Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Feelings First + Win Free Tickets to Mike Adams' Conference in California :)

A phrase that really resonates for me was dropped into my head a few days ago: "Feelings First". I don't know if this is used often elsewhere or by other people...it really resonated for me when it came though...to honour the importance of feelings in any given situation - that's what comes first - my feelings, your feelings, the feelings of those around us...it doesn't matter how much money is at stake, the potential gains, or how much you might want to do something for some set reason...if the feelings aren't flowing in a way that feels optimal, then maybe another path might be a wiser choice...
For example, let's say that in a couple, one partner really wants to do some certain activity right now, like doing the laundry or washing the car...and the other person is not feeling good, for some reason. In my experience, it is much wiser to address the feelings first...clear the emotional block and then usually things can flow on much more easily from there...whereas if there is a choice instead to try to bypass the feelings and push on with the other activities, whatever they are, the uncleared feelings may stagnate, infest, get more complex and even maybe explode at some other point. The washing can wait - as much as you might want to do it right now, it will still be there in 10 minutes or so and how much lovelier it feels to proceed in an atmosphere of clear, healthy emotional resonance, rather than with the feeling that there is a thorn in the shared emotional bubble...you might think that stopping your intended flow to clear the emotional field is going to 'slow you down' in some way, yet in my experience the opposite is usually true overall - taking the time to clear the air first empowers a much more loving, productive space to unfold from there, with everyone feeling good...so...simply put: "Feelings First" :)

on March the 6th I loved:

1 quart water
1 cup reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
3 cups greeeeeen juice with sugarcane juice mixed in
YUMMY dense little meal of avocado blended with basil, lime juice, garlic, cumin, dulse
1 quart water
more of the blended avocado mush with a little of Mr. M's kale salad, followed be a few macadamias and green raisins - wow ;)
3 cups water

OoOoooooo, I have *such* an exciting free offer for one of you lovelies out there...our dear, generous friend Norm would love to give away his tickets to Mike Adams' "Healing Miracles Live" upcoming event on March 19-20 in Anaheim, California, as Norm can no longer attend the event. This gift includes a ticket to the weekend event and a ticket to the "VIP Dinner" on Saturday night, total value $150. You can see all the details for this amazing event HERE.
To be in with a chance of nabbing these fabulous tix, just send an email to angela@rawreform.com telling us what excites you most about the possibility of being at this event and we'll choose a winner at random this Friday, March 12th. The tickets will then be transferred into the name of the winner. You have until *12 noon Pacific time on Friday* to get your entries in...best wishes to all and of course, huge thanks to Norm for this fun and generous give-away :)

on March the 7th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeeeen juice with sugarcane juice and a spoonful of yummy local honey
bowl of *amazing* Monarch mango/tahini ice cream ;O
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeen juice with sugarcane juice
shared meal with Mr. M of kale salad leftovers, blended avo mush (avocado, basil, lime, cumin, dulse, garlic) and tomato chunks, followed by a few macadamia nuts with green raisins - YUMMM ;)
2 cups water

on March the 8th I appreciated:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeen juice mixed with carrot juice
a cherimoya and a dragon fruit, a few macadamia nuts with green raisins
mango flesh from around six mango pits, with a little tahini
2 cups water
2 cups greeeeeeen juice mixed with carrot juice
yummy shared meal with Mr. M: salad of mango/tomato/avocado/dulse/cilantro with broccoli pieces scattered on top, followed by a few macadamias with green raisins
2 cups water

Yesterday was International Women's Day and also saw the start of the epic WISH Summit :) In celebration of all things Goddess, I wrote up a little Si*Star* Appreciation piece in my newsletter - here it is for those of you who don't see my newsletters:

I would love to extend some glowing gratitude to some of the si*stars* out there who have had a deep and profound influence on my life and who are really out there movin' and shakin' in this world... :)
There was a point in my life around 6 or 7 years ago where I felt a really big --g--a--p-- in my reality in terms of having women around me to connect to, feel inspired by, learn from and so on...I mentioned this to the Universe and duly my reality started to be populated with all manner of inspiring Goddesses, I'm delighted to say :)
I want to 'big up' a few of these lovely laydees here...there are of course many more women who have touched my life and continue to do so...some may not be as publicly 'visible' as others though ;) Please enjoy and explore these ten divine Goddess energies (in no particular order):

*Solla...what would life be without a giggling Icelandic raw fairy chef as an accomplice? ;) Solla lives in faith, flow and love perhaps more than anyone else I know - she is love in action...always smiling, kind, sweet, adaptive, with so much compassion and heartspace. She also happens to make truly ext-RAW-dinary raw food... ;) A wonderful role model...

*Kate Magic...aaaaahhhh, sweet little Ms. Magic ;) Another Goddess with a perma-grin, total trust in the Universal flow and a heart filled with rainbows and unicorns ;) Kate likes to put shiny stickers on things, take photos, make outstanding raw food, giggle and DJ. Living with Kate took my life to a WHOLE new level of acceptance and flow... :)

*Shazzie...Shazzle-Dazzle takes the wonderful saying "Well-behaved Women Rarely Make History" to the extreme ;) Shazzie is sequins and stardust, explosions and oversized cucumbers, duriasm and Universal bellows of laughter...she is also a highly savvy business-woman, mother, raw chef, artist and inspired rawquarian ext-raw-dinaire...dynamite ;)

*Jinjee...sweet sister Jinjee has been inspiring me every day for years via the little daily email blasts she sends out. Thoughtful, caring, gentle, open, flowing and creative, this multi-mama, author, artist, musician, visionary sister helps inspire countless people onto a raw path and to open their hearts and lives to so much more, with grace and joy :)

*Veronika Robinson...this wonder-woman has been a recent import into my reality, yet a much-treasured GEM of a role model ;) Veronika runs "The Mother" magazine on conscious parenting and has at least three books out now on this subject - she is a warrioress of the truth, empowering women everywhere to birth and breastfeed naturally...

*Elena Tonetti...another conscious parenting priestess of the light. Elena's DVD "Birth as We Know It" was the most impactful documentary I've ever seen...we attended a sublime workshop with her too...this woman is helping shift the consciousness of this planet, one birth at a time...truly inspiring, profoundly impactful work, shared with so much love :)

*Victoria Boutenko...the modern mama of raw foods was also the main protagonist in my adventure into raw foods - I doubt I'd actually still be alive at this point if it wasn't for Vicki B's books and amazing impact in the world...this is one powerful woman...emanating truth, directness, clarity, sincerity, fun, independence and a huge amount of joy and compassion :)

*Laura Fox...Ms. Foxy is another powerful force movin' and shakin' her way around the raw food world...social connector and visionary extraordinaire, Laura is like the smiling Goddess of entertainment for the raw food family - multimultiuber-talented, funny, detail-orientated, amazing communicator and inspiring co-creator, she dances, glides and flows...

*Anastasia...mmmmmm, dear sweet sister Anasatasia out in the forests of Siberia...surely my all-time biggest inspiration. No books have ever touched me like those describing Anastasia's life and visions for humanity...I connect to her energy daily and give such gratitude for the images and inspirations she brings forward - a dynamic love powerhouse...

*YOU :) ...yes, you. You inspire me, even if we've never met 'in person'...I love that you're out there in the world, spreading love in your own special way...maybe you're a mama, a sister, a grandma, a friend, a lover...you have a unique place in this magical web we're collectively weaving...and if you're a marvellous man reading this, then all kudos to you too, dear prince, for caring about women enough to read about all these radiating Goddess energies...may the ladies in your life feel loved, supported and glowing today and always... :)

With all love to all women and girls everywhere on this special day:
Happy Goddess Rising Day - you are loved :))))

All love, 
Angelalalaallaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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