Thursday, 31 May 2012

What is "slow parenting"...?

Did you enjoy Naomi Aldort's insightful talk on Communication for the Conscious Parenting Summit yesterday?

You can still catch it for free until 8pm Eastern tonight here if you missed it:

Tonight's free call is with the fabulous Carrie Contey, Phd, who is a Pre- and Perinatal Psychologist and has some fascinating insights to share with us on child brain development and "slow parenting" - join us from 8pm Eastern tonight :)

All love,
Angelalaaa, Mr. Mmmm and Oria Berry. xxx

P.S. If you've missed any of the calls, you can find the audios and transcripts for the whole Summit HERE, along with all the speakers' books and other products. A portion of all the profits from this summit is donated to charities supporting women and children's well-being, including Robin Lim's "Bumi Sehat" foundation in Bali.

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