Sunday, 28 February 2010

Our New Home in Vilcabamba, Ecuador :), we're at our new home in Ecuador now - we got here a couple of nights ago and life is just moving and shifting in such sublime directions right now - we are absolutely *LOVING* it here - I just came in from weeding the patches around some of the fruit trees we planted here last year and this morning we bought six more new baby trees: an avocado, two mangoes, three papaya trees...I am also starting off two avocado seeds and I have literally dozens of other different types of seeds to start off on our land...the produce at the farmers' market this morning was fantastic - we have a fridge and kitchen full of greens, mangoes, papayas, pineapples, avos, tomatoes and all kinds of yummies, including FRESH Incan berries :O :) We are feeling amazingly blessed and excited - there's so much to *do* and enjoy and unfold each day - I recommend keeping up with our adventures over at TheRawFoodWorld.TV for 'almost-real-time' daily updates ;) I also just posted a set of new pics to Flickr yesterday, from our first day here - see HERE...
Much more to come - soooooooo EXCITED :))))))

on February the 25th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
6 cups grreeeeeeeeeeen juice prior to going through airport security ;)
3 cups water
3 apples, handful of Hunza dried apricots, 2 tbsp tahini
1 quart water

I'm so happy to see that HUNDREDS of you have been making use of the current 50% OFF deal on my book "Raw Emotions" in either the printed or e-book form. I'm so happy to know that this material is spreading ever wider and further :) This is a little reminder that the 50% OFF deal finishes tonight (Sunday Feb 28th) at midnight Pacific time. If you did not already get your copy of this unique volume, you can jump in on this deal HERE for the rest of the day - enjoy ;)

on February the 26th I loved:

1 quart water
1 cup water loaded with Marine Phytoplankton
4 tbsp bee pollen
3 cups water
big bowl fruit salad
20 chlorella tablets
2 tbsp bee pollen, 2 tbsp tahini, 3 dried persimmons
3 cups water

on February the 27th I appreci-ated:

1 quart water
fresh local fruits in Vilcabamba: guava, mango (WOW ;), fresh Incan Berries and something else new to me that was very sharp tasting - strong Vitamin C flavour
30 chlorella 'nuts', 2 carob pods, 3 tbsp bee pollen
1 quart water
glass of fresh veggie juice at Sambuca Cafe
more local fresh fruit yummmmmminess: pieces of plantain/banana, papaya, mango blended with avocado into a pudding, avocado eaten with dulse/salt and lime juice - WOW :)
1 cup water with marine phytoplankton
2 cups water

Mmmmm, madame Shazzle-Dazzle Shazzie sent an interesting-looking link over today, for a free magazine on raising relaxed children/living a relaxed life, including many fabulous ideas for enjoying time with children, four pages on raw foods and much more - it's free and beautifully presented - check it out HERE and use the little arrows to the left and right of the 'magazine' to toggle between pages - enjoy ;)

All love and Incan berry kisses ;)
Angela Stokes-Monarch. xxx

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