Monday, 15 March 2010

New Store and Q&A Forum for - 13% OFF ANY ORDER :)))

OOOooooo my Goddess, we are *SO* excited to share our news with you that after over a year in the making, has had a complete makeover and is now MUCH more user-friendly, modern-looking and BEAUTIFUL :)))) YAY :)
To celebrate, we are offering everyone a HUGE 13% OFF discount coupon for ANY newlogorfw.jpgorder at the store, until Midnight Pacific time, this Sunday, March the 21st. The coupon code is "NewStore" and you can use that all this week at to get 13% OFF any order :)

The new version of the site went live this weekend and has been attracting lots of lovely feedback already - thank you :) There is a new look for the Store, PLUS our TV and Radio Shows have a gorgeous new home HERE and we even added a totally new "Q&A Forum" area, where you can get your questions answered about the raw lifestyle, in a community setting.

We are sooooo thrilled to bring you these new sites...and I am especially excited to let all of you outside of the USA know that *finally* the new site is set up to handle International orders smoooothly :)))) This feature of the store has been a long time coming - every day for the last few years, we have received emails from people all over the world wanting to place an order and finding the store process complex and confusing to do so - well, no more ;) Now the Store is finally set up to process International orders just as easily as domestic orders - HURRAAAAAAAAY (I am sure that our customer services team especially are cheering with delight now... ;)

The new Q&A Forum Area has a unique format, developed by computer programmers, which allows anyone to answer and ask questions and everyone gets to 'vote' on which answer they feel makes the most sense...the answers with the most 'thumbs up' float up to the top of the pile, which makes it much easier for those seeking answers to sift out the most useful can join in the Q&A fun at the new site HERE.

I am constantly amazed when I think that Mr. M started the whole Raw Food World site a decade or so ago in his mum's house, doing ALL the work see how far the site and this community has come in the last 10 years is astounding to me - and it is our hope and desire that these spangly NEW sites will help to keep on supporting the expansion and flow of this vibrant community even more - ENJOY:

  • The Raw Food World Store -

  • The Raw Food World TV Show -

  • Get Your Questions Answered Here! -

  • on March the 12th I rejoiced in:

    1 quart water
    3 cups *AMAZING* coconut water mixed with Marine Phytoplankton and Chocolate Extract (caffeine/theobromine free ;)
    2 cups veggie juice
    2 cups water
    bowl of veggie yum: blended avocado dip: avocado, cilantro, garlic, cumin, lime juice served with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and chopped broccoli, followed by a few macadamias with green raisins
    2 cups traditional 'horchata' tea
    3 cups water
    bowl of fresh fruit with leftover "chocolate" coconut/honey sauce = yummmm :)
    2 cups water

    Next weekend marks the 4th Annual Green Lifestyle Film Festival, in Los Angeles. Mr. M and I attended the first of these events back in 2007 when I'd just returned from Costa Rica - it was *great* fun and I'd love to be there this year's a loooong way from Ecuador though ;) 
    This year the festie runs from Friday March 19th to Sunday March 21st and is being held at UCLA's James Bridge Theatre. The festie opens this Friday with a reception featuring top raw chefs, then into the theatre for film trailer previews and Q&A with the film makers. The weekend continues with a packed film schedule indoors, along with live music, live food demos, entertainers on the outdoors stage, lots of prizes and dancing, plus booths to inspire creative choices. This all culminates with a Gala Awards Dinner & Ceremony on Sunday night, the 21st March, in Hollywood - oooooo la la ;) If you'd love to be part of the fun and games next weekend, hop on over HERE and reserve your tickets now :)

    on March the 13th I enjoyed:

    1 quart water
    3 cups greeeeeeen juice with pineapple
    bowl of blended avocado yum (avocado, cumin, dulse, garlic, lime juice, cilantro), served with chopped fresh veggies, followed by a few macadamias with green raisins
    3 cups water
    3 cups greeeeeeeeen juice mixed with carrot juice
    2 cups water

    on March the 14th I was blissed with:

    1 quart water
    shot of wheatgrass/greens/apple juice at the Vilcabamba market
    chunk of watermelon
    1.5 cups coconut water blended with Marine Phytoplankton and Chocolate Extract drops
    AMAZING yummy shared "pizza" meal with Mr. M, using our homemade flax crackers as a base, covered with a layer of cilantro/garlic guacamole and fresh chopped tomatoes - WOW :) Followed by freshly made tahini stirred with local raw honey
    2 cups reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
    2 cups water
    2 cups greeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple and sugar cane juices
    little bowl of mango/tahini ice cream
    2 cups water

    WOW, have you been listening in to the free WISH Summit? I have and I've been absolutely *loving* hearing some of my biggest heroes share their wonderful perspectives and inspiration...on the weekend I listened to Jules Dervaes from the Path to Freedom site talking about Urban Homesteading, a few days back I loved hearing Neale Donald Walsch talk about love and connection...Gay and Katie Hendricks were *stellar* on Relationships and it was great fun to hear Sonia Choquette (a new name to me), talking about developing our intuitive connections...our dear friend Brian Johnson of PhilosophersNotes was of course outstandingly inspiring and dynamically clear, as ever ;) The lovely Rory Freedman was sharing key info on food sourcing and veganism too and Marianne Williamson on LOVE was profoundly moving - soooo much great info in this Summit...if you haven't been listening in already, the calls continue all this week, so get yourself signed up for free over HERE and if you'd also love to be able to listen back to the interviews whenever you like, you can access their 'upgrade' package. We are also extremely blessed and delighted to be able to offer one of you a FREE upgrade plan for the WISH Summit, as the RawReform Giveaway this month - details for the giveaway contest are HERE... ENJOY :)

    All love and abundant blissings,
    Angela. xxx

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