanks to everyone who is helping co–create this wonderful event :) Here is a little video from Mr. M over at TheRawFoodWorld.TV from today, sharing some of the pre–wedding excitement :)

Remember, if you want to send anything in for the Raw Union time capsule, you can send it quickety–split quick to:

Raw Union Time Capsule,
c/o Angel’s Organic Farm
9394 Blackwell Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502

Or you can email things to MARKED for the Time Capsule and I'll print them out and add them to the mix ;)


on June the 16th I had:

1 quart water
cup of acai tea
cup of Macaforce and Vitamineral Earth powders mixed together with water
big greeeeen leafy salad with yummy tahini/dulse dressing, followed by little blocks of chia ice cream – YUMMMMMMM :)
1 quart water
shot of wheatgrass juice, 2 cups greeeeen juice, 20 chlorella nuts
2 cups coconut water with Greener Grasses
little bowl of chia ice creams – WOOOOW – amazing flavours: cardamom, lavender–cherry, citrus–mint – YUMMMM :)
cup of mint tea
1 quart water

We were very delighted and grateful to receive a little jewel of a wedding gift today, from Shazzie, Kate Magic and Philip McCluskey over in the UK – see below for the yummies:


on June the 17th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeeeen juice
4 Tbsp bee pollen/hemp seed mixture
30 chlorella 'nuts'
2 cups greeeen juice
2 'powerwraps'
1 quart water
big greeeeen salad with yummy tahini–lime dressing, olives and chutney, followed by 2 chunks of raw chia ice cream
1 quart water

on June the 18th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeeen juice – celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon, ginger
25 chlorella 'nuts'
big greeeeen salad with yummy tahini–lime dressing, olives and chutney, followed by 2 chunks of raw chia ice cream
3 cups water
1.5 cups lime/mint slushie
2 cups coconut water with Greener Grasses powder
3 cups yummmmy smoothie: coconut water, coconut meat, freeze-dried durian, stevia, vanilla, maca, with extra freeze-dried durian on the side - yummmmm - a drink fit for a Monarch ;)
2 cups water

…and if you're located more to the right of the Atlantic and would love somewhere fun to play out with raw yumsters soon, may I suggest again that you make your way along to the delightful Funky Raw gatherings coming up soon in the gorgeous Sussex countryside? ;)
The Funky Raw Retreat is coming up very soon – July 3rd to the 10th – and for an investment of just £50 you can join the Funky Crew for a sumptuously relaxing week of raw food, camping, daily yoga, workshops, meditation, music and connecting with others in nature. Ticket sales stop soon – next Monday the 22nd, so hop on over to to reserve your space now, if you'd love to play with the UK raw pixies in the woods ;)
The Space of Love Summer Festie is also happening later in the summer – the weekend of August 14–17th, you can join with the tribe again in the Sussex countryside for more delicious fun and games...
For details on both events and to secure your place, visit the SpaceofLove site HERE...enjoy :)

All love,
Miss Stokes (last few days of this name – eeeeeeeeek ;) xxx

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