Monday, 8 February 2010

Happy 35th Birthday to Mr. Monarch :)

This is a special Birthday Bless-Up announcement for Mr. Monarch, who celebrates his 35th year Earthside today, Monday February 8th :) I am laughing as I write this as he just told me that he realised *today* it's his birthday tomorrow - he didn't even know - those of you who watch our TV show regularly will know that dates are not really the Monarch's forte... ;)

As a special birthday love flow to him from his raw family, I would love for anyone who feels drawn, to send birthday greetings to this rare, raw aquarian maverick and perhaps even let him know what you appreciate about him - that would be LOVELY...

You might post something to his Facebook Page, Twitter Account, leave a comment on his TV Show, or his YouTube him or simply send loving vibes ;) It's all appreciated...

THANK YOU, lovely tribe ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Monarch :)

All love,
Angelalalalaaaaaaaa. xxx

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