Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fresh Noni in Ecuador...

We are enjoying such a wonderful time here in Ecuador, setting up our new home, trying local fruits, planting seeds and exploring the beautiful mountains...I have started off ice cream bean seeds, persimmons, carob pod seeds, white sapote, avocado and pineapple so far...I also have a clump of baby berry bushes to transplant into new locations soon...I *love* being able to play outside in the gardens here every day, little by little piecing the puzzle together for a flourishing permaculture/food forest garden :) In the meantime, while our food is growing, we've been trying out other peoples' yummies from the local gardens and markets - Mr. M even bravely tried fresh noni - *eeeeeeek* - you can see that experience in the video below:

On March the 3rd I was blissed with:

1 quart water
1 quart *AMAZING* greeeeeeeeen juice with sugar cane juice
3 cups greeeeen smoothie: mango, avocado, cilantro, lettuce, fresh aloe, water, with fresh Incan berries on the side
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeen juice mixed with sugar cane juice
a yummmmy little ripe papaya
delightful mixture of kale/avo/dulse salad, topped with a masterful Monarch 'chutney' of fresh incan berries, mulberries, cilantro and pine nut butter, followed by banana ice cream topped with ground flax/maca - wow, what a feast ;)
2 cups water

Three Yummy Upcoming Events:
1. Dear raw brother Michael Bedar would love to let y'all know about an upcoming raw mini-festival he's helping to host in the Bay Area, in California, on March the 21st. The event is called "A Taste of Simply Raw" and will involve a screening of the *wonderful* documentary "Simply Raw", which follows the reversal of diabetes among six attendees at The Tree of Life centre in Arizona. The mini-festie also features speakers on the raw lifestyle, local organic food samples and 'next-step' guidance for progressing with a raw lifestyle :) You can check out the details and reserve your space at this event HERE.

2. Remember that tomorrow, Sunday the 7th, brings the second monthly Raw Vegan Bazaar in LA, including the much-anticipated "truly raw" chocolate contest - details HERE ;)

3. This Monday, the 8th of March, sees the start of the "Women's International Summit for Health" - WISH. This *free* summit runs for 10 days and features 40 outstanding speakers covering a different topic each day, such as relationships, food, fitness, beauty, health, attitude, family and more...if you're not already signed up for free access to the summit, you can do so HERE...and remember too that this month's RawReform Giveaway is for a free 'access-all-areas' upgrade package for the WISH summit, meaning the blessed winner will be able to access all the summit info at will whenever they choose - details for the contest are HERE...


on March the 4th I had a very odd intake day, including:

1 quart water
1 quart water
glass of orange juice
shot of alfalfa juice
glass of pineapple/orange juice
½ glass of papaya/mango smoothie
1 quart water

on March the 5th was another odd one and I loved:

1 quart water
2 cups reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
2 cups greeeeeeeen juice combined with sugarcane juice - yum ;)
2 cups greeeeeeeen juice combined with sugarcane juice
2 cups water
½ avocado with cumin, lime and dulse, followed by a little bowl of banana/mango ice cream topped with ground flax+walnuts = yummm
3 cups water

In case you didn't catch these gems in my latest newsletter, I thought I'd re-post here some of the beautiful messages y'all sent in, in response to last month's giveaway contest, to win a copy of Steve Pavlina's book "Personal Development for Smart People". We asked you to send in your answers to the question: "What is the 'smartest' piece of guidance you would give to a teenage version of yourself?" and we absolutely loved reading through your submissions. Here below is a selection of those entries for all to enjoy. Imagine the shifts we could feel in this reality by passing on these sparkling gems of guidance to our current teenage generations...

*You're ok, take your time, and remember no matter what you are lovable.
*Trust your intuition and inner guidance without question and know that raw food is power and your ticket to a zinging life full of clarity, joy, absolute connection and bliss. It will take you where you need to go and you may have no clue where that is in each moment but it sure will be fun, uber exciting and life enhancing. Love yourself and the world will love you. You are a magical medicine woman and no one can take that away from you, it is your gift and you will come to share it with joy and love.
*Buy a copy of The Secret and Learn all you can about the Law of Attraction... and...DON'T start smoking...!!
*Always pursue excellence in everything you do!  That means believing you can do whatever you set your mind and heart to do… and do not compromise or settle for less along the way!
*Don't rely on anyone else for support or affirmation.  first, work on your own self and when you have acheived a high level of self-awareness, then you will be ready to reach out.  in other words, STAY SINGLE FOR A WHILE!!!!!
*Slow down, slow down, you were meant to be here now. You are fine the way you are. Breathe and enjoy your breathing, enjoy your journey.
*I would advise a teen-age version of myself to study and follow the raw food lifestyle, & forget about all the confusing, conflicting and misleading nutritional propaganda of the day.  As an adult I reversed cancer with raw foods & likely would have avoided it altogether had I known about it sooner.
*You can do and be everything you want. You can achieve what you really feel in your heart. Dare to do things differently from the mainstream if this is what you really feel for. If you really see it in your mind's eye, putting in the necessary work to achieve it will even be enjoyable. But action is needed, without that it's not going to happen. :-) You are the master of your life!
*Be loving, patient and get to know/trust yourself...not everything that you 'rush' into is the real deal.
*I would tell my teenage self what I tell my teenage son now; to not let what other people say to you bring you down.  No one has the right to belittle someone else because of differences that they perceive as threatening to themselves.
*Listen to your heart. Don't let anyone tell you that it's time to grow up and be serious. Life is too short to rush through. Do your best to be good to yourself, good to your friends and good to the earth. Laugh every day and love as much as you can....
*What you feel is right for you is more right than what anyone else, even your parents, doctors, or other "experts" tell you is right for you. You are the only expert of you, and your feelings about situations and people will always be your best compass in life. It's OK to listen to your feelings, and it's OK to feel very different from what other people say they're feeling. Many people choose to ignore their feelings, but that's their choice, and you don't have to. When you think you don't know what you feel or what's right for you, ask for guidance from above, and you will receive it. It may be a little voice, or a random comment by a stranger, but it will be exactly what you need at that time. Oh, and most importantly, you are Loved.
*Have clear "I have to have it" (passionate) goals and take steps each day to reach them.  They will come to be.
*Each moment is a lesson, learn your lesson.
*Ignore negativity in yourself, in others and trust your inner guidance.
*Move out as quickly as possible.
*To really trust yourself. . all the answers are on the inside, definitely not the outside...
*Take refuge in the fact that things are ever-changing, shifting, developing. Life can feel overwhelming and challenging as you become more aware, but it gets easier -- and more fun and satisfying! The only thing you can really count on is Change, so know that whatever is happening now won't last forever and you will learn and grow from it. Be grateful for your experience now and know that it is teaching you what you need to know to move forward down your path into your future...
*Don't have any surgeries!
*Love yourself and always remember that you can do whatever you want in life!!
*Plan ahead better and don't rely on others so much for everything. Be more independent and create clear goals for the future while you (I) still have plenty of time to achieve them easily.
*Trust. You're always on the right path even if you think you've staryed completley off it.
*Love yourself, like yourself, believe in yourself, starting now.  Invest all your energy in mastering yourself, and surround yourself with people who value your essence.  Your service in the world is the outpouring of this expression of you.  It doesn't work to pretzel yourself into configurations you believe that others expect of you.  Be yourself, freely, and everything will fall into place.
*The smartest piece of guidance I would give to a teenage version of myself is that no matter how dismal things look now, you will one day be free to choose your own choices and furthermore, when that time comes, you'll be pretty darn good at it!  So long as you listen to your gut and remain open, everything's gonna be okay young one!
*Make Exercise a daily habit and never let others bring you down!
*I will actually go inside of myself and talk to my inner child/inner teenager and tell her that she is a goddess and that her body is a temple. I would tell her to stop looking for love in all the wrong places and to move more slowly through life. I would share with her the vibrancy that awaits her if she would just go vegan (much earlier) and enjoy a healthy raw food lifestyle. I would mostly let her know that she is loved.
*Don't believe everything you hear.
*Be wise beyond your years and believe an older person when they say to you that what you do today to your body, eating, reading, meds, not exercising.. etc.  will effect you in the years to come.
*Just because everyone else is doing it, it doesnt mean that you have to too. Instead do what you love even if it is different as most of the coolest people  who you remember are the ones who are true to themselves and do what they think is right.
*It does not matter what anyone else thinks and to NOT. TAKE. THINGS. PERSONALLY. all success in the world stems from confidence. That's all you really need. Confidence and a smile, of course. So, I would tell myself to have confidence, not care what people think and to not take things personally. I think I would be pretty set by then.
*Keep off the (processed) sweets.
*Keep your core strong so you can branch out in many and every direction and enjoy with the breezes...
*Always be able to take care of yourself. Don't expect there will always be someone there to take care of you. Never think that you are not worthy. You deserve the very best.
*Look for the light in everyone - relationships are more important than anything else.  Hold all people dear.  Each one will teach you what you need to know in the world.

WOW, thanks again for all the superb sharing, lovelies...we're sending *massive* waves of love, upliftment and support to the teenagers of today... ;)

All love, 
Angela Stokes-Monarch. xxx

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