Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The "Conscious Parenting Summit" Starts Soon :)

We're SOOOOOOO excited :))))

We have been quietly working away in the background for *months* on a super-fabulous new project and now it's ready to share: The Conscious Parenting Summit is here :))))

What is the Conscious Parenting Summit?

We interviewed 16 of the foremost conscious parenting experts in the world. 
Starting this May 22nd, we will air a different one of these interviews daily, for free, for 16 days.

To learn how to get free access to this entire event, you can click the link below and sign up by putting your email address in the field to the right of the video:


We feel that the main reason why we had such a peaceful birth and why Oria is as healthy and happy as she is, is due to the amazing information shared by the speakers who are appearing in this Summit.

It was Ingrid Bauer’s book that enabled us to understand how to raise Oria "Diaper Free", for example.  It was Laura Shanley’s book that gave us the confidence to do an unassisted birth without any hospitals, midwifes or doulas.  It was Shazzie’s book which gave us the information on getting specific and key nutrients for Oria’s growth such as DHA and choline for brain development.  It was Elena Vladirimova who taught us how to clean up and transmute any dramas from our own birthing experiences.  Naomi Aldort’s book taught us how to communicate and cooperate with our child after she was born, and the list goes on and on.

You can only imagine how excited we were to be able to interview each one of these amazing people :)  In each one of these interviews, we asked the most important questions that we believe you’d love to know the answers to as well.

Below is a list of all of our esteemed speakers, along with the subjects that they are speaking on:

Robin Lim (CNN Hero of the Year 2011)
– Lotus Birthing, Breastfeeding, Bonding
Barbara Harper – Water Birthing
Laura Shanley – Unassisted Birthing
Ingrid Bauer - Diaper Free
Sarah Buckley, MD – Placenta Transfusion, Dangers of Early Cord Cutting; Breastfeeding & Co-sleeping
Elena Vladirimova – Conscious Conception and Living in Community
April Renee - Vaccinations
Jan Hunt – Unschooling
Naomi Aldort – Communicating with Children
Hethir Rodriguez - Fertility & Avoiding Miscarriages
Shazzie – Nutrition for Babies and Children
Michael Mendizza - Primal Parenting in a Modern World
Carrie Contey (prenatal and perinatal psychologist) – Slow Parenting and How Babies’ Brains Work
Bregje Hamelynck – Dunstan Baby Language
Mary Jackson (Midwife for 40 years) – Natural Home Birthing with Incredible Stories
Marilyn Milos – Circumcision

We hope that you can join us :)

To sign up for this free event, click the link below:


…and please remember to help spread the word of this informative, life-changing free event with your friends and family too :)

All love and excitement spasms of glee :)))
Angela, Mr. Mmmmm and Oria Berry. xxx

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