Sunday, 21 March 2010

*FREE* Tomato Seeds for the "2010 Biodynamic Cherry Tomato Challenge" - Will You Join Us?


...or I guess Autumnal Equinox for those of us south of the Equator... ;) Certainly doesn't feel like Autumn here in Vilcabamba though... ;) Our gardens are expanding with love by the day and today I am *VERY* excited to bring you all news of a wonderful gardening adventure we're *ALL* invited to participate in, wherever we may live...

It's the 2010 "Biodynamic Cherry Tomato Challenge", wherein anyone can receive *free* seeds to grow their own biodynamic cherry tomatoes from a 20+ year old heirloom variety of tomatoes :)

A wonderful fellow raw foodie gardener friend, Curt Nicholas, has been working with a master gardener in the last years and they currently have a little STASH of supreme tomato seeds that they'd *love* to share with the raw community. Their vision is to have at least 200 people growing these plants this year - our seeds are on the way to us - will you join in the community fun too?

Curt did an excellent write-up on this tomato growing challenge on his "Spiritual Gardening" blog, HERE, so I encourage you to hop over there for all the details and to find out how to register to get YOUR free tomato seeds, wherever you may be in the world...just fill in your address details in the box to the right of the screen and the seeds will be sent to you soooooon...

**NOTE: this Tuesday, March 23rd is the LAST DAY to apply for seeds, 
so get in there QUICK if you want to participate ;)** 

Please also note the Paypal 'donate' button underneath the box where you enter your address. If you feel drawn to send the guys a little 'gratitude' donation for all the amazing love and work that they are channelling into this tomato project, then that will be very much appreciated, to help cover the costs of envelopes, stamps etc...even a $1 donation would be excellent - and what an investment - $1 for a potential whole CROP of biodynamic, love-rich tomatoes that you've grown yourself - love it... ;)

on March the 18th I was blissed with:

1 quart water
2 cups pineapple juice
mug of reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
2 cups greeeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple and sugarcane juices
bowl of fresh fruit covered in green blend of banana, mango, parsley, lettuces and wild greens
2 cups water
3 cups greeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
bowl of YUMMY broccoli salad: chopped broccoli, dulse and tomatoes smothered with avocado dressing: avo, basil, garlic, salt, followed by a little yumpot bowl of tahini and local honey mixed together by hand
mug of reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
2 cups water

Today, Sunday March 21st, is also the last day to use the massive 13% OFF discount coupon for our beautiful new Raw Food World store. I know that many of you have been havin' a ball with this code already ;) Well, if you didn't dive in with the code "NewStore" yet, the time is now - the discount finishes at midnight tonight, Pacific time - enjoy ;)

on March the 19th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
2 cups pineapple/watermelon juice
2 cups greeeeeen juice mixed with carrot juice
raw 'pizza' piles of flax crackers topped with avo mush (avocado, basil, garlic, cumin, lime) and chopped tomatoes, followed by a little bowl of hand-mixed raw 'halva'
3 cups water
mug of reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
water of two young coconuts mixed with phytoplankton and chocolate extract drops
2 cups water

on March the 20th I loved:

1 quart water
3 cups coconut water with marine phytoplankton and chocolate extract drops
bowl of mango/tahini ice cream
3 cups water
3 cups *amazing* fresh green juice from the gardens
bowl of Monarch Mush, involving tahini, honey, banana, raisins - a sugary bliss concoction ext-raw-dinaire ;)
2 cups water

OoOoooooo, I am EXCITED to say that our interview with Dr. Leonid Sharashkin on The Raw Food World Radio Show is coming up THIS week - Friday March 26th :) Leonid is the translator of the "Anastasia" books into English from Russian, as well as a permaculturist, father, teacher and visionary...I think this is the interview I'm most excited about so far - I squealed when Mr. M announced Leonid as the next guest, on last month's show ;) feels *almost* like a direct connection to the goddess of the Taiga herself, Anastasia ;)

Mr. Monarch reports:
"We are SO EXCITED to interview Leonid!!! I have so many questions for him. The main one being... Of course... "Does Anastasia exist?". We all may have a good idea of what his answer will l
ikely be, however, I don't intend to give up easily with this question. We're going to push some buttons and go DEEP into the truth...

Additionally, we have many other questions for Leonid in regards to the Anastasia way of life and permaculture. Lastly, we heard a rumor that a tenth Anastasia book has been released. I want to know if this is true and if he plans on translating it any time soon!!!"

To listen in free to Matt Monarch interviewing Leonid Sharashkin, LIVE on March 26th, from 6pm Pacific time (9pm East coast), click the link below to sign up:

All love and tomato-ey blissings ;)
Angela Claire Stokes-Monarch, MA Hons. xxx

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