Monday, 15 February 2010

"Raw Emotions" Special Offer - 50% OFF :)

This time last year I was putting the finishing touches to my book "Raw Emotions" and sending it off for printing...a year later, I'm delighted to say that this book has been receiving *gorgeous* feedback and seems to have been truly helping assist some raw-markable transformations for readers who are turning around life-long destructive patterns around emotional eating...

Here's some recent feedback about Raw Emotions:

"I would like to thank you for your wonderful book "Raw Emotions." It has truly changed my life. I feel much stronger and more positive. You are an amazing person who inspired me more than words can express."
Angela VG

“Raw Emotions is informative and fun to read. Though I was entertained by the art in the book and laughed a lot, I also saw what a tremendous emotional lifesaver this book can be for those struggling with cleansing, detoxifying, weight loss, raw foods, and how all these relate to our emotions.”
David "Avocado" Wolfe,

"Angela, I just want you to know that you were the very FIRST person to start me on my Raw Path over a year ago. RAW EMOTIONS was RAWESOME! Now, I'm 100% RAW!" Tanya CS

It's so rewarding for me to hear about the impact this book seems to be having out in the world and to celebrate, I'd love to share a special "Raw Emotions" 50% OFF deal with y'all... From now until February the 26th you can get the *printed* OR *ebook* version of this unique book at 50% OFF from HERE (= $14.95 for the printed book and $12.49 for the ebook...)

You can read all the details about Raw Emotions, plus an excerpt from the book, 
in the listings HERE - enjoy :)

on February the 12th I was blissed with:

1 quart water
1 cup greeeeeeeen juice
3 cups greeeeeen juice
2 cups green smoothie: strawberries, blueberries, spinach, chia, water
2 cups greeeen smoothie: papaya, blueberries, sunflower greens, spinach, chia flour, water, with spirulina sprinkled on top
1 cup greeeen smoothie: papaya, blueberries, sunflower greens, spinach, chia flour, water, with spirulina sprinkled on top
2 cups water
3 cups greeeeen smoothie: papaya, mixed berries, sunflower greens, romaine lettuce, chia flour, water, with spirulina sprinkled on top
4 *amazing* 'Ice Cream Bean' fruits :) :) :) :)
2 cups coconut water blended with Greener Grasses powder, 3 tbsp bee pollen
2 cups water

For the RawReform Giveaway this month our dear friend and wiseman of the web, Mr. Steve Pavlina has generously agreed to offer a copy of his oustanding book 'Personal Development For Smart People' to one fortunate reader :)
If you're not yet familiar with Steve or his work, he is one of the most widely read, popular and prolific writers in the field of self-development and blogging today. He also happens to be a raw foodie, entrepreneur and is very very clear and direct - we love him :) I did a little review of Steve's book, back in Nov '08 when I was reading it - see HERE.
This book is a remarkable collection of ideas that could very easily transform your whole life, so, if you'd love to get your mittens wrapped around a shiny new copy of Mr. Pavlina's brainbaby, just send in your answer to the following question, to

"What is the 'smartest' piece of guidance you would give
to a teenage version of yourself?"

Send your answers in to by March the 1st to be in with a chance of receiving the shiny new book prize...the winner will be drawn at random and with a grin in early March ;)

on February the 13th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeeeeeen juice: cucumber, celery, zucchini, tatsoi, fenugreek greens, parsley, endive, cabbage, ginger, lemon
2 cups greeeeeen smoothie: papaya, mixed berries, spinach, sunflower greens, chia flour, water, with spirulina sprinkled on top and trials of Sunfire Elixir and fresh dates on the side ;)
3 cups water
1 quart greeeeen smoothie: papaya, blueberries, blackberries, spinach, sunflower greens, chia flour, water, with spirulina sprinkled on top, with Hunza dried apricot pieces on the side
2 cups reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
2 cups water

on February the 14th 'twas Valentines Day and I enjoyed:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeeen juice
3 cups greeeeen smoothie: papaya, mixed berries, meiner's lettuce, romaine, chia flour, water, with spirulina sprinkled on top
2 cups water
big shared Valentines *FEAST* at Au Lac, including: garlic bread, spirulina soup, raw pizza, living rice dish, broccoli salad and donut holes - WOW ;)
2 cups water
3 cups water

I trust y'all enjoyed a delicious Love Day yesterday, whether your twin flame is with you in the physical or not...
I enjoyed a really luscious celebration with Mr. M - I think quite definitely *the* yummiest Valentines I've ever experienced :) I had *no* idea what we were doing with the day - Mr. M had secretly planned out a whole day of joys and I was simply called on to let go and enjoy the flow - I LOVED it...I started the day by handing out chlorella tablet samples from a basket to people at the Ojai farmer's market as we shopped (my universal greeeen love offering for the day ;), then we shimmied off south, first meeting with great friends and marvellous floral displays, then lunching at the ever-divine Au Lac :) :) :) Onwards to a fabulous Cirque de Soleil show in an actual circus tent, with spectacularly inspiring feats and tricks on stage from the uber-talented performers...what an amazing way to celebrate :)
When I was growing up, I'm not sure I ever once received a Valentines Day card - this was always a very painful time of the year for my fragile ego, so it is a genuine, nourishing joy for me now to have my beloved in my life to celebrate with, every day and especially on this day...I feel very blessed :)

Sending *YOU* all love, light and joy tooooooooo,
Angelalalalaaaaaaaa. xxx

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