Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Free Extra Pre-Event "Baby Sign Language" Video for The Conscious Parenting Summit :)

We're delighted to be able to offer an extra pre-event exclusive video for you today, a week before the official kick-off of the Conscious Parenting Summit on May the 22nd....

Check out this exclusive new *bonus* interview for the Conscious Parenting Summit, with Monta Briant, who is a “baby sign language” expert. You’ll learn how you can communicate with your child six months to a year before they are even able to speak words or sentences. We’ve already started to teach sign language to our daughter Oria at 5 months old, with beautiful success.

Imagine being able to understand why your baby is crying by being able to read and understand her signs. As you will see in this video, this skill has literally saved children’s lives. Being able to communicate with your baby at these earlier stages lets us into our baby’s world early and we may discover that our little angels are capable of communicating with us about much more than we ever realised :)

You can sign up now for free instant access to this ‘Baby Sign Language’ video interview and additionally, you will get access to the entire free Conscious Parenting Summit, which starts next Tuesday, May 22nd. Furthermore, you will also get free access to the three other bonus videos that are all available when you sign up for the Conscious Parenting Summit...ENJOY :)

All love,
Angela, Mr. Mmmmm and Oria Berry. xxx

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  1. We are loving teaching our daughter baby sign also. Could you do a video of Oria doing her signs for your tv show? I think a number of people would really like to watch that.